Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 24th

Thanks so much to the blog reader who emailed me the name (and another great pic) of the model shown, Nick Westers. Thanks so much!

Happy Birthday today May 24th to:

Favorite Birthday guys celebrating today May 24th

Loved actor Eric Close since his days on 'Santa Barbara'. Eric turns 43 today.

The great John C Reilly turns 45 today.

Blast From The Past for May 24th Allan Kayser

After graduating from Columbine High School in 1982 (where he participated in baseball and wrestling) Allan Kayser moved to Hollywood to become an actor. Allan had little experience but soon got roles in some low budget flicks like 'Hot Chili' (see below) and 'Night Of The Creeps'. Kayser's biggest break came in 1986 when NBC cancelled 'Mama's Family' which had aired for one season on the network. A deal was made to continue to air the show in syndication and half the cast was cut which led to Kayser being brought on in the role of Bubba.

Bubba and Kayser were an instant hit and he quickly became a teen idol appearing in the teen magazines at the time. Kayser was one of televisions most likable actors and Bubba was a character that became one of the shows most popular. It is interesting to look back at how blatantly the show used Kayser's sexual attraction to the delight of both men and women viewers. It was common at the time to use the women as sex objects in sit-coms (Think Teri Copley in 'We Got It Made', Lydia Cornell in 'Too Close For Comfort' and of course Suzanne Somers in 'Three's Company'). It was not so common to showcase the assets of a male cast member the same way. There were other himbos on tv (Lorenzo Lamas and The Duke Boys), but in sit-coms in the 70's and 80's guys were practically neutered (those Brady Boys) to ensure a widespread audience. They could be cute, they could not however be sexual.

There really has not been a successful male bimbo on tv since Bubba and 'Mama's Family' left the air. Kayser is still fondly remembered and frequently is brought up when tv studs from the 80's are brought up. Kayser's impact cannot solely be attributed to his filling out his jeans. Kayser is a talented actor whose comic timing and facial expressions helped make an incredibly stupid character like Bubba both likable and popular.

Kayser left Hollywood for Missouri in the early nineties to settle down with his Family. He attended Central Missouri State University while there and operated a dance academy in Warrensburg with his wife for several years. Kayser and his wife divorced in 2000 and after a brief stay in Utah, Allan returned to California to resume his acting career. Unfortunately work was sporadic and Kayser moved to be with his children in Sharpsburg, GA. Kayser has not left acting completely but is not actively pursing work in the field. Personally I think it is time for the return of Kayser to Prime-Time. I think Kayser would be a great addition to Cougar Town! Although not updated in awhile, Kayser does have a small site you can check out HERE: and you can see a more detailed Resume of his work HERE:

Below: Allan on 'Circus Of The Stars' (1989).

Allan Kayser in 'Mama's Family'

I don't remember watching 'Mama's Family' when it originally aired. I do however fondly remember, a summer or two when I was a kid watching it on NBC when it reran in the mornings. I recently spent some time watching the original 'Family' skits from The Carol Burnett Show. 'Mama's Family' had an entirely different tone which I guess was needed for the show to be attractive to a mainstream audience. Not sure if the darker tone set on TCBS would have done well as a sit-com.

Thanks to xyzpdq from Scenes of Male Skin I was able to get some caps, including the shows trip to Hawaii episode. (Seems almost every sit-com family takes that same trip). As Allan's fans know, besides being super talented and funny, Mr Kayser is also well known for how he filled out his very tight jeans. He was also a big reason so many tuned in each week.

Allan Kayser in 'Hot Chili' (1985)

Again thanks to xyzpdq from Scenes of Male Skin, I was able to watch Allan Kayser's best scenes from his first movie from 1985, 'Hot Chili'. I don't believe this flick has had a DVD release, but Amazon has some VHS copies for sale. This is the closest I think we will find of an Allan 'nude scene'. Watching Allan's character Jason running around the mansion in his tight grey undies was just fine with me.