Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Introducing: Blake Logan

Some of you who are regular readers of FH know that I love to spotlight up and coming actors, especially stage actors who rarely get the attention they deserve.

When I began University, I was a first year theatre major with dreams of the stage. I played everyone from King Lear to Curly in Oklahoma. My biggest role was the lead in my University's production of 'Betrayal' by Harold Pinter. Oh how I struggled with 'the Pinter Pause'. I tended to rush through scenes, leading to much frustration from my director.

Alas, the next year I switched majors and pushed Theatre down to a minor when lectures from those around me finally convinced me it was wasted time and money to pursue this dream. Letting go was not easy, and regrets followed. I continued to do some local Theatre and a bit of directing, but I eventually left the dream behind and moved on to the reality making money.

This is why actors like Blake Logan and others I have profiled on the blog interest me so much. People often ask me how I find the people I profile. Finding Blake took me on an interesting journey. It began with some research I was doing on a project unrealted to the blog. This research led me to a site called Quiet Earth. Quiet Earth is an interesting site dedicated to genre film and all things post apocalyptic. "We're fans first, journalists second." They say.

Now I have to be honest, I was not looking to read a review on a film, but the writer had to throw Channing Tatum's name into the review title: 'Move Over Channing Tatum' caught my eye. (I know I know). The Movie, an independent film entitled 'Gutter King' written and directed by Keith Alan Morris
'tells the coming-of-age story of a young man recently released from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. He's determined to stay straight but when the girl next door falls into trouble, he turns to what he knows best, the world of amateur bare-knuckle brawling, for money.'

So off I am checking out 'Gutter King' websites, youtubes and photos. One link leads to another and the next thing I know I am on the site of an up and coming actor from Florida, Blake Logan who plays Paul in 'Gutter King'. Blake caught my eye for a couple of reasons. Yes, he is great looking, with his beautiful green eyes and classic face. He also has a professional look and is able to change his appearance dramatically from shot to shot. Great mouth as well!

Blake's site struck me as it was so professionally put together for a actor new to the business and includes some great shots (many by Chris Ian Garlington, see more below), and a resume which had my jaw drop due to how much it remined me of mine before throwing in the towel. (It must be a law that all actors at one time or another play a role in The Fantasticks.)

There was something about Blake's site that I was drawn to. Many young actors have sites, but Blake's was different. More than just a showcase, Blake's has a respect for the craft of acting. he is not looking to springboard to overnight success, you can tell the journey is as important as the destination. I was struck by a couple of Blake's quotes including this one;

'Telling Stories is a sacred art, one I believe to be of the utmost importance. For me, the actor, is a shaman who is given the divine power to transform and heal lives. It requires a conscious soul and the humility to to expose ones humanness to others'
Blake Logan

This quote struck me as I remember a teacher once telling me when playing Edmund in a scene from 'Long Days Journey Into Night' to expose the characters humanness. That always stuck with me and became a bit of a motto for how I try to live my own life. It is one of the reasons I try to keep this blog positive, and why I loath some other sites who seem to live to demean others. I think Blake Logan is in it for the long haul and don't see him taking of the route of reality shows or other quick fixes to find his 15 minutes. He is looking for quality over quantity.

If you want to check out Blake's site you can find it HERE:
You can also check out the Official 'Gutter King' site HERE: and facebook page HERE:

Below: Blake in 'Gutter King'

Blake Logan by Chris Ian Garlington

Did I mention Blake Logan is also modeling. Blake has done some runway work for both Nike and Puma and has a wonderful portfolio courtesy of photographer Chris Ian Garlington.

I first discovered Chris's work earlier this year and posted a great shot he did of Lee Williams as a pic of the day. Chris is an interesting guy and it was fun to get to know more about him through his site.

From Chris Ian's site: Shotting With Chris

Chris Ian Garlington covered breaking news for local & national TV stations including CNN, The Weather Channel, WKMG, WFTV, WESH, WOFL, CFN13, The New York Times, and more. Chris was a stringer in Orlando from August, 2004 until June 2007. Before that, Chris was a stringer in the Philadelphia suburbs from 1996 to 1999. Chris moved to Los Angeles in June 2007 to pursue filmmaking and is currently a photographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.

I love Chris Ian's shots of Blake. The shots show Blake in a wide variety of lights including fun loving, venerable and of course sexy. In looking at more of his the work 'alive' kept going through my head. Whether he was photographing children's faces or the lights in Las Vegas there was a vibrancy that sprang from his work which I truly loved. So many photographers seem to use mood and lighting to have models almost look inhuman. Chris Ian's subjects look very much bright and alive.

Chris Ian strives for the best, and has began a blog to spotlight some of the best things he has seen as well as experienced. Chris is able to make the normal look both unique and powerful. My guess is some of this comes from his years as a stringer whose job is to get 'the shot' with very little time or preparation. His ability to zoom in on what is important and hit the essence of his subject is truly a gift. You can check out much more of Chris Ian's work at his site HERE: