Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

Chris by msbimages
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Happy Birthday today September 1st

Happy 36th to actor Thiago Rodrigues!

Check out Thiago and more of today's birthday boys HERE: 

August's End

Although not the official end of summer, midnight on August 31st marks the meteorological end of summer...

Mischievous Innocence: Chris by msbimages

'When your in front of the lens of Michal Boothe, your more than just nude, you are actually seen.'

The quote above is from one of my early pieces featuring the work of Dallas photographer Michal Boothe from msbimages. It may seem a bit of a contradictory that a naked model might not want to be seen, but it's often the case. Many models, although exposed physically, are able to hide behind attitude, disappear within a character, or blend into an artists concept or theme.

Last month, when reintroducing Michal's work on the site, I threw out a couple of models that I hoped to feature, one of them was Chris. When you scroll down, you'll see a hot young body, a toned 19 year old physique with beautiful arms, great legs and stomach and penis.Now,FH certainly celebrates the male form, so you know how I love a great body, but almost all of the men Michal shoots have great bodies. I was drawn to Michal's work with Chris equally as much for the images above.

Michal's first three portraits are similar in framing and the part of the body captured. But each of the head shots captures three very different facets of Chris' personality. In the first image, Chris is serious, maybe looking just a little sad. In the second he's smiling. The smile is bright, but maybe... not completely happy. The third shot is my favorite, cheeky and fun. There is truth in each of the three images, but interestingly, maybe not to the same degree in each.

Michal shot Chris back in 2007 after seeing images of the new model shot by Mark Lynch. Chris arrived with a chaperone which Michal found added some obstacles to the process. Capturing the 'truth' a bit more difficult with a third person giving suggestions, and laying out boundaries during the shoot. In the end however, Michal was still pleased with some of the images from the shoot.

'There was a beautiful, but also mischievous innocence about his face I thought....
and he had such beautiful blue eyes..'

From Sunset Beach to Seattle Grace

I have not really watched Grey's Anatomy in a couple of seasons.  Once my favorite television drama, the show for me went over board with it's plane crashes, mass shootings and other season ending catastrophes.   I have however, not been able to delete from my DVR.

Shonda Rhimes does write beautiful characters, and I am still invested in finding out, even without watching, what's going on with Meredith, Richard, Bailey and especially Alex.    I have almost zero interest in the newer characters, but the original cast of characters were a group of fully rounded and interesting group of characters.

One exception has been Ben.  Maybe it's because he's paired with Bailey.  Maybe it's because the writers didn't thrust him on us. (like Meredith's many sisters...)  Maybe it's because actor Jason George is incredibly talented, and incredibly sexy!

Last week I breezed through a couple of episodes prior to deleting them from my DVR.  I stopped and paid attention to a two part episode focused on George's Ben.  It was great to see George be able to shine and show is acting chops beyond the odd quip with Chandra Wilson in the Seattle Grace hallways.

A little research on George let me know what a busy actor he's been.  I don't watch Mistresses, but found out George juggles roles on both an ABC fall, and an ABC summer series.  George has been in a ton of television series, including early roles on the prime time sudser Titans, and the day time sudser Sunset Beach.

I never saw any of the 90's soap opera, but I remembered it being a vehicle for Aaron Spelling to give another child a role on television.  Tori had 90210, and Randy was given the lead on Sunset Beach.   Aaron wisely surrounded his son with actors like George as well other soap hunks ranging from Eddie Cibrian, Hank Cheyne and Gordon Thompson.

I remember using the image below to help celebrate the birthday's in posts featuring Cheyne, Timothy Adams and Dax Griffin, but didn't connect until now that the forth naked actor was Jason George.
The images is sort G rated as far as nudity is concerned, but I think we all still would have enjoyed being an observer on the shoot!

Below: Timothy Adams, Jason, Dax Griffin and Hank Cheyne

Thankfully, given George was on a soap, and the soap was based at the beach, there were plenty of hot shirtless photos when I went a-googling.  George looks as hot, or maybe even hotter, than he did when baywatching it down the beach and he has me thinking I just might just check out the season premiere of Greys, something I haven't done in a few years.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 30th

Stefan Tietz by Plat1
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Happy Birthday today August 30th

Happy 65th to actor Timothy Bottoms!

Check out my tribute to Timothy on FH HERE:

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Yesterday I posted images from the first episode of the UK reality show, 'Naked Attraction.' I thought it might be a one off post, but that was until I watched some more. Episode two features the scrumptiously delicious Jame. (on right below).

Jamie has a great smile,a great body and a great stance. I also loved that Jamie's nerves kept him moving and bouncing around, most of the time on the show.  I won't spoil (entirely) the episode, but from the pics I have included, Jamie makes the final 2.

Howl: The Bad Wolf Rises

He who fears the wolf, should not go to the forest...

One of the most fascinating men that I interviewed last year was Tyler Dårlig Ulv.  (Solitary Creature) Tyler is visually, an incredibly sexy man.  But spend a little time on his website or his twitter, and you instantly feel his sexual appeal is far more layered than just what's seen on the surface.

Tyler is a bit of a renaissance man, utilizing his many attributes and talents within his work as a model, artist, writer and promoter.  Tyler's skill with promotion is beautifully evident in his ability to create an addictive aura of desirability around everything he does.

One of the things Tyler does so well is keep an audiences attention with his sites and social media pages.  Since first featuring his work last year, I have returned regurlarly to Tyler's Twitter, Instagram and tumblr.  I especially loved reading the entries and articles on his blog.

Much has happened in Tyler's life since that first article last summer and one of the side effects Tyler taking down his main site for a time.   As of this week however, Tyler's site is back up and running, with an all new look and many new images in his gallery.  Tyler graciously sent on a few images he hasn't published yet for me to share on FH.   If you haven't checked out the updates, all you just need to do is click HERE:

Tyler Dårlig Ulv on FH:

Stefan Dietz: Intuitive Approach

Centre piece... is the phrase New Zealand artist Stefan Dietz used to caption the photo above.  Perfect words for the beautiful image that had me searching out more of Stefan's work.  The sunlight though the window, the furniture, dishes and knick-knacks that surround him, begin to tell the story of Stefan, the man in the photo as well as the man who shot it.

'My IPhone is used for my photography rather then something very technical, so my images may not be as glossy or edited as some. I prefer a more natural look anyway as in my opinion, it makes the picture and model a bit more accessible to the viewer.'

Almost all of the images included here were taken by Stefan, although he occasionally enlists the help from a friend or two, especially for location shoots when Stefan decides to scale some rocks.  At 56, I was surprised that Stefan only began shooting a few years ago.  I struck how beautifully Stefan poses and the incredibly beautiful and sexy curves and lines he creates.

It is especially impressive, given that Stefan is taking the images himself.  Stefan's grace and beauty speaks to not only a confidence, but a powerful knowing and connection with his body, and his soul. Stefan is exposing much more than skin, but a piece of himself, that he beautifully expresses through body and pose.

'My aim with any photos is always to present pictures on two levels: the aesthetics and the artistry. To me a picture becomes art when an idea is expressed and no photograph is made without some meaning for me. We are bombarded with images these days but my hope is that the viewer will look beyond three seconds and maybe appreciate the pictures beyond the obvious.'

'I'd been working out more seriously for a few years and I suppose my exhibitionist side wanted to show off my hard work and Instagram seemed a logical choice. I quickly found myself enjoying the creative element of a photograph so I went went beyond gym fit pics to using my often nude body as a canvas to showcase ideas, themes, emotions and sexuality in all sorts of ways, often drawing on inspiration from classical poses.'

'There was no formal training - just an intuitive approach.. My photographs have since become more sophisticated. I often use outdoor locations or dark backdrops these days for contrast. I don't over-filter and prefer images that are not too glossed over or unrealistic but still sexual and enticing.'

'It's been overwhelming and humbling and also a full time job! I have a very loyal international following on Facebook and Instagram who love to comment on my pics! My butt, I've been told, should have its own Instagram account which is funny to me as I never saw it properly until I photographed it!' 

'When I first went on FB and Instagram I was completely unprepared for receiving so many personal messages from followers introducing themselves by way of cock pic. It's like a new version of a handshake. Am I complaining? No - though sometimes I'm not sure how to respond but it's flattering that guys feel comfortable enough to do that with me.'

'I am a muse to a poet, a photographer and a painter in three different countries! have had offers to do shoots with photographers in Toronto, Manchester, Brighton, San Francisco and Lyon in France. I collaborated with a digital art photographer in the UK on a series of edgy art photographs via the web. Being a late starter in all this, it is very cool to get acknowledged.'

'I am an older guy and been told I'm inspirational or motivational for others which makes me feel quite humble actually considering I was quite judgmental about my physical appearance when I was younger. Of course It's hard to see myself objectively at times but some followers view me as a kind of "Daddy" and that's OK with me. Whatever works: as long as my pictures create some reaction (hopefully a good one) then I'm happy.'

'Shooting photographs and getting it right is not easy. Most of them are taken by myself; some by a friend. I rely on natural light which can change and the set up can take time. Being a perfectionist may not help! There is a nude beach near me with some excellent natural backdrops so I shoot there a bit. It's winter at the moment yet it doesn't stop me shivering and clambering over wet slimy rocks in the nude to get to my next photo destination!'