Saturday, August 16, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 16th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for August 16th Kyal Marsh

The adorable Aussi known to many for his role on 'Neighbours', actor Kyal Marsh turns 21 today.

More Kyal (mostly caps from Neighbours).

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for August 16th Roque Santa Cruz

Paraguayan football striker Roque Santa Cruz turns 27 today. (see my previous post on Roque).

In Praise of Tony Ward

I have always liked Madonna, but I have never really LOVED her like many. I respect her more than actually admired her music. That being said, while looking for just the right picture for her birthday post (see above), I was taken to many photos of her with someone I used to spend a lot of time fantazing about, Tony Ward.

I remeber a young Tony Ward from the late 80's and early 90's ahead of his time. So stunningly beautiful with that body, hair and face. Tony was doing what many actors and models do all the time today. Not only his willingness to be naked, but his openess to bucking sexual steriotypes and blatantly doing projects and photo shoots which would attract gay fans. It is common today for models and actors to openly go after a gay audience, but in the past it was done queitly, but Tony was ahead of his time with his pictures, movies (Hustler White) just his bravery in bucking the norm to do exactly what he wanted to do. I guess that is why he calls himself the anti-model.

I truly admire Tony Ward. Although we all get older, Tony has gotten a bit rougher with age, with the added tats. He is still hot to me, but I do love looking back at his early photos. Anyone else love his nose??? (I am wierd...) It appears Tony concentrates on his photography and art these days, but he still pops up in magazine spreads. Tony is truly a pioneer and icon of male beauty.

Tony has a GREAT web site with an amazing history of his life as a model (anti model). If your a fan, check it out, it is truly worth the look!


Tony in 'As I See It'
Photography by Greg Gorman

1985: In Touch
Photography by Ken Haak

(I absolutely love this photo series. Something about his look, the socks the poses which are so so hot!).

1984: Colt Studio
Photography by Jim French

Just Because: John Mayer

Just Because John Mayer in this outfit never ceases to bring me pleasure.

Blast From The Past for August 16th Antony Hamilton

When Jon-Erik Hexum (above) sadly died in 1984 I was introduced to a beautiful Australian named Antony Hamilton. Orginially from England, Antony, who has amazing eyes, grew up in Australia where he studied ballet. While touring in the early 70's with the Australian Ballet Company, he was discovered by a photographer which led him to leave dance and spend the next decade modeling throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Antony moved on to acting classes and besides Cover Up was also seen on the updated Mission Impossible tv series, Samson and Delilah and other movies and tv series.

It was rumored Antony was up for the role of James Bond, but lost it due to his being openly gay. Antony sadly died in 1995. I will however fondly remember him coming out of the ocean in his blue speedo on one of his early Cover Up episodes. Although the show did not continue for long after he joined, it lead me to follow many of his other projects. One can only imagine the roles we all might have enjoyed if Antony were still with us.

Above Grafic from Antony Hamilton Uncovered (See link below).

Early Modeling

From Cover Up

Some pics from a wonderful site on Antony: Antony Hamilton Uncovered: