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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th


Happy Birthday today June 10th

Happy 59th to Tony Ward!

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Just Because: Guys With Guitars

'Sing for the laughter, and sing for the tear'

I was never really a huge fan of Aerosmith.  I liked them, listened to many of their songs, but they were never near the top of my list of favorite musicians or bands.  When I was a kid, I was much more into pop and especially alternative music.  When I was younger, my music rotated between Mariah, Broadway soundtracks and alternative groups like Our Lady Peace and Bush.

My older brother however, was only into rock.  His bedroom was below mine, and Aerosmith and RUSH used to vibrate up from the floor.  I was not allowed in his room, but spent many nights banging on his door and jumping on my floor until my parents got annoyed enough to tell him to turn down his music.

I was discussing this with my brother the other day and another memory from those days resurfaced and flashed into my mind. Although I wasn't allowed in my brothers room, when he was out, I often used to sneak in.  I always headed to closet to check out all the magazines that he collected.  

The Playboys and Penthouses were 'hidden' deep in the back, but I usually managed to find them and sneak one out.  The male/female pictorials were one of my first introductions to the nude male form in media and provided hours of fantasy and stimulation when I was a kid.

Not hidden however, were my brothers collection of rock magazines.  There were so many different titles, but I think my favorite was CIRCUS.  I remember that in addition to covering music, there were also sometimes stories on actors and television and movie stars.  There were also plenty of shots of shirtless guys with guitars. 

Although not a huge Aerosmith fan, I did love me some shirtless Joe Perry.  His long curly hair, his sexy, defined nose and facial features and his spectacular nipples.  I knew from glancing at the headlines that Perry was a skilled guitarist, but my focus was on form and his incredible chest and stomach.  Those adult magazines provided many inspirational moment's, but so did those shirtless shots of Joe.

Youngblood: A Look Back

'Pass the puck!'
Dean Youngblood

Dean Youngblood is  17-year-old farmhand from rural New York, who dreams of playing in the National Hockey League. Dean voices these dreams to his father who disapproves; saying he needs Dean to stay home and help on the fam. Dean's brother Kelly, who also once had dreams of playing, convinces their father to relent. 

Jim Young (Kelly Youngblood)

Dean travels to Canada to try out for the Hamilton Mustangs where he demonstrates his offensive skills but displays a lack of physical toughness. Carl Racki, who is competing for a spot, engages him in a fight and quickly defeats him. Despite this, the Mustangs head coach, a former NHL All-Star, selects Dean for the team. Dean also begins a flirtation with the coach's daughter, Jessie.

In addition to all the homoerotic sweaty locker room scenes, Youngblood had two other scenes showcasing Rob Lowe's body and beauty.  Most remember Lowe in his jock strap, but there was also a love scene with Lowe's Dean and Jessie. (Cynthia Gibb).  

Compared to the jock strap scene, which gave several views of Rob's rump, the sex scene was rather disappointing.   Although there were several quick views of Gibb's breasts, Lowe remained mostly covered in a bed sheet. The earlier jock strap scene however, more than made up for it. 

One of the other missed 'skin' opportunities included the character of Miss McGill. (Fionnula Flanagan). Dean's landlady clearly had a vigorous appetite for young hockey players, and was hoping to have her way with young Dean.  There was an entire other movie in Miss McGill's boarding house, and all the young hockey players who stayed, and laid there over the years.

I don't really remember Youngblood when it first came out.  The only films of Lowe's I think I actually saw in the theatre were Wayne's World and maybe Masquerade.  Like so many films with homoerotic themes of the 80's however, there didn't seem to be much attention given to it until years after the films release.  It was there, blatantly, but most films didn't really promote homoerotic themes when a film is released, worrying it might off strait movie goers.