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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 27th

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Seasonal Sightings:

 Holiday Aftermath 

The Real Full Monty

Perri Kiely

Unlike us America that get The Masked Singer, and now The Masked Dancer, the UK reality series doesn't bother with masks, nor clothes really for that matter. The ITV reality series The Real Full Monty aired it's holiday edition last week and featured a group of male celebrities taking it all off  on ice skates, yes ice skates. 

Chris Hughes

The celebrities are on par with those on American reality television, meaning you have to Google to find out who they are.  This years Real Full Monty did include a group of incredibly hot hunks featuring;  Jake Quickenden (X Factor), Jamie Lomas (Hollyoaks ), Perri Kiely (Diversity Dancer), Bob Champion (former jockey), Chris Hughes (Love Island) and former rugby player Gareth Thomas.

 Ashley Banjo

Thanks to Casperfan's site, who provided a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, and the posters (MichaelAndrews72a, GoV and espeon88) at DreamCap, we can all enjoy some shots and video from the performance.  Some of the guys also posted some shots in their Instagram stories proving they did indeed go the full Monty!

Jake Quickenden

Inspiring to Capture: Bo Pressly by John Falocco

'This was the perfect shoot to get lost in and forget the pandemic world.'

Model Bo Pressly's comments about his recent shoot with photographer and designer John Falocco really resonated with.  Although at times working on FH can seem a little frivolous, especially with everything going on in the world, especially when searching for 'naughty elves' for a holiday post.  At the same time, I've often said working on FH provides a creative escape for me, and we've never needed escapes more than we have this year.

My passion for the arts has never been stronger, and the intensity in which I devour it, never more fierce. I love this series of images, and it seemed appropriate to post them right after Christmas.  If you grew up like I did, Christmas and the days before involved going to church, visiting relatives and countless other activities that required wearing your 'good clothes'.  Unfortunately, back then, good clothes also meant uncomfortable clothes. It was after Christmas, the the comfortable clothes, the sweats and comfy activewear and your favorite ripped jeans came on.

Now usually, this was also a time the camera's were put down, but thankfully while Bo slipped in and out of his  jeans, John Falocco's camera was on hand and ready.  One of the reasons I loved this set of images was the use of the pair of jeans.  For women, fashion is often used to highlight the line and curves of their bodies.  This is seems far less common with the male form, where fashion is more often used like a curtain, one quickly opened and pushed to the side. I love when men's fashion is creatively utilized to both spotlight their physique, and reveal cleavage, hair and skin.  

I have long been drawn to John Falocco's work, and remember first discovering his work in the 2000's.  I remember right clicking and saving many of John's images of Phil Fusco and Michael Bergin.  Bo was also drawn to John's work, especially the timeless and classic images he creates. 

''His manipulation of light on the male form is so well crafted. A skill he has perfected with years of experience. John has been shooting dancers for years; so when the moment arrived to explore movement, quirky outfits, and shapes he was ready. We had a blast creating the images at John's studio which is immaculate and very well equipped.'

Bo and John connected through Model Mayhem and through the site, began discussing working together and tossing out ideas about what type of they would be creating.  Not only does John have considerable experience shooting the male form, as a designer of men's swim and active wear, he also knows precisely, how they should fit and feel.  Although John's goal is to create stylish fashion, fit and comfort is also a priority.  This is especially crucial for a model like Bo, who as a dancer, needs to be able to move in whatever he's wearing, or un-wearing. 

'Bo, being a dancer with beautiful classical lines, enabled me to create a shoot that would enhance the physicality of a very sensual art form, dance. Comfortable with expressive physical movements, Bo took direction well and created shape and form with his body that was inspiring to capture photographically. Martha Graham said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body” Bo projected this throughout the entire shoot.'

12 Days: Daniel di Tomasso in Christmas Ever After

'Sparks fly during Christmastime when a romance novelist meets a handsome man who looks like the leading character in her books.'

Although I un-cover many holiday hunks for FH, I don't actually watching too many holiday movies.  Oh the televisions on, and I catch bits and pieces, but very few hold my attention enough to sit and actually focus on for two hours.  I sat down down recently and watched and enjoyed Lifetime's Christmas Ever After.  Sure, in part, it was the stunning beauty that is actor Daniel di Tomasso, but I liked the characters and story as well. 

di Tomasso's character Matt is like so many of the guys I crushed over.  Tall, thin with long hair, with that artsy vibe about them.  So many guys put on the vibe because they think it's cool, but when it's authentic, it's incredibly hot.  Hell, even when put on it can be hot, just maybe not as satisfying.  I also really like Ali Stroker, and was impressed her being in a wheelchair wasn't a story point, nor really mentioned at all.  

Whenever I feature holiday hunks from Hallmark or Lifetime, I often reference them being Canadians.  Given so many television holiday films are shot in Canada, it makes sense financially, to fly in as few actors and crew members as possible.  di Tomasso was born and raised in Montreal and has worked on both sides of border appearing in shows including; CSI, Major Crimes, Beauty & The Beast and The Witches of East End  

I wasn't familiar with the actors work when I started watching Christmas Ever After, but when checking out his IMDB page, I realized that I'd recently taken note of him in another project.  Some you might remember him as Dario Salvatore, one of the first patients, and first victims, of Nurse Ratched in the recent Netflix limited series. I also noticed di Tomasso appeared on Dynasty, as show I don't watch, but keep meaning to check out.

Before he began his acting career, di Tomasso had a long career as a male model, shooting campaigns for clients such as Giorgio Armani and L'OrĂ©al.  In addition to his great face, di Tomasso also has an incredible chest that thankfully gets featured in most of his projects.  Even the creators of his mostly 'g' rated holiday couldn't resist a quick pan over the actors magnificent hairy chest.

Christmas Ever After