Saturday, June 13, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

Michael by Pace Photography
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Seasonal Sightings

The Matter At Hand


The unrest over social injustice and racism is serious business, and I hesitated, (briefly) with posting images of hot, shirtless protesters.  But... as strongly as I support Black Lives Matter, and the protests, this is after all, Favorite Hunks.... 

I don't want want to imply the protests were in anyway a party, they were not.  Despite a wedding, and some protesters, mostly white women, dressing as if they were going to the Met Ball, the protests are part of a long overdue change and a powerful turn with how race and racism is viewed and accepted.  They are however, in many ways a celebration, the kind that only is possible when people have had enough.

Although most of the masks stayed on, given the heat, some of the shirts came off.  People of every age, race, gender, body type and from all walks of life.  Seeing an image (first image at top) of former felon turned model Jeremy Meeks had me on the hunt for other images of other proud and passionate protesters.

The Sequence Seducement: Michael by Pace Photography

'I'm just someone who simply loves photography and story-telling through photography. My photographs are often simplistic, stripped down, yet colorful, sometimes messy, sometimes sentimental. They are like life itself.'

So often, it's a singular image that draws me to a photographer's work.  Although it was one specific shot that led to my featuring this series of Michael, it was a sequence of images that inspired me to reach out to Jason from Pace Photography.  There's a risk when using just one shot as a basis for a feature.  Occasionally, that one image is anomaly, the best, or only decent shoot from a shoot.

That's why I loved the sequence of shots that Jason used to showcase his models in his Model Mayhem portfolio. The Calgary based photographer featured each model with a series of different images and looks showcasing portrait, fashion and fitness and implied nudes.  It gave me a more complete story of both the shoot, and the way Jason see's and photographs the male form.  This sequence of shots, almost of a storyboard of the shoot and series, is something that comes natural to the artist who has a background in both theatre, and animation design.

Jason's journey into the visual arts began in college, mostly self taught.  Being gay, Jason used the arts as a form of expression, something crucial when he was closeted and living in Singapore, Vietnam and Philadelphia.  After a few years of shooting locations and landscapes, Jason began capturing people, initially with a focus on fashion and actor portraits.   It was only after ten years of practicing and honing his skills that he decided to shoot nudes and boudoir themed imagery. 

Jason carefully prepares for each shoot, asking the model he's working with a ton of questions.  Jason's goal is to utilize his craft to not only capture the male form, but to utilize that form to say something more about his subjects and beyond just the physical presence in front of his lens.  In addition to getting to know his subject, Jason additionally prepares by running through concepts and themes, and even sometimes storyboarding the story and shot list.  Not only does this help keep focus, it also lets his model knows exactly what is expected, ensuring they're fully on board and comfortable throughout the process.

This careful planning certainly helped in Jason's work with Michael.  Time was limited and the entire process took place in just an hour and a half.  Michael reached out to Jason while traveling in North America.  He was looking for a local photographer who might be able to shoot him during a short stay an an area Airbnb.  It all happened rather quickly, with Jason swinging by the the apartment late in the day for a quick shoot.  There's was only time for a quick chat before Jason had to start clicking away.

The Airbnb happened to have the iconic shot of Marilyn Monroe on the wall, and Jason especially loved how Michael interacted with the artwork, creating some of his favorite shots from the shoot.  It also helped Michael open up a bit as he became more playful and free as the shoot went on and after they'd finished shooting.  Although I love the shots with the Marilyn image, my favorite shot, and the image that had me asking Jason about featuring his work with Michael, was the image below. I love the pose and the angle Jason shot from.  I love the expression on Michael's face, and the intensity in his eyes.  I especially love the splash of red, with Michael's Andrew Christian's so strategically placed.

Russell Todd in Club V.R.

'The Century club VR is a virtual reality club in Los Angeles. After a brutal murder, a beautiful female-investigator begins the investigation. However, she soon realizes that the case might interfere with her sexual fantasies.'

I think I first noticed the stunningly handsome Russell Todd back in the early 90's when used to watch Another World with my mother after I got home from school.  In addition to his sculpted facial features, Todd also has  deliciously yummy chest hair which thank goodness, he hasn't shaved much for roles he's taken on.

Another World

Every year when as Halloween approaches, I usually find myself crushing over Todd again as he's appeared in several of the films from the 80's that I've profiled in my Horror Hunks series.  Until now however, the actor's only turned up on the site a few times.  Time to change that!

After recently seeing Todd in another horror film on TCM, I decided to do a deeper dive and discovered he actually had a nude scene on his resume.  It wasn't one of his 80's flicks however, but from the 1996 straight to video flick Club V.R.  Although the focus on the soft core virtual realty film is on the female form, Todd has three sex scenes, two of which give viewers a decent view of his meaty behind.

Todd still looking mighty fine in two more recent shots.

Club V.R.(1996)

You can download both clips below on SendSpace HERE & HERE: