Friday, December 22, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 23rd

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Happy Birthday today December 23rd

Happy 32nd to musician Harry Judd!

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How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches.  And especially so when they're being decorated by the equally beautiful and long-limbed Daniel Fit

Candy Cane Lane: Brandan by Sudio1x

'Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane with me
It's so magical, let's go there in your dreams'

Many of us remember getting those tiny candy canes wrapped in plastic when visiting Santa at the mall. At home, there were larger versions, decorating the house and the tree. Just thought of a place named 'Candy Cane Lane' brings up sweet and sticky Christmas thoughts. You can just imagine the white, red and green wrapped streets on candy cane lane, and the houses and storefronts, all lickably sugary sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Studio1x's Jim recently headed out Candy Cane Lane to shoot Brandan, one of the most popular, and well liked and licked, residents of the lane. Jim and Brandan had been planning a shoot for awhile, but due to both of their busy schedules, they were initially thinking it would happen after the holidays. The tentative plan was a January date, something winter themed, with Brandan wearing, and un-wearing, a selection of warm winter sweaters.

'Last Sunday, Brandan texted me a photo of himself from a store. He was shopping and trying on sweaters for our up coming shoot. It ended up that we were both free that day so we decided at last minute to go ahead and do the shoot that day.'

Jim says that although it's been cold, on the day they shot, the temperature was up in the high 40's with a bit of sky. The warmer weather made it a bit easier for Brandan to wear pretty much nothing except his winter sweater and the rain created a darker, more wintery atmosphere and look. There was only about an hour between Brandan's call to Jim, and when they met up on Candy Cane Lane to shoot. During the hour, Brandan headed home to pick up an array of props and accessories for the shoot.

Everything used, and everything you see in the images, were items that Brandan brought to the shoot. Jim shares that due to the last minute planning of the shoot, all he had time to bring was his camera. He was pleasantly surprised when Brandan showed up with a suitcase full of things to incorporate into the shoot. Although I usually don't like, or post, cropped images, with Brandan, and the shot below, you'll see why I made an exception.

12 Days: The Men of Christmas in Evergreen

Christmas TV movies as we all know have a formula. In addition to usually being set in a small town, a town Santa usually oddly hangs out in, there is usually always a romantic triangle. The current boyfriend, usually vapid, cold or without the required amount of Christmas spirit. Then... there's the new guy. Adorable, frequently widowed with an much to adorable child in toe. In most cases, there is really not competition, we all know, and hope, the female lead will choose the new guy by the end.

With Lifetime's Christmas in Evergreen, I wasn't. Now I love me some Teddy Sears, but his widowed single father, although sweet and adorable, was a bit bland. Now I know that was the writing, Sears has sizzled on countless shows, but I was rooting for the guy in the female leads rear view mirror.

Teddy Sears

Sears in American Horror Story (2011)

Marcus Rosner

I hadn't seen or heard of actor Marcus Rosner before seeing this flick, but I will certainly be keeping an eye open for his future roles. Incredibly sexy, Rosner had me hoping there might be a switch up to the usual formula. The Canadian actor has had recurring roles on UnREAL and When The Heart Calls, as well as guest shots on Arrow, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time and Mistresses. Marcus drew my attention in every scene he was in and hopefully we will be seeing much more of him in the future.

Infidelity in Suburbia (2017)

Rosner's chiseled cheeks and jawline, and chiseled pecs and stomach in the 2017 TV movie Infidelity in Suburbia.