Friday, June 16, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 17th

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Gymnasium Genetics

I saw these shots on a message board, and had to save them.  Although this bodybuilding father and son are not nude, they're incredibly hot!  I think the shots of them flexing in their skimpy baby blue posing thongs actually elevate both their muscles, and their hotness!  I also love their identical adorable smiles.

I had a bit of difficulty however, finding out who they are.  The shots are on several sites, but none that had credits that I could find.  One person replied that they looked like fitness champions David and Dylan Tepera Check, but I don't think that's who they are.  If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

Underwear, Undershare?

'Tightly wrapped in comfort and style, it's what you wear down there.'

When I was growing up, I wore a few pieces of my family's clothing.  I wore my brothers sweatshirts from time to time, and borrowed his winter boots.  I borrowed a dark suit jacket from my father, and wore his ties before I had ties of my own.  I never however, borrowed their underwear. 

I don't think they actually share each others underwear but Greek actor and celebrity Stelios Kritikos shared promoting an underwear brand with his eldest son Michael Angelos.  The hot father and son duo were the faces, and the bodies promoting a 2020 campaign for some new pieces created and launched for the ES Collection of men's underwear.

Shot by photographer  George Kalfamanolis, the poses, played and looked to be having fun showing off their skivvies for the collection.  The ES Collection was founded in Barcelona in 2006 originally promoting men's swimwear.  The designs were so popular they quickly expanded to sportswear and underwear, some which has been sold exclusively in Mykonos and Athens. 

The adorable Michael and the studly Stelios make a striking pair.  The father and son duo are very well known in Greece, with dad and artist and actor and Michael a model, TV Host. presenter.  Both father and son, along with younger brother Aris are also TikTok sensations with their music and dance videos. 

Behind the Scenes:


Michael (Mexail)


Both Stelios and Michael have done some implied nude modeling, including posing with younger brother Aris for Downton Magazine's The Naked  Issue. (below)



Razor Edged

'Anyone can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.'

Every father's day, I feel the need to note my struggle with images featuring family members posing nude together.  The relationship between the models, isn't what's problematic.  It could be brothers, twins, mothers and daughters or fathers and sons. My issue is with the photographs who choose to sexualize it.

As someone whose education was focused on phycology, and as someone who works with children and families, I find nothing remotely appealing about sexualizing the relationship between siblings and parents with their sons or daughters.  All that aside, I do find images of two family members together, shot in a non-sexual way, to be incredibly sensual and incredibly fascinating. 

Great imagery can be sensual and sexy without being sexual.  Many of the shots of the Carlson Twins come to mind. There is an intrinsic element of eroticism just seeing two brothers posing naked together.   One of the things I like best is the visual comparison we all do naturally when seeing two family members together.  Checking out the visual similarities and differences with body shapes, hair color, their eyes, their style and how they move. 

There is also the erotic element of vulnerability and risk.  Most of us, past a certain age, don't see our family members nude.   At the same time, when a dad poses nude with his son, the images are not only seen by the public, they'll no doubt be examined by all the other members of the family. 

Although I don't support sexual or incestual themes in images of family members, I certainly see the connection with sexual health and sexual growth.  For almost all of us, the naked bodies of our family members were the first we saw when we were young.  I shared a room with my younger brother, and often saw him nude.  I saw caught quick glimpse of both of my parents running to their rooms after a bath or shower.

When we're young, seeing an adult nude body is at first confusing, but then becomes the example and a basis for comparison of what we may look like one day.  All that aside, I like to have a bit of fun with father's day on FH.  Sure, there's the easy 'daddy' theme, with young guys hooking up with older guys, with no family or biological connection.

But I also love to celebrate fathers.  I don't necessarily mean the man whose sperm connects with an egg.  I like to celebrate the men who love, teach and raise their children, and the many men who are mentors and positive role models.  There are so few positive male role models these days, fewer than in the past.  Maybe it's the internet, but it's hard to list many politicians, sports heroes or celebrities without now also knowing their dark side.

There are still may positive role models out there however, but you have to look to find them.  I've had several in my own life, and know ho fortunate that my own father was high on that list.  My dad was kind and non-judgmental.  He sometimes leaned towards being passive, but I appreciated how gentle he was with everyone.  Family members, friends or strangers, he was always open and welcoming.  I took on many of his qualities, not all, but some and I'm grateful to have had him in my life for so long.

TR Pics: Big Daddies

There's no other media form or genre of film that celebrates daddies more than the adult film industry.  There are tens of thousands of 'daddie' themed films, and many sites devoted specifically to the theme.  Anyone who's caught a daddy themed flick knows the key to it's erotic intensity is the older actor.  No matter how hot the young hottie might be, it's the daddy who's in charge and takes the lead.

To help celebrate Daddy's day, I wanted to celebrate two of porn's most popular daddies.  One, Ryan St. Michael is currently carnally conjugating young hotties on his OnlyFans as well as several popular adult sites. The second, Brent Page,  made a big slash on-line and in films in the late 2010's but who has since left the business and is now retired from the industry. 

When I asked Tom from TR Pics about featured some of the many hot daddies he has photographed over the years, he sent on a selection of some of his favorites.  I didn't initially recognize Brent Cage, but loved the themes he and Tom captured.  There was such a daddy feel in the shots of Brent in his baseball uniform and lounging on the pool table.  I also loved the shots of Brent hard at work with his mop and bucket. 

'I had two shoots with Brent just over ten years ago. At the time he was a fairly well-know "bear pornstar"... and so I was very shocked and surprised when HE contacted ME for a shoot! Turns out he was a flight attendant in his "real life", and was flying to Dallas from London, had seen my work, and wanted to shoot with me. The first session was very early on in my shooting, and so we really only shot three set-ups: pool table, bathroom, and supply closet. '

Several months after the first shoot, Brent contacted Tom, letting him know he was returning to Dallas, and wanted to shoot again.  Tom didn't know at the time, the shoot, (business suit/baseball uniform) would be one of his last photoshoots.  A month or so later, Brent disappeared from 'public' life after his secret porn career led to some issues in his real life. (you can read more HERE:)  

After the second shoot, and the events that followed, Tom didn't hear from Brent again. Tom stopped editing the shoot, and never published the images from the second shoot.  Given how well known Brent was, and still is, and the fact that several years have now gone by, Tom thought it was time they see the light of day and are making their Daddy's Day debut on FH.

Ryan St. Michael 

When Tom first sent on thumbnails of some of his favorite hot daddies, I have to admit, I initially didn't zero in on Ryan St. Michael.  Although the thumbnails were small, I really should have zoomed in just a little bit more.  Thankfully, when I was putting my Daddy's Day pieces together, I noticed some shots of Ryan on Tom's Instagram page.  Although I don't watch a lot of porn, I certainly recognized the face, and shot Tom a message about sending on some last minute shots.

Like most adult film actors, Ryan knows just what to do in front of the camera. Through his work with Carnal, Ryan knows exactly what the mission is.  As hot as his body is, it's those piercing eyes that pull you in, keep you there, and hit the sweet spot.  I'm certainly hoping to feature more of Tom's work with Ryan in the future!

'Ryan and I go back a few years. I don't recall how it started, except he might have reached out to me as he was coming to town and liked my work and wanted to shoot. Ryan lives in Houston, about four hours from Dallas where I live and work.'

'We first shot stills.... and then Ryan decided wanted to start his OnlyFans, and we started shooting solo videos only. THEN he branched out into "collabs", which we shot. And NOW he's full-on a porn star. He's very driven, and treats his work like an industry. That's why he's so successful. Nowadays he travels quite a bit and when on the road, actually sends his videos to me to edit. It's fun! '