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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 22nd

Frost by Roy Mayh
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Happy Birthday today August 22nd

Happy 47th to actor Rodrigo Santoro!

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Heleno (2012)

Like so many, my crush with actor Rodrigo Santoro began after seeing him in his tight boxer briefs in Love Actually.  I remember searching for some nude scenes, only to come up empty handed.  We'd have to wait almost 10 years and Rodrigo's starring role in 2012's Heleno.  Recently, Rodrigo has also given us a rear view in HBO's Westworld. 


Shower Scenes: Michael Oberholtzer in Hair Brained

'You have to give yourself over to the nudity. The story has to become more important.'

In the above quote, actor Michael Oberholtzer isn't talking about his butt baring shower scene from the 2013 film Hair Brained.  The stage and screen actor is referencing the nudity in his Tony nominated role in Broadways' Take Me Out. 

Take Me Out (2022)

Most of you I'm sure, were aware when videos from Take Me Out hit the Internet earlier this year.  Although most of the attention went to actor Jesse Williams, the other actor in the shower scene with him was Michael Oberholtzer.  Although Oberholtzer doesn't speak for his fellow actors, in an interview in The Daily Beast, he voiced feeling that a leak was probably inevitable.  Although the production did all they could do to build an infrastructure to prevent it, several videos did make it on-line.

I don't often post paparazzi and leaked videos. On the few times that I have, I've taken my lead from the actor involved.  If they're upset or bothered in anyway, I try to respect that.  My feelings on the subject are mixed however.  Although I respect an actors feelings, anyone, whether they're a celebrity or not, takes a degree of risk when doing anything, naked or not, in public.  

Hair Brained (2013)

'14-year-old genius Eli is rejected from Harvard and ends up at Ivy League wannabe Whittman U, where he meets 41-year-old Leo, a gambler who has dropped out of life to enroll in college; Leo teaches Eli every bad habit he knows'

So although I'm not sharing the leaked shower scene, I am sharing another shower scene of Michael's this one, from the comedy Hair Brained.   I enjoyed the 2013 campus comedy, but more for the performances than the story.  In addition to Oberholtzer, it was also nice to see Brendan Fraser again.  I also really enjoyed the talented Alex Wolff who played Eli. The son of actress Polly Draper and  musican Michael Wolff, Alex is definitely a unique talent.

Nude Beginnings: Frost by Roy Mayh

'I want to get into modeling, I want to be an underwear model.'

Although it may be hard to believe, not all nude photoshoots are planned.  I've been surprised how many shoots that I've featured began as strictly a fashion or underwear shoot.  That's exactly what happened with Frost.  Photographer Roy Mayh was introduced to Frost through his agent.  This particular agent often sent Roy models who were just starting out and needed to build a portfolio.

Frost initially wanted to be a fitness and underwear model and was exited when his first shoot was set up with Roy.  Frost was interested in trying different underwear options and seeing how each type and pair looked and fit and how they helped highlight his incredible physique.  As you can see, once Roy started shooting, Frost decided to change things up and take things a little further...

How did Frost first respond to the idea of a shoot? 
He was excited and eager to try on something new and adventurous he hasn't done before 

What first struck you about his appearance? 
He is very statuesque and looks more muscular in person than in images 

What was Frost like to work with? 
Very diligent and dedicated but also humble 

What was his level of experience with posing nude? 
None, this was his first, he was coming in to do an underwear shoot but said he was comfortable in his body 

When did things start to change?
He initially said he wanted to be an underwear model, so that was my focus when we started.  Then, after shooting for a short time, he asked if we could take some shots without the underwear.  I think he surprised himself and shared that he loved being natural and felt he actually looked so much better without the underwear on.  He got excited with what we captured and wanted to model the remainder of the session nude and natural. 

Did you discuss erections or how aroused he should be?
We did not discuss as he was not experienced and I didn't expect we'd be shooting nudes. Frost mentioned that it was happening during the shoot spontaneously and we decided to try different looks to see which worked better. Plus he admitted to enjoying getting erect.

Do you remember if there was any talk/ chatter?
Frost did talk quite a bit about his girlfriend who brought him to the shoot and was waiting in the car. He said that he was getting excited and looking forward to making love to her after the shoot. He kept mentioning how aroused he gets around her all the time because she is so sexy and everything about her is so sexy, so he would think about her and it would help.  

What did Frost want out of the shoot? Was it achieved? 
He wanted to try underwear modeling, but realized he is much more comfortable and enjoys being nude, so he discovered that about himself.   He had doubts about the porn/adult industry but after this shoot, he felt more confident about it. He felt that if he could do it with other people there, he might try an adult career as a side job.