Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 31st

I suggest, Brandon Routh wear this instead of the tights in the next Superman movie...

If your going out tonight, or having a quiet night at home, have a wonderful New Years Eve!
Below: Jean Michel Villette.

Nick Adams Update:

Nick Adams continues his very busy December! If you caught the Kennedy Center Honors last night, you saw Nick dancing with Ne-Yo during the tribute to Barbra Streisand. It is funny, I have always loved Barbra's movies more than her music, but you cannot deny her amazing career and impact on young singers. Nick was in good company as not only was Ne-Yo featured in her tribute, but as well Glenn Close, Queen Latifah, Idina Menzel and Beyonce to name a few. Always great to see Nick on tv.

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 31st

Celebrating birthdays this New Years Eve are:

Canadian hottie Steve Byers from 'Falcon Beach' turns 32 today.

Joey McIntyre turns 36 today.

Don Diamont turns 46 today.

Val Kilmer turns 49 today.

James Remar turns 55 today.

Tim Matheson turns 61 today.

Special Birthday Wishes to Joe Dallesandro

Special shout out to Joe Dallesandro who turns 60 today. Certainly one of the most well known male sex symbols and gay icons of the late 60's and 70's. Currently Joe lives in Hollywood managing a hotel, but his impact on underground films and some of his films were embraced by mainstream audiences. John Walters says of Joe: 'A wonderful actor who forever changed male sexuality on the screen'. Joe has an interesting website with some great info. Check it out HERE:

Blast From The Past for December 31st The Davis Brothers

Brothers Brad and Gene Davis certainly made an impact in films. Both brothers also have iconic nude scenes in movies with 'Midnight' in the title. Brad's memorable turn in 'Midnight Express' was his biggest role, although he worked steadily until his death in 1991. There is a lot of information on Brad on the net if you want to read about his life which was filled not only with success, but pain and sadness. Gene was harder to research, there is very little written on this actor who was so amazing as 'Warren Stacy' in the 1983 Charles Bronson film '10 to Midnight'. Gene continues to act, but has basically disappeared from the limelight. I searched and searched to find a pic of the brothers together, with no luck. There is something in both brothers that resinates through their acting. Not sure if it is the pain of their childhoods, or it is just pure talent but they bring a 'truth' to their roles though their acting and their eyes.


Brad in 'Midnight Express (1978).


Below: Gene in '10 til Midnight' (1983).