Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

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Halvor Egner Granerud: Frosted Tip

Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud recently took to the slopes wearing nothing but his helmet, gloves and ski boots.  As cold as it was on the hill, the Oslo native looked hot flying through the air naked.  

Halvor's cameraman certainly had the one of the best angles.  Thanks to DC poster carambol22 for sharing the video and thanks to whomever edited the video for doing such a poor job with their blurring, especially at the beginning...

Missionary Schooled: Scott by Photos by BIRON

'Whenever there is no full frontal it is never my decision, but the model’s. So one can say in Scott's case that he was not entirely comfortable with nudity.'

Although full frontal shots are always welcome on FH, I never pass up the opportunity to featured great images, especially of hot models with an interesting story.  Scott's journey to disrobing for his shoot with Photos by BIRON was both a stressful, and an especially spiritual one. 

Scott had no intention to model, especially without his clothes, in fact the career he was seeking was one that would have him fully draped from head to toe.  Scott was studying at a Bible college, studying to one day take over for his father as Pastor at their local home town church.  Opportunities however, sometimes occur int he most unlikely of places.

During his last year in missionary school, Scott and his classmates were all required to set up appointments with a local photographer to have their graduation pictures down.  Well... given it was a small town, the local photographer not only shot soon to be Pastors, he also shot wannabe models for catalogue and community flyers.  When Scott arrived for his grad pic, the photographer instantly knew he wanted to shoot Scott both in, and out of his clergy robe.

As he shot Scott's graduation pics, he asked the hot blonde a series of questions to get a feel for whether he'd be open to do some other types of modeling.  Scott was immediately intrigued, not so much by the modeling, but the prospect of making some decent money to help with his student loans.  The photographer set up a time to shoot a series of shots for Scott to put together a small portfolio to submit to the modeling agency the photographer also worked for.

It was through this agency that Biron spotted Scott's shots.  Biron loved Scott's look, and felt a retro vibe from the images he saw. Scott's look reminded Biron of the models he so enjoyed from the classic nude photography images he enjoyed from the 40's and 50's.  Scott looked like he walked out of an Athletic Model Guild physique catalogue with his blonde hair, facial structure and fit, but not overly bulked up body.

When Biron got in touch with Scott about a shoot, he wasn't sure the Bible School student would be up for nude shoot with a theme and poses saluting classic physique models.  He was pleasantly surprised that Scott wasn't only interested, but eager and full of ideas for the shoot.  This particular pastoral student had a bit of a wild side, and was looking forward to showing sides of himself he usually had to keep under wrap. 

The shoot ended up being a freeing and cathartic experience for Scott.  Except for no full frontal shots, he was open to exploring both his sexual side, and his sexual fantasy's, chains and clothes pins included!   Although Biron thought Scott was actually really wanting to show the full Monty, he wasn't sure future congregations would be that thrilled to with seeing their pastor's penis on the Internet.  I'm not so sure... many church goers as we all well know, have wild sides they to keep under wraps for an hour each Sunday.  Biron shares that Scott is indeed now behind the pulpit each Sunday morning. In order to ensure the pews don't get too crowded, especially during this time of Covid, for now, the particular Parish will remain a mystery....

Favorite Click of the Week: Jantinus in Adam Zkt. Eva

'I just do what I feel like!'

Thankfully for us, one of the things Jantinus Melman loves... is being naked.  Also thankfully, poster 48Stunden from the site OMG GWO, shared images and video of Jantinus that had me wanting more.  The images and videos were from Jantinus' appearance on the Dutch reality series Adam Zkt. Eva.

It's always interesting to compare what is shown on American television compared with the rest of the world.  American network television censors nudity, yet works hard to amplify sex and sexual act ivies of any kind..  Although Adam Zkt. Eva features it's contestants fully naked, it's actually tamer in my opinion that the way most shows in America attempt to sensationalize bodies and sex.  The networks are led by rules from a society not comfortable with frank discussions on sex and sexuality, yet blurring naked bodies really only intensifies what they're 'trying' to hide.

Mechanic Jantinus has no issues with showing off his body and loves to be naked as often as he can.  A avid motocross enthusiastic, the 31 year old loves riding naked when he can and has participated in various naked bike rides.  Jantinus has also worked on a strip act he's performed for a few friends at their parties. 

For Adam Zkt. Eva, Jantinus knew he'd be naked for most of the show, especially in tasks meant to impress fellow contestant Chaira Borderslee.  Chaira had the difficult task of spending time with two naked men, Jantinus and a second male contestant Ruben Nijhof. Both men arrive on the island on rafts, strip off their clothes, and swim into shore to meet and great Chaira, and each other.

Seeing Jantinus naked on the beach and in the water gave be a combination of Tarzan meets The Blue Lagoon. He' espcially hot when ascending from the water.  Besides his love of  being naked, Jantinus was also looking for love, and has been single for awhile now.  Jantinus was immediately attracted to Chaira's beautiful curves and great butt.  I couldn't however, find out which guy Chaira chose.  The program is in Dutch, and my Google searches didn't provide an answer.  If you happen to have seen the show, or know wo Chaira picked, shoot me a line!