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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 26th

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A Quick Glimpse

Shirts & Skin

 I forgot that you existed 
It isn't love, it isn't hate 
It's just indifference

I'm not really a huge fan of Taylor Swift.  Not being a Swiftie however, doesn't mean I don't appreciate her talent, and how she uses her fame.  I'm also not a huge fan of the NFL, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the attributes of brothers Jason Kelse, and his little brother Travis.

My crushes on the Kelse arose from seeing them in projects off the field.  Although I thought both were hot, it was seeing Jason's beefy butt in motion for the 2019 ESPN Body Issue that brought him into my FH Radar.  I featured his shoot in a post on the site HERE:  I've also previously posted about Travis, (HERE:) who I first noticed due to his social commentary and the issues he supports, then crushed over after watching him host SNL. 

I'm a little confused why his going shirtless last week made so many headlines, it's done all the time at games.  Given Jason's also gone pantless, going shirtless was rather tame.  I know it's all about Taylor, but Jason certainly ensured we remember he existed, and that Travis wasn't the only Kelce in the spotlight.

Given we've seen that beefy butt before, my suggestion is that next time, Jason just go for it, and cheer on his brother pantless.  Taylor and Travis already drive a certain set of the population nuts, so why not just push them over the edge. BTW:  Not sure what game the guy in this series of images was attending, but he definitely had the highest score.

A Look Back: Packed Lunch

''One day, you're gonna get caught with your pants down'

They don't make commercials like they did in the 90's.  Somehow, advertisers seem to have stopped pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to showing men and skin.  Maybe it's the fear of the prudes and puritans who'll boycott their products.  It could also be that nudity is common on cable and streaming, making it harder for mainstream commercials to match on a network that can be seen elsewhere.

Many of you have seen this commercial for the Australian men's underwear brand Underdaks. The underwear brand focused it's add on the theme that 'One day, you're gonna get caught with your pants down'.  This ad, titled Packed Lunch, was one of the  most popular, and one of the most controversial at the time of it's release in 1994. 

The ad was temporarily banned from Australian TV after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Council made because of one of the last tagline in the ad, 'He's probably gay'. The complaint was later dismissed.  The other taglines, 'Nice luggage, and 'One day, I'm going to get lucky' were also pretty catchy.  

The hottie who strips down to his tighty whities is actor Jason Stewart.  Stewart was a model at the time, and from what I've been able to find out, still models and acts.  The only fairly recent image I could find was the second image I included above.

Winter Wear: Kings by Studio1x

'The more layers you put on, the more layers you can strip off.'

So many of us these days are wearing layers. We start with our socks, one, maybe two pairs. Next it's undies, then our long johns or sweat pants.  They're then covered with our regular pair of chords, jeans or dress pants.  Then it's time to tuck in our undershirt, followed by a t-shirt, then we pull on, then button up our dress shirt.  

That's just inside, when we have, or dare to go out, there's an entire additional layer or two that must be added.  We icing the cake with a togue, ear muffs a scarf and our gloves.   All to walk the 12 feet to then scrape off, and warm up our car.  I love winter days, but I don't love the layering.  Most people who deal with winter weather know you can handle the cold with less layers, but if it's both cold and windy, the sub-zero temperatures gush right through.

Ever since being introduced to model Kings from Jim from Studio1x, I've enjoyed discovering, and sharing new shoots and themes they've created together.  Although Jim's focus is the nude male form, there's always been a piece of fashion that's provided the focus for each shoot.   If you've seen my previous posts featuring Jim's shoots of Kings, (HERE:)  you know I've themed my posts around the wardrobe he strips off.  His blue sweater, his wet t-shirt, his overalls and his incredibly hot, low hanging tool belt. 

I love when fashion is woven artistically into a shoot, and Jim always does a magnificent job of beautifully utilizing, but not relying on the fashion pieces included.  Jim knows the destination is naked, but getting there, can be half of the fun.  The strip sets a sensual tone, one that if skillfully captured, has you scrolling more slowly, not more quickly, to get to the bottom. 

For this hot reveal, Kings peels of the plaid and his sweat pants, two of the layers of his wardrobe for winter.  Of course no matter what you're doing in the winter, if it's freezing outside, the socks stay on.  Whether you're just chilling, working out, or even having sex, those socks remain tightly in place.  They only come off to shower or bath, and then a fresh pair is quickly slid back on.

These shots were taken when live Jim was living and shooing in the North West, not that's moved South, there are far few layers required. Although there have been a few nights, it dipped close to the freezing mark, but still not layer weather.  That sadly means there are fewer models like Kings, arriving at the studio with multiple layers of clothing, that must be slowly and sensually pulled off.  

'Kings has a great sense of humor and matched mine so there were many laughs.  I always enjoy working with models that are very comfortable being nude and free with trying different artistic looks.'

Kings on Twitter