Saturday, September 3, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 4th

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Happy Birthday today September 4th

Happy 25th to actor Carter Jenkins!

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Valentines Day (2010)

Nightlight (2015)

Oh Henry...

Henry Cavill looking hairy and hot on Miami Beach.  

David Hull: While I Should Have Been Sleeping...

When I can't sleep, which is a far too fairly frequent occurrence, I turn to Peachtree, Peachtree TV. The Atlanta plays a non-stop schedule of movies and TV repeats, mostly crime dramas and comedies. For me, 2 a.m means an airing of one of my favorite sit-coms, The Middle.

The other night, I was fortunate to be lacking zzzz's when the channel was playing 'While You Were Sleeping', a 2015 episode of the series.  In the episode, Sue was being pursued by the shirtless Logan, an Abercrombie employee who worked near the food court. That Abercrombie guy was played with sex appeal and heart by actor David Hull.

First off, David Hull is absolutely adorable. His sexy smile is matched by, well everything, including his lickable nipples and belly button. Hull is an incredibly engaging actor whose other television credits include playing White Josh on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Above & Below:
As Spike with Kristine Nielson & Christine Ebersole  in the LA production of 'Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike'

A IMDB search also showed NBC's The Sound of Music Live was on David's credits which had me thinking he must have spent some time on the stage. He did. In addition to Vanya & Sonya, David has appeared in Wicked, A Chorus Line, and in the 2011 revival of How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. If I didn't think Hull was sexy enough, his singing and dancing resume certainly sealed the deal!

The Middle, 2015
While You Were Sleeping, Season 6, Episode 22

Undressed Up: Tony Tooke by RJS Photography

'From a young age I was fascinated with history. While other children would watch Saturday morning cartoons, I was tuned into the History channel or the Military channel. The past is glorious, and many civilizations recognized the body for what it is... a piece of art. I feel that clothes are like makeup. They hide the true beauty underneath.'

Although I totally agree with Tony's views on clothes, one of the reason I got in touch with him was because of how well he un-wore this formal wear in this shoot.  I love how Rich from RJS Photography dressed, and undressed Tony in this series of images.  It is almost as if someone invited Tony to a cocktail party with instructions to come dressed up, and naked, both at the same time.

Tony pulls off the look perfectly and seems to be having a lot of fun in the process.  The 19 year old San Antonio model just joined Model Mayhem a couple of weeks ago, but his images have already garnered him plenty of attention.

Many models who post, or say they'll shoot nudes, get offers to do adult films.  For Tony, the films came first, leading to a love of the photo shoots that accompany them.  Tony started out as a Gay4Pay actor before he began modeling. 'I just wanted some extra cash.'  Tony connected with Rich through Bryan Ockert, the producer of ChaosMen, a site where Tony has been featured.

'I am very comfortable with my body and believe that the human physique in its nude state, is a piece of artwork. Why hide it from the world? I may not be very muscular, or tall, or defined, but I have worked hard to get it the way it is now, and am proud of it.'

Although Tony is rightfully proud of his incredible body, he hasn't share his images with anyone but a couple of close friends.  Coming from a Catholic and ultra conservative family, Tony is not sure how well naked images, let alone would his videos, would go over during conversations during a holiday dinner.   That doesn't mean Tony isn't getting attention for his work, he has been recognized a couple of times.

'I was out with friends one night and I had my waitress at Cheddar's call me out on it because she had seen my adult videos. Let's just say that the night progressed very well after that and she went home with me.'

That doesn't mean it's all fun and games.  Although Tony has enjoyed his modeling experience, the first time shooting an adult film proved a little uncomfortable at the beginning.  'I was in a room with a bunch of middle aged men taking close ups from different angles and holding poses for what seemed like forever.'   After his first experience however, and now that Tony has a few films under his belt, taking it all off and whipping it out for a room full of men with cameras has become a walk in the park.

'My favorite experience modeling was when I was shot wearing nothing but mismatched dress socks and a blazer. You see my hairy legs, my cock, and my smile. Definitely a classier nude. People look at it and say "Wow! His dick is hanging out but he is elegant and refined."

On what he likes about Modeling:
'I like modeling because it instills confidence in me. Makes me a little cocky. Many people say that they couldn't be models. That's not true. Everyone can model. It let's you and the photographer express themselves. I feel it's an outlet for me to the world.'

On working with RJS Photography:
'Rich is a great guy. He's works in the medical field by day, and is a photographer by night. Very friendly and provides most of the clothing... which often is nothing or a jock strap. He prefers to shoot the human body nude and so experiments with different angles from time to time.'

On his favorite body part:
'It would be my quads. I worked hard on getting them in shape. They are less defined and less muscular than they were when I wrestled and ran track in high school, but I'm still proud of them. Often times I am complimented on my ass. My ex-fiance always joked that my ass was bigger than hers. Numerous men and women have complimented me on it.'