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Think They....

 Maybe spent too much time together....

Say good-bye to Mr. Schroder by checking out one of the gayest movie scenes I think I've ever seen on film. (HERE:)  It's time to also bid adieu to a few other 'not so fine' Trumpian ass's marking their FH swan song on the NEXT PAGE HERE: 

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Lucas Montilla by Dael Gregorio

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12 Days: Brett Dalton in Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

'This holiday romance is based on the incredible story about organ donor Chris Dempsey and recipient Heather Krueger, who were brought into one another's lives by a transplant surgery that led to a miraculous romance.'

As I wrote in my last 12 Days piece, I've only watched one Christmas movie so far this season.  It's been a busy Autumn and I have a few on the DVR I hope to catch when things slow down.  In the meantime, I did start a folder awhile ago with actors in movies I'd previously seen, and this particular actor was one of my favorites.

Although he's been in several movies and television shows, I hadn't seen actor Brett Dalton on screen before catching 2018's Once Upon A Christmas Miracle.  I had seen Dalton before, but in promotional shirtless shots for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a show I also hadn't seen before.  Dalton's Christmas movie was ok, but the minor miracle for me was Mr. Dalton and how engaging hie was on screen.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2013-2017)

'If this was hand sanitizer, Hive would’ve been ahead of his time.'

Lost in Florence (2017)

A heartbroken American in Florence gets involved in a dangerous local sport -- and with an alluring local woman.

Beside Still Waters (2013)

Dalton's only 'sort of' nude scene is a darkly lit skinning dipping scene from 2013's Beside Still Waters.  He also gets a nice kiss with SNL's Beck Bennett. 

Beckoned by it's Mystery: Artyom by Igor Kuryukin

Autumn (Осенние) 

A dreary time! And yet — enchantment for the eyes! 
How dear to me your parting grace, your farewell gifts — 
I love the rich decay of leaf and countryside, 
he forests all decked out in gold and crimson tints. 
Within their halls a fresh wind stirs about and sighs, 
The heavens cloak themselves in rolling folds of mist; 
How rare the sun, the morning frosts that do not stay, 
With grizzled winter’s stormy threats still far away 
Alexander Pushkin
It's Thanksgiving week in the US which means millions of dead turkeys are currently dethawing in peoples refrigerators.  Not all countries celebrate the holiday, and those that do, celebrate it a bit differently.  In most counties, it's a harvest celebration, giving thanks to natures bounty and having food for the long winter ahead.

In Russia, there is no actual Thanksgiving day, but there are a series of celebratory feasts.  The first, is the Honey Feast of the Saviour, which is celebrated on August 14th.  The second, the Apple Feast of the Saviour is observed on August 19th..  The third and final celebration of harvest is the Nut Feast of the Saviour, which is celebrated on August 29th.  The feasts honor harvest food items which are blessed by the church and consumed by the faithful.  

The holiday's have a pre-Christian origin and are associated with the harvesting of ripe fruits, especially apples. In East Slavic folklore, they mark the beginning of autumn and the transfiguration of nature and the seasons.  During the feasts, the people of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus eat pies, foods and other dishes containing the food the day is celebrating. 

Even when there's been a bad year, and the crops aren't as plentiful, thanks is given.  Being thankful is often more meaningful when there's been a loss or when it's been a particularly difficult  year.  For many, that's certainly been the case in 2020.  Despite the shocks, sad events and disappointments of the year, Russian model Artyom thought it was more important than ever to follow his passion for modeling and continue to shoot.  Artyom connected with his friend photographer Igor Kuryukin to celebrate the colors and beauty of the harvest season. 

'When Igor suggested that I go to an abandoned but protected estate near St. Petersburg. Of course, I didn't hesitate to answer and immediately agreed. The next weekend we went there, to the place that beckoned us with its mystery.  Upon arrival, we saw a beautiful historical building, surrounded by a magnificent garden with marble vases, elegant wrought-iron bars and wild grapes. The doors and Windows of the house were boarded up and there was no way to get inside, although it looked very interesting. We were not upset by this, though as we were so happy with the environment.' 

'We were not stopped by the fact that people are walking around, the building is monitored by a security guard, or the fact that it was only 10 degrees with rain the forecast. We were impressed by the environment, we started to have ideas about where and how to take a picture, and we started the process. The time passed quickly, but we managed to take a lot of photos. I am very happy with the results of that photo shoot. Autumn is a wonderful time of year when nature is transformed and looks fabulous. We will wait for the winter and fantasize again about new photo shoots.'