Thursday, November 24, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 25th



Happy Birthday today November 25th

Happy 56th to actor Billy Burke!

Check out more of today's BIRTHDAYS HERE:

 Billy in Feast Of Love (2007)

The Day After...

The time honored tradition of heading to the fridge naked the day after Thanksgiving for a little snack of turkey and stuffing leftovers.

Stephen Shellen in Gimme An 'F'

The longer you look, the better it gets, and the better you look, the longer it gets...'

Recently when researching another post, I came upon an image of actor Stephen Shellen's tighty whitie dance from 1984's Gimme an 'F'.  I've featured Stephen, and the video before, and went back to my previous Actors & Skin post (HERE:) to re-watch the scene.  It's a hot scene, and certainly worthy of a re-watch.

Shellen with choreographer Steve Merritt

When I went back to the post, I noticed the Youtube video I embedded had been taken down.  This scene must be popular as that was the third time, from three different Youtube accounts, that I embedded in the piece over the years.  This time, instead of embedding another version, only have it deleted, I'd upload the video directly to the site. Let's hope this tie it sticks!

Lance Mosesly in Australian Women's Forum

'Sexy Lance Mosesly is one helluva he-man and checking out that carved torso and those concrete biceps is enough to give any girl the knee trembles...

We discovered however, that Lance's steely toughness is only skin deep.  Beneath his rock-solid exterior there's a warm and cuddly guy who readily admits that he likes nothing better than to relax at home on the couch with his pussycat.  Mmmm, makes us purr just thinking about it.'

Lance shares tat he's 'very comfortable' with nudity, which is why he's chosen to do this beautifully bare pictorial.  The only slip-up on the shoot was poor Lance did get a thorn lodged in his butt cheek.  With a butt like that, we'd be lodging there ourselves...