Monday, February 20, 2012

Mostly Ups! Diego Vena by Gordon Nebeker

Since first profiling the work of Pennsylvania photographer Gordon Nebeker last November, I have been looking forward to showcasing more of his work on FH. I love the way in which Gordon is able to shoot so simply yet creatively. Through his use of lighting and backdrop, his classic posing, with his own stylish twist, Gordon creates beautifully erotic and elegant images.

Not all photographers are able to combine erotic and elegant, but for Gordon it is simply a natural manifestation of how he views the male form. The images featured are from two separate shoots with model Diego Vena, one from the spring of 2011 and one from this past January. You will notice a few differences in Diego's look which occurred in the 9 or so months between shoots. Diego was pleased with the outcome of his first collaboration with Gordon and was anxious to shoot again after making small changes in his appearance, his beard and the work he put into his body, adding more muscle definition.

Born and raised in Indiana, Diego has been living in Florida since 2005. For the past three years he has been performing in videos which he says has both ups and downs, but mostly ups!. The most enjoyable part of his job is the people he has met, and credits his agent, Fabscout, who he calls one of the best in the business. 'He really looks after his people!'

'Diego has a Midwestern friendliness and outgoing nature. His beautiful skin comes from Spanish and Caucasian parentage and was a pleasure to work with in post-processing as it needed very little correction.'
Gordon Nebeker

Part of their second shoot involved working with a long white cloth which Gordon is featuring in a book he hopes to finish up by the end of February. I am glad Gordon's next book will cover his studio work. Utilizing the white cloth, along with the black backdrop creates a striking and dramatic appearance. His last book, Men To Match My Mountains, focused on his exterior work, setting his models against the majestic beauty of Southern Utah.

'I first met Diego when he was our server at a popular local restaurant about a year and a half ago. I thought he was very photogenic and gave him my card but did not hear back from him right away which often happens. About four months later, he called me as a good friend of his whom I had photographed gave me a good recommendation and the rest, as they say, is history! Diego had done photo shoots related to his video work but had never done a male fine art photo shoot before working with me. He took to it like a duck to water, was easy to work with and readily contributed his all to the mutual creation of photographic art. He naturally falls into the most beautiful poses'

'I particularly liked working with Gordon because of how professional he is. I never once felt nervous during any of our shoots and I love his eye behind the lens. He has captured some of the most amazing shots of me. He is an amazing photographer as anyone who sees his work can tell. I especially love the sepia toned images of me that Gordon created.'
Diego Vena

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You can also get in touch with Diego FabScout Entertainment HERE:


I have yet to watch Smash. I have both episodes on the DVR but for some reason, although it has many elements that might usually draw me to a new show, there are also things about it that have turned me off. The 'ram it down our throats' promotion of the show has me digging in my heals a bit. I also have yet to shake off my dislike of Katherine McPhee from days on Idol. She had plenty of talent but also cracked an attitude that used to annoy the shit out of me. To me, her season was all about Eliott Yamin, who I continue to think should have taken the title.

But...I do like shows about 'putting on a shows'. I also like Debra Messing and the site of Angelica Houston camping her way through the commercials is both a bit sad yet also strangely enjoyable. I also am a fan of the adorable and talented Raza Jaffrey who I know from watching a bit as Zafar from the BBC drama Spooks. Jaffrey also has a musical theatre background on the London stages so hopefully the show will take advantage of this. anyone tuning in....Is it worth a look?