Thursday, December 13, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

Seasonal Sightings

Mr. December Ansel Elgort

As Suspected...

Back in the 80's, when the Happy Days spin-off Joanie Love Chachi hit the air, it became a huge hit in Korea.  Rumor had it that one of the reasons was because Chachi was said to mean penis in Korean, meaning the show's title actually meant Joanie Loves Penis.

Truth is, Chachi doesn't mean penis Korean, but it didn't stop producer Garry Marshall and star Scott Baio from sharing the story while promoting the series.  The show might have been more successful, especially in the US if it had been named Joanie loves Chachi as viewers weren't so in love with the quickly cancelled show that went from placing 4th in the ratings to 70th in the span of just 17 short episodes.

But Happy Days was a pop culture sensation and Chachi, leg bandanna and all, along with other characters from the series are part of Mego's new action figure TV Favorites collection currently on sale at Target.  In addition to Happy Days, Mego has added characters from Betwitched, Married With Children, Charmed, Charlies Angels, The Brady Bunch, The Facts of Life (minus Natalie) and Cheers.

Now I know that action figures and dolls are not usually anatomically correct, but given that Baio bulge, sported in the many speedo shots of Scott on The Battle of the Network Stars, I thought a through investigation was in order.  Now, you may have to conduct your own research, but to me, they came pretty close to making a match.


I've only seen a handful of episodes of Little House On The Prairie, mostly due to an old 'Christian' cable channel that used to play them on Sunday afternoons.  Although I'm familiar with most of the cast and characters, I didn't know much about Jonathan Gilbert who played Nellie's little brother Willie.

A few weeks ago, while looking for something on E-bay, I stumbled upon a headshot of Gilbert that looked to be taken when he was in late teens or early twenties.  I didn't know that little Willie turned out to be so hot!  I tried to find more, but Gilbert's acting career pretty much began and ended with his stint on the show.

According to Gilbert's wiki page, Gilbert moved from California when he was in his early twenties, and sadly no longer has contact with his famous sisters, Melissa and Sara Gilbert.  According to Melissa, he now works as a stock broker in New York.

Melissa & Jonathan

Headshot I saw on E-bay

12 Days: Brant Daugherty in Mingle All The Way

'When Molly and Jeff are matched by the Mingle All The Way app, they are both horrified to realize they’ve already had not one, but two disastrous previous encounters. Nevertheless, they agree to stay matched for all their respective upcoming holiday engagements.'

Usually the premises of most Hallmark Hallmark movies are rather weak, but I liked the idea of a dating app that provides you with a partner for all your work and family holiday obligations, a holiday date with no other strings, or presents to buy, attached.  What could could possibly go wrong...

I had seen images of the adorable and baby faced actor Brant Daugherty from his time on Pretty Little Liars (a show I have yet to binge) and his appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Battle of the Network Stars.  I had not however, actually seen any of his on-screen appearances until Mingle All The Way.

Pretty Little Liars

Well, the baby face has filled out nicely, especially with Brant not shaving as closely.  The body has filled out well itself.  In researching Brant I was shocked at how bulked up he got for his role as bodyguard Sawyer in Fifty Shades Freed.   He seems to have reached a middle ground and was more than captivating enough to keep my attention while watching Mingle All The Way.

Dancing With The Stars

Brant with Galen Gering and Keegan Allen on Battle of the Network Stars