Sunday, October 6, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th


Happy Birthday today October 7th

Happy 56th to author, media pundit and journalist Dan Savage!

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No better day, than Dan Savage's birthday, than feature a hot shot of his husband Terry Miller.

Larry Poindexter: Actors & SKIN

Although actor Larry Poindexter appeared in a few straight to video soft core movies, he showed little to nothing.  For me, one of his hottest nude scenes were the ones that I featured from Sorceress on the previous page (HERE:)  There were however two others, one of which I'd love to see in HD...

Larry in a 1987 Budweiser Ad

Toy Soldiers (1984)

When I first read Poindexter had a nude scene in Toy Soldiers, I was confused.  I remember vividly Sean Astin's brief butt baring, but I don't remember Larry, or any other actor, doing nude scenes in the film.

The reason was because Larry's Toy Soldiers was an early 1984 version that co-starred Tim Robbins before he made it big.  Larry has a brief mooning scene near the beginning of the film, but an even hotter scene in short shorts closer to the end.

Sunscreen anyone?

Hot Line (1994)

I had never heard of Hot Line, a short lived Showtime erotic anthology series from the mid nineties. I looked everywhere for the full episode, but thank to Scenes From Male Skin, I found Larry's scenes.  I would love to see this episode (Payback) in HD, but I don't think the series had a DVD release, although I did see a VHS version on e-bay.

As you can see there are some very hot scenes, including Poindexter being forced to shower and scrub at gunpoint....  If you want to see and download the full scene check out Scenes From Male Skin HERE:  The caps above are from SFMS and the caps below were from a site which featured Poindexter's co-star Alex Meneses.  Unfortunately, they did not include the shower scene...

FaVorites: Nick Nolte

'Stop looking for reasons why you can't, but the reasons why you can.'

There's a Nick Nolte in town, ant his Nolte's a beautiful German-Thai freelance model and personal trainer. Nick placed 13th in the Mister International model contest and was crowned Mister International Thailand in 2018. Most of the incredible shots here were shot by photographer River Kanjanakrit for HiMM Magazine.

'Nick's mother is Thai and his father is German. Nick grew up in Germany and recently moved back to live Bangkok, Thailand. Although he ha a background in IT, he's focusing on his modeling career at the moment. Every muscle in his body is hard and solid. Even though he is very muscular, he has a gentle mind. He likes to pat pappies and really cares about people around him.'