Thursday, December 13, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

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Seasonal Sightings

Mr. December Ansel Elgort

As Suspected...

Back in the 80's, when the Happy Days spin-off Joanie Love Chachi hit the air, it became a huge hit in Korea.  Rumor had it that one of the reasons was because Chachi was said to mean penis in Korean, meaning the show's title actually meant Joanie Loves Penis.

Truth is, Chachi doesn't mean penis Korean, but it didn't stop producer Garry Marshall and star Scott Baio from sharing the story while promoting the series.  The show might have been more successful, especially in the US if it had been named Joanie loves Chachi as viewers weren't so in love with the quickly cancelled show that went from placing 4th in the ratings to 70th in the span of just 17 short episodes.

But Happy Days was a pop culture sensation and Chachi, leg bandanna and all, along with other characters from the series are part of Mego's new action figure TV Favorites collection currently on sale at Target.  In addition to Happy Days, Mego has added characters from Betwitched, Married With Children, Charmed, Charlies Angels, The Brady Bunch, The Facts of Life (minus Natalie) and Cheers.

Now I know that action figures and dolls are not usually anatomically correct, but given that Baio bulge, sported in the many speedo shots of Scott on The Battle of the Network Stars, I thought a through investigation was in order.  Now, you may have to conduct your own research, but to me, they came pretty close to making a match.

12 Days: Brant Daugherty in Mingle All The Way

'When Molly and Jeff are matched by the Mingle All The Way app, they are both horrified to realize they’ve already had not one, but two disastrous previous encounters. Nevertheless, they agree to stay matched for all their respective upcoming holiday engagements.'

Usually the premises of most Hallmark Hallmark movies are rather weak, but I liked the idea of a dating app that provides you with a partner for all your work and family holiday obligations, a holiday date with no other strings, or presents to buy, attached.  What could could possibly go wrong...

I had seen images of the adorable and baby faced actor Brant Daugherty from his time on Pretty Little Liars (a show I have yet to binge) and his appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Battle of the Network Stars.  I had not however, actually seen any of his on-screen appearances until Mingle All The Way.

Pretty Little Liars

Well, the baby face has filled out nicely, especially with Brant not shaving as closely.  The body has filled out well itself.  In researching Brant I was shocked at how bulked up he got for his role as bodyguard Sawyer in Fifty Shades Freed.   He seems to have reached a middle ground and was more than captivating enough to keep my attention while watching Mingle All The Way.

Dancing With The Stars

Brant with Galen Gering and Keegan Allen on Battle of the Network Stars

The Chromatic One: Freely Inspired

'The fact that it was a sunny day while I was on vacation was all the inspiration I needed to get naked and take these self shots.'

What of the themes I love to explore each time I profile a model or artist is inspiration.  For artists, I'm always curious what led them to decide on the male form as the focus of their work.  With models, I'm curious about what first inspired them to get into modeling, and led prompted them to do it sans clothing.

For The Chromatic One, it began by taking self portraits.  TCO had always been interested in the artistic male photography and a had a desire to try it out himself.    TCO found nude modeling, incredibly freeing, whether posing for a photographer, or taking self shots.  It allowed him to express himself in so many ways and also provided a great break from the stress of everyday life.

I have come to believe that for many, passion and it's expression, are inspired by a desire to manage, cope and escape from the pressures of living a life. I have written in the past about how FH was born from a series of changes in my life including the ending a relationship, the start of a new, and incredibly stressful job, and moving for that job from the city where I'd lived in all my life, to a small town in the country where I knew absolutely no one.

The pressures of living a life can range from big life events, both good and bad though the mundane daily tasks we all need a break from.  Some of my most creative idea's occur when I'm on a run, in the shower, brushing my teeth or when at work.  It is a good thing my bosses are not aware of how many hours while seemly focused on the task at hand, I'm actually envisioning, creating and writing stories, illustrations and art pieces in my mind.

For The Chromatic One, the inspirations for the self shots (above) ranged from a vacation and roof top on a sunny day, to just being bored and picking up his guitar one day.  Whether shooting with another photographer, as with the shots below by MW Photo MD, or shooting himself, TCOs inspiration is ever-flowing.

Remaining Images from Mark from MW Photo MD

'Mark and I connected on Model Mayhem, he was easy to work with and very patient in allowing me to explore different poses and settings.'

The Chromatic One shares that one of his favorite shoots was probably an outdoor shoot he did by a creek last spring.  TCO enjoys exploring outdoor venues when he gets a change, ones that would make great locations for nature shoots.  Like many of us, TCO's first experience being naked in nature was a trip to a nude beach, something he found both fun and relaxing.

As for taking it all off, TCO recalls he was initially a little self conscious about how others would view him and judge his look and his body.  TCO found however that any body, and any body type, can work well and look incredible with the right artist capturing it. TCO gravitates towards shoots that he considers ore artistic in nature, shoots where his naked body is a part of creating a vision or artistic concept, either his own, or the photographer who's shooting him.

'The Chromatic One contacted me through Model Mayhem and wanted to do a nude shoot. I went into the shoot not really having any agenda other than to have some fun and found him easy to work with and I think he was working on finding his modeling style and getting comfortable with nudity in his work. I have kept tabs since working with him and have enjoyed seeing both his self taken pictures and work with other photographers as he seems to have found that comfort ability in his modeling "skin"

Final Four:

What's the best compliment you received about one of your modeling images?
That I have a knack for posing.

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
I tend to get complimented on my eyes often.

What have been some of the biggest Obstacles? 
Now and then it just seems hard to connect with new artists and arrange shoots. There can be lulls in opportunities. It can be hard setting up a shoot, especially if our schedules conflict, but I'm looking for more opportunities to collaborate with different artists.

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do?
I've seen some great shoots where models pose nude in a city around interesting architecture and would love the opportunity to try that.