Monday, November 23, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 24th

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Happy Birthday today November 24th

Happy 27th to boxer Anthony Ogogo!

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Below: Anthony getting the once over from Tom Daley on the British reality show Splash.

This is the Life of Illusion

I'm not to sure about the rest of the cast, but I wouldn't miss a chance to see, and hear, the talented Aaron Tveit. Today Fox released the first promotional images for the January 31st airing of Grease Live and Aaron, and the focus on Aaron, and his character Danny's delicious derriere ,remind me that he's the one that I want.

Thanks For Giving

On January 1st of this year, I began a new series on FH entitled Quaternate. The series was conceived as a way to give back, and say thank you to the artists, especially the artist's who contribute regularly, and was only supposed to last a couple of months. I liked the idea of pulling all of the work of each regular artist into one piece so that all of there features on the site can be found in one spot. Well, a couple of months went by and I barely scratched the surface with the photographers I wanted to cover. Some of you may have noticed, the feature is on going, and will continue until I have every artist featured on the blog with a Quarternate piece focused on their work and contributions.

That brings me to this week. Were in the middle of Autumn and it's Thanksgiving this Thursday for those in the States. Since Thanksgiving is a time to bring people back together, that is exactly what I'm doing this week. Starting with Danny Barson's whose images of Callum I featured this past Sunday and Gordon Nebeker's work with Will that is featured today, each of the main features through next Sunday will focus on a returning artist or/and model. Thanks once again to all the artist who generously share their work, and their stories with myself and the readers of FH.

Lazy Day At Home: Will by Gordon Nebeker

'Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.'
John Lennon

There is nothing like a lazy day, Sunday's especially, just hanging around the house. I rarely have a day totally to myself, so when the opportunity arises... I take it, even not on a Sunday. In order for the day to truly be lazy, there has to be absolutely nothing on the agenda. No chores, no tasks, no work. If I can avoid answering the telephone, all the better.

The only clothing you really need to worry about are the pj's you started your morning coffee with. They should really be the only clothing you worry about or wear all day. If those pj's happen to come off, they stay off and are not replaced. The only exception might be putting on a clean pair before before slipping back into bed.

Last weekend, we joined photographer Gordon Nebeker in Florida with his magnificent set of images of Chicago model Will. That shoot, (Geometric Excellence) was a studio shoot focused on Will's striking face and body and impressive physique. Gordon beautifully captured Will's toned arms, legs, stomach, back and every other inch of his incredible body.

Today, Will relaxes those muscles, lounging around the house and hanging out by the pool. Sadly, most of us won't have the pleasure of ringing a doorbell and having Will answer dressed, or undressed, as he is in the picture above, but we can always dream... aided or course by Gordon's inspiring visuals.

'When I walked outside towards the pool, there was a sign that read, no clothing beyond this point. So of course, I had to'

The sign, and pool in question belonged to a good friend of Gordon's. He generous offers his yard and pool for some of Gordon's outside shoots. The sign, although amusing, is also serious as Gordon's friend is a nudist and being naked around the pool is a requirement.