Saturday, February 28, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 28th

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 28th

Favorite Birthdays for today February 28th

One of my favorite imports, actor Edouard Collin turns 22 today.

Actor Rafael Amaya turns 32 today.

Rafael in 'Desnudos'.

Also Celebrating Today February 28th

Also Celebrating this last day of February 2009 are:

Rugby's Bastien Siepielski turns 29 today.

Eric Lindros hits 36 today.

Actor Robert Sean Leonard turns 40 today.

Brian Putzy by Joseph Bleu

Joseph Bleu does it again with a series of pics of Brian Putzy, a new face from Basic Model Management. Check our more at Joseph Bleu and at Basic Model Management.

Just Because: Kris Allen of American Idol

American Idol has not really grabbed me this season. Maybe I have watched too long, maybe it is the singers, not sure. I do know I hate the new format (actually going back to the old format). This format gives the viewers no time to get to know the singers and allows for no mistakes. The past few seasons with only 2 singers going each week during the narrow down to top 12, most had a chance to fix a mistake and had more time for the viewers to get to love them or hate them. I am not really a big fan of anyone who has gotten through so far, not that they are not talented, but because most were such a sure thing. In the case of the guys in particular, most were featured quite heavily in storylines for Hollywood week and it is obvious the producers wanted them through. They seem to care very little about any of the girls. That being said, I am happy cutie Kris Allen made it through. Not because he is the best though. I did love his Hollywood Week performances, but was not at all blown away by his 'Man in the Mirror'. He is adorable though and when a show is not holding your interst, sometimes adorable is enough...

Nude Scenes of the Day: Douglas Smith in 'Big Love'

Gregory Smith's adorable younger brother Douglas has been working on tv and in movies from almost 13 years. Douglas, who will be 24 this June has been playing Ben on 'Big Love' the past three years. As Douglass has matured, so have his storylines and this season things are getting pretty interesting...

Thanks to DaveID and the posters at Dreamcaps for the video downloads.