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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

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Spine Tingling Seasonals

~Translucent by Hans Fahrmeyer~

Utah 2017: Spontaneous Combustion

Gordon Nebeker

'The height of the heat!' Although the burn begins in the ignition phase, it extends to combustion when maximum pressure is reached. In this phase temperature and heat increase beyond the maximum pressure point. The length of combustion depends on the intensity of turbulence, the state of agitation and the degree of chemistry.'

Mike Tossy

'It was a magical trip!'

The magic that Mike references wasn't just created through images, or from Yorgen and Devin's explosive chemistry. A natural combustive occurrence also occurred in the middle of the shoot in the form of a microburst. The unexpected weather phenomenon put a quick halt to posing and shooting and left everyone scrambling for cover. Microbursts are small downdrafts that swirl and move in ways opposite of that of a tornado. Microbursts are found within strong thunderstorms and involve unexpected strong winds and are often accompanied by a downburst of torrential rain.

'The microburst storm was quite fun....NOT!  But it made for a good memory!'


'The microburst storm that we had the second day was probably the most memorable part of the week, but the whole week was pretty memorable. From the spectacular views, having a special connection with Yorgen, and getting to explore some of the hidden coves and canyons of the lake I don't think I'll ever forget that trip.'

Gordon Nebeker

'The weather forecast called for one day of possible showers but they never said anything about a "Micro Burst” which is what we had one afternoon. A Micro Burst turns out to be a mini-tornado/squall/severe wind situation that was strong enough to pull the land anchors out of the ground and leave us bouncing about untethered in the houseboat while the wind did some damage to the upstairs deck and propelled a couple of our plastic chairs up the hill more than a hundred feet.'

'It lasted about an hour and a half and was rather frightening, to tell the truth. The winds threw dust and dirt everywhere. We found out later that someone on another boat lost their life and damage to boats that day was widespread so, in the scheme of things, we were rather lucky. I have renewed respect for Mother Nature’s tantrums!'

'This was a deadly, wild, and thankfully short-lived, weather phenomenon. One afternoon out of nowhere a crazy wind descended. Together with our two models I was up on a slickrock slope high above the lake. Out of nowhere insane winds came up, or rather down. A microburst is a bit like a tornado but instead of the wind pulling things up it is pushing down. When the winds hit the ground or water there is nowhere further to go so they spread out. We were caught exposed (the models particularly, who were naked).'

'Below us on the lake we could see the houseboat, with Mike and Gordon on board, being pulled from its mooring. Furniture from the top deck was sent flying hundreds of feet. Meanwhile the three of us had nowhere to shelter so we took off running for the houseboat as best we could. We were sandblasted and scared witless, but thankfully we all made it. 15 minutes later the worst had passed us by, and an hour later the skies were clearing. We had drug our 4 anchors and the houseboat sustained some heavy damage to the top deck, but we were all fine and both boats were still perfectly serviceable. Others did not fare so well, with many boats sustaining far more damage, including a couple that capsized. The marina didn't ask us a single question when we returned the boat a couple of days later, I think just being happy to see us and the boats back largely in one piece.'

Devin on Instagram & Twitter


Utah 2017: After Burn


'Afterburn is the accumulation of sensations that remain in the aftermath of a burst of combustion. The lingering and smouldering remains continue to burn, but at a lower and more consistent level of heat. The length of afterburn is dependant on the degree of chemistry and the amount of energy radiated during the height of the heat.'

Gordon Nebeker

In terms of the Lake Powell, shoot, after shooting all day, afterburn brings together one of my favorite visual themes, the behind the scenes shots. At the end of the day, returning to the houseboat means showering off the sand and sunscreen, diving into the Lake and relaxing after a long hard day in the sun. It is evident from the featured images that Mike, Mark, Gordon, Devin and Yorgen put a hundred percent into their work. As you can see from this set of images, Yorgen and Devin also know how to relax, unwind and have fun.

For me, behind the scenes shots are a bit like the commentary or 'making of' part of a movie. Some ignore these features, and some can't wait to watch them to enhance their enjoyment of a good movie. Sine the goal of FH is to tell a story, for me, the story isn't complete without reading the epilogue. Thanks so much to Mike, Mark and Gordon for once again sharing your Utah stories, and your epilogue, both in words and with such spectacular visuals. You images as always leave me visions of Utah, and the goal to one day see what you have captured in person. Thanks as well to Yorgen and Devin for sharing your experiences in Lake Powell and for letting us all feel a jolt of your electric chemistry!

'Two finer models/travelers you couldn't ask for. The photos document their external beauty. In addition to being easy on the eyes, their attitudes were uplifting, they were always read to lend a hand (or dig an anchor hole.) At the end, I wasn't the only one who was plotting a way to extend the trip by just one more day.'

'Devin and Yorgen were just fun to be around. There was a LOT of laughter and good natured teasing during the entire shoot. Everyone was just glad to be there and working hard but having fun and enjoying it all. There were no prima donnas’.


'No matter how many times you go to Lake Powell, there is always renewed awe at how grand and beautiful the place is. Everyone seems to love to arrive there but hates to leave when the time comes and our team was no different. But we are fortunate to have new friends and have created photographic memories of our stay there. We are happy to be able to share some of this with you, the Favorite Hunks readers.'

'The combination of creating with by husband Mike, and our friend Gordon, together with the models is always wonderful. Mike and I even look forward to the drive out from California, exploring a bit of the southwest along the way.'

'Thanks to my husband, and best friend, Mark and our friend Gordon. Both are so talented that just being around them pushes and inspires me to do better work!'

'I would 100% do it again and would love to shoot again with Mark, Mike, & Gordon!'

'I had been to lake powell a couple times before, but being there again was amazing. I have never had the opportunity to explore it like we did, and the landscape is quite awe inspiring. The landscape feels alien with the juxtaposition of red dessert rock and endless glassy water. Living in the boat felt like camping in an RV it was cool being able to get in the water or go walk on the bluffs whenever I wanted. I would definitely do it again. That kind of project/adventure is exactly the kind of thing I love doing.'

'One of the favorite features of the house boats on Lake Powell is the outdoor shower at the back of the boat. It is much more comfortable that any of the internal showers aboard and there is just something exhilarating about showering in the great outdoors. The models usually love them and Devin and Yorgen were no exception. We three photographers have far too many “shower show” shots on our photo cards but they are always so much fun and there will always be a few great “keepers” to come from them.'

If you can't get enough of the Utah Experience, Mark, Mike and Gordon have all posted images from this, and previous years shoots on their site's and Instagrams. If you can't get enough of Yorgen, you can always check out Mark's book (HERE:) devoted to Yorgen and his amazing Alaskan Assets!

Mike Tossy