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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 14th

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Seasonal Sightings

Bruce McCulloch in Kids In The Hall

Last year, after discovering and binging NBC's Superstore, I did a post on the shows male cast. (HERE:)  When I was putting the piece together, I discovered actor Mark McKinney had a nude scene during his time on the Canadian sketch comedy Kids In The Hall. 

In addition to, I also found that actor and comedian Bruce McCulloch had a nude scene in one of the show's sketches.  I always though McCulloch was cute, so thanks to the net, was able to track down the scene.  With the show returning with revival, I thought I would feature Bruce's scene before the new episodes drop on Netflix.  The new episodes began filming in May, so I'm expecting a fall or winter air date to be announced soon.

Sibling Saturdays: The Román Twins

Imabe by Jose Martinez

Yes, Spanish models Jorge and Edu Román have amazing bodies, sculpted by countless years of surfing beaches all over the world.  Equally as sculpted though, are their beautiful faces.  Their jawline, nose and those sexy pair of piercing eyes are what initially drew me to their work. 

Jorge (l) & Edu (r)

Back Issues: 1982

Phil Avalon

We discovered Phillip in 1974.  He told us that he wanted to retire at the age or 35 from his life on stage.  Well, he was 29 then.  So if he's been able to accomplish that dream, he's most likely living on a boat in some Australian port.  A native Australian, he loves all water sports-sailing, fishing, surfing and water skiing to name a few.

Beau Lawrence

One of the finalists of Playgirl's natural man contest in the fall of 1977, Beau is bright, articulate and amusing.  He was into health foods and had just opened his own gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when his pictures were taken.  Beau lived on the beach in a cottage and his favorite pastime is being with intelligent and refined women.

Bill McAnally

One of the most valuable resources in California is the golden men who grace the beaches.  Bill is an excellent example of California's gold.  A physical education teacher, he keeps in shape working out with weights at the beach.  When school's out for the summer, Bill can be found laboring in the hot sun on a construction project.

Bryan Haines

An avid sportsman who enjoys sailing jus off the coast of Santa Monica, California, where he lives, Bryan keeps busy pursing his career as an actor and broadcaster.  he has appeared in Young Doctors In Love for ABC films and in commercials for South American Television. 

David White

A son of the south, David White is always on the go.  He won't take a job unless it allows him to travel.  His jobs have taken him from South America to the Caribbean to Europe.  Wherever he happens to be, he either runs, bikes, works out with weights, swims, scuba dives or water skis.  I guess we could call him poetry in motion.

Ian Cochrane

In late 1981, Playgirl's photo editors went to Britain in search of the best men of that the Isles had to offer.  We uncovered many royal treasures, but the man who best epitomized the nonchalant elegance of British men was Ian Cochrane.  A native or Scotland, he lives in London, but in his heart, he's still a country guy.  Ian loves Italian food and wine, dancing, and sports like tennis, badminton and swimming.

Jean-Robert Lecocq

Born in Quebec, Canada, Jean-Robert left home several years ago to 'see things'.  He had heard so much about Europe, he wanted to experience it for himself.  his wanderlust has taken him from the cafes in Paris to the hills of Israel.  He thrives on adventure.

Jean-Paul Vigron

A protégé of the song and dance man Maurice Chevalier, Jean-Paul at the time of his shoot was starring in a television series canned The Sensuous Man.Bron in Diredawa, Ethiopia, and raised in Djibouti, French Somaliland, his characteristically dark European looks come from his French father and his beautiful Italian mother.

Jim Davis

When Jim appeared in 'Master Craftsmen,' our pictorial on construction workers in October 1981.  We received an unprecedented onslaught of mail calling for more.  His encore was at the center of the December issue, which also received rave reviews.  By the way, his mother was the one who sent his photo into us.  Jim is very glad she did, as are we.

John Corvello

John is grateful that his older brother handed him some weights at the age of 11.  When he was 16, he won the title of Mr. Teenage America as California's rep.  This landed him a few acting jobs including an appearance on Steve Allen's show.  John gave up his short-lived acting career when he realized he couldn't up with his weight training at the same time.  An exercise instructor, he's pursuing a degree in physical therapy.  It's easy to see his therapeutic qualities. 

Joseph Spondike

When the votes for Man of the Eighties were tallied, it was clear that the oral majority of our readers know a good man when they see one. Joe was chosen by a seven-to-one margin.  A 21-year-old native of Dania, Florida, Joe loves the sun and the sea.  He likes the sound of the ocean, and gets a rush out of riding a seven-foot wave.  Other turns on for Joe include sipping white wine and the feeling he gets on top of a snow-covered hill, just before going down.

Paul Vonderlin

Not one to stay in one place long, Paul grew up in Baltimore Maryland, went to school in Geneva, Switzerland, and then studied engineering in Atlanta, Georgia.  Paul was last seen in Houston, Texas, pursuing his career ambition in photography.  He's made several public relations films and documentaries.  With his photogenic good looks, we think he belongs on the other side of the camera too.

Scott Dutton

It was difficult to catch up with Scoot as he proudly raced around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in his white corvette.  When we did, we found him where he enjoys life, at the beach.  he loves water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing.  It isn't surprising that he'd done several television commercial's with his tanned good looks.

Stephen Drisdale

Stephen impressed us with his intelligence and ambition.  he was one of the youngest insurance underwriters around in 1980.  As you can see, not all of his assets are cerebral.  He keeps his body in shape by working up a sweat on the tennis courts by day, and then dancing the night away.

Steven Landen

If you've been to Hawaii, you know how alluring is the thought of never returning to the mainland.  Well, that temptation was too great for Steve.  he was sent to Hawaii on business by a textile firm in New York, and he never returned.  Steve started his own textile design firm there.  He loves the women, the weather, the ocean and the laid-back life-style.

 Rogers  Brothers

Ron and Gregg are native Aussies who're into a very Australian sport called 'belting'-a team of swimmers hauls a person out of the surging surf with a harness.  Obviously, that takes lots of work, which as you can see, results in muscular, tan torsos.  Both men are strong swimmers.  Ron was a lifeguard and brother Gregg was a member of the Australian swimming team.  When not at the beaches, they are licensed bookies at horseracing tracks.  Fast-paces lives, in and out of the water.