Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 16th

Cute face too!

Favorite Birthday Boy for Feb 16th William Katt

One of my favorites, William Katt turns 57 today.
Search from my previous posts on William if your a fan.

Also celebrating today: February 16th

Model Brad Pinkert turns 27 today.

Soap Hottie Agim Kaba turns 28 today.
(See previous post on Agim)

Actor Lavar Burton, so amazing in Roots turns 51 today.

Favorite Blast From The Past: Feb 16th Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy always got my heart racing, from his days swimming through the ocean in his yellow suit in Man From Atlantis through his days as Bobby Ewing on Dallas. Patrick was the 'good' brother on Dallas and was often shirtless. Patrick has classic good looks and a great body which he kept in great shape, glorious chesthair and all.

Duffy's only nude scene in his first flick Vamping.

Patrick Duffy in Dallas

It was always a special night when Bobby Ewing would sport his speedo around the Southfork pool.