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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th

Joe by JW Johnson
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Thankful For...

I'm always thankful for great vintage shots from the 70's of hot naked male models. 

 Check more of David White, the hot model above, and his complete Playgirl layout from October 1976 on Page 2 HERE:

The Second Monday in October

Although in the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in November, in Canada, turkey day is set on the second Monday of October.

'A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed'
Governor General of Canada Vincent Massey, 1957

Canadian Thanksgiving always seems early, even though the date has been set for decades.  I do however like the longer time period Canadians have between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although the general sentiment is similar to that in the US, there isn't a clearly defined story or event which sparked it's beginning, nor any Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.   Given Canada's close ties to Europe, it is thought to correspond with the English and continental European harvest festivals.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian visitors to FH!

Horn of Plenty: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

In classical antiquity, the cornucopia, (from Latin cornu copiae), also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.

FH readers will remember, the last time I featured Tom Nakielski's work the studly Hansel Wellington, it was Easter, and Hansel was posing with his adorable furry little friend Chester. (Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed)  Today, with October in full swing, Chester is off to find a warm crevice to ride out the long winter. 

But... since Canadians are giving thanks this weekend, Hansel is back, this time with pumpkins, corn stalks and his horn of plenty.  I know regardless of the holiday, I am always thankful for being able to share Tom's work, especially with Hansel. 

A Seasonal Hesitation: Joe R. by JW Johnson

'My Favorite Color Is October.'

Usually by the second week of October, the colors of Autumn are in full swing.  This year, at least in the North East, Autumn seemed a little reluctant to embrace it's place at the seasonal table.  Summer was so hot and muggy, mother nature took a brief pause, saving their orange and reds until the air could be counted on to be consistently crisp. 

Seasons often hesitate to make their grand entrances, entering too early can be risky.  There is nothing more powerful than a season not ready to depart, so a smart season patiently waits it's turn.  We've all experienced a early Spring arrival, only to be damped by a winter that returns to cruelly cover tulips and crocuses with a blanket of snow. 

For photographers however, a hesitant Autumn can provide the perfect window for shooting outside.  There is a  brief period of time when nature's colors are near their peak and the sun still providing enough heat to ensure the temperatures don't dip too low.  With the sun's rays still beating down, models don't have to worry about their nipples getting hard and photographers don't have to feel guilty about asking a model to take off some of their clothing. 

JW Johnson certainly took advantage of this window when he shot with Joe R.  You can almost feel the sun's heat as it cascades across Joe's chest and stomach.  You can also feel the chill in air from the River and the yellows, oranges and reds that provide such a visually magnificent background.

For me, in addition to family and food, Thanksgiving is all about color.  I have vivid memories of going on long walks in the woods, football games on the back lawn and playing out in the leaves before being called into dinner.  I couldn't think of a better way to mark the day than heading into the woods with JW's shots of Joe.

JW recalls their Autumn shoot being Joe's first professional shoot, and remembers him being cool and  relaxed throughout the their time together shooting.  The ended up working together twice, and although this was his first shoot was up for experimenting shooting some implied nudes at the Inn that JW was staying in.  You can head inside and see a bit more of Joe on Page 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 6th

Joe by JW Johnson
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Happy Birthday today October 6th

Happy 42nd to actor Wes Ramsey!

Check out more of Wes and man more of today's Birthday boys HERE:

Seasonal Sightings

Pumpkin Rumpkins

Room at the Inn: Joe R. by JW Johnson

I love these shots of Joe's first shoot.  He has such a great face and smile, and a smokin hot body, would have loved to seen JW's work if there had been a third shoot.  Given it was his first time in front of the camera, Joe wasn't yet ready for going frontal, but he seems to be enjoying himself and seems very comfortable in front of the camera.

Classic Playgirl: October 1976

'I like a woman I can sit and talk with.  I don't go to bed causally.  If I go to bed  with somebody, it's got to be someone I care about, a proper relationship.  I don't want to get up in the morning and not know who's next to me.'

David White
Playgirl, October 1976
Photography by Norbert Jobst

'That's the reason I moved away from home, I love the ocean.  I wake up every morning and watch the sun come up and wait and watch it go down at night.  When it's cloudy, I just stay in bed.'

'He cares about keeping in shape and works out with weights about four times a week, three hours a day.  His object is not to acquire bulging biceps but to keep definition.  He also runs five miles every day on the beach.'