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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 8th

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Happy Birthday today August 8th

Happy 22nd to Shawn Mendes!

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Door Jamb

The Days Are Getting Hotter...

Paul Telfer

I had to DVD Days Of Our Lives this week after catching the preview for the shows airing last week. Paul Telfer's (Xander) chest is a work of art, and thankfully, the show knows it well.  Xander's furry torso is often shirtless, often in some odd scenes.  The show for some reasons likes to have Xander meet new characters without his shirt on, a odd, but nonetheless enjoyable creaetive choice.

The show seems to have a super couple on their hands with Xander and Sarah, a couple, I'm not sure the writers actually planned.  You can't deny chemistry however,  and all indications are story was re-worked to ensure the two actors remained in each other's orbit.

I haven't seen 'the scene' yet, but the promo certainly teased a hot bedroom scenes, especially for afternoon TV....

Robert Scott Wilson

As Xander was having his fantasy's fulfilled, poor Ben  (Robert Scott Wilson) was having his dreams ripped apart.  The former serial killer, now resident hero, was having his past as the necktie killer thrown back in his face.

Kidnapped on his wedding day, Eve wasn't having any of Ben's happiness.  Eve's still grieving the death of her daughter that Ben murdered, and she's out for revenge.  Does she want him dead, nah, it's a soap, she wants him to squeeze the life out his new wife, just as he did to her daughter.   Torturing a hottie is always easier to take when you strip him down to his boxer briefs.

Lights On Studio: Man of the Cloth


'I secretly must have always been intrigued by the naked male form. I can remember when in high school I would go to the drug store magazine rack and peek at the physique magazines..."Physique Pictorial" , " Male Physique", "Adonis" always afraid I would be caught looking at them.'


You've shot several models multiple times times, some we've featured, what motivates you creatively to follow a model visually over time?

I look forward to work with willing and creative models. These are ones I want to work with again. Give them a prop or a suggestion and they will start trying out the possibilities and that often leads to something not expected. Some will do highly erotic poses and others are able to become works of art.  I have been surprised sometimes when a model I wasn't too sure about start using their body in a particular environment and are coming up with poses I never would have thought. I may have a certain prop and am not sure just how it could be used in a session. Those creative souls that I love to photograph show me images that I are hard to pre-visualize. Once they start working, things start to flow and go from one creation to another. One pose may spark and idea for another and on and on and on. A few models need to told everything. Put your hand here, turn that way, swing your hip out, etc. I can get good images from them, but it is more like posing a mannequin.


Although we have featured Hansel many times, I am not sure I ever asked how you first connected, how did your collaboration begin?

I contacted Hansel through Model Mayhem quite a few years ago. He was so comfortable in front of the camera. More comfortable than I was at the time. He is the one who suggested more erotic poses ie. erections and more. I never would have suggested that for fear of getting a bad reputation as a dirty old man just trying to get men in the studio to seduce them. He is comfortable doing on location shots (abandoned buildings, railroad tracks, haystacks on campus, in a warehouse and at friends homes). Plus he always is willing to try new ideas that others might scoff at (Easter eggs in place of his balls, getting wrapped like a mummy, wrapping barb wire around his dick and balls). To top it all off ,he is comfortable getting an erection in front of the camera.


Has there ever been a time you have been embarrassed during a shoot?

I have a muscle weakness condition and one time I sat on my rolling stool that was too low and I couldn't get myself back up. The model had to help me. Just a bit embarrassed. I now tell my models that I may need help moving stuff in the studio. It hasn't created a problem. They have all been more than willing to assist.

What is the most professional way to deal a model struggling with a relentless or possibly unwanted erection?

An unwanted erection? Is this a trick question? Model Tyler warned me that he automatically gets erections during sessions. Who am I to complain? A couple of models did get erections that were not on my request. I just kept on shooting and didn't even mention it. I still feel a bite hesitant when asking a model to get hard.


You've shot many holiday spreads for FH, but you began the theme even before we partnered up. What inspired your first festive idea?

I really don't recall my first holiday session. You know I go way back. It just seems a natural path to take. And it give me some direction for a theme in a session. Some non-holiday session are non-themed. I just want to create beautiful sexy images. No deep meaning. No philosophical, mysterious , hidden symbolization. Just pretty pictures.


What has been the most difficult holiday shoot to organize? Which one was the most fun?

Most difficult was the turkey session which never happened. I had a hard time finding a turkey. And then had even more difficulty getting it out of the sack and into the cage. It was heavy for me. And I had no idea if it would cooperate during the session. I was excited about it and apprehensive. Regretfully, the session didn't materialize. Then I had to find someone who would take the turkey off my hands. Thank you Craigs List.


Most fun? Hard to narrow it down. A session I had with Curran and Nas at a friends home was fun. Curran is very outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Nas is a bit shyer and it was fun to see how Curran took charge in getting Nas to pose with him. Also sessions with Michael Moody are fun. It all has to do with the models personality and how we click together. When the open up and let me in on their personal life and also are interested in what I have to say it turns out to be a fun time. Enjoying moments that just aren't going as planned and are good for a laugh.

The Studio

I'm guessing you have a huge room or props, fabrics and tons and tons of men's underwear? Care to share an image of your 'storage closet'?

As a writer, I often come up with ideas at odd times, often while driving. Do you ever have a wild shoot idea come to you out of the blue?

To get ideas for sessions I spend a lot of time on the internet seeking out images that inspire me. I also go to a lot to antique and second hand stores looking for props that I may be able to use in a session in the future. One of my kinkiest models (into sounding) has a session coming up. I was at an antique store and found a antique hand crank drill. It immediately came to mind that we could put one of his sounds into the drill.

He loved the idea and suggested instead of the sounding tool we use a real drill bit. I would round out the end so we could insert it. I will probably also coat the end with a plastic coating. When searching the internet, I put the images in a file on my computer. Before a session I will go through my images and see what may be appropriate for a particular model. Most often that leads to something completely different. During a session I may change course completely because something springs to mind or the model says or does something that inspires me to change course.

You go all out creating dramatic, vibrant imagery, these fabric shots being a great example. How do you broach asking a model to utilize a prop or piece of fabric? Do you ever have to act out what you're looking for?

With some models I feel confident with I will give them a prop or for example the fabric and say let's see what you can create with this. Since I am paying them I do expect some output from them. As they are working with the prop I will suggest a way to improve it or tell them to stay with it but let me adjust the light for a particular pose. Half of a session involves me making many adjustments to the lights. I will often show the model what I am thinking about with a particular prop. It is a collaboration between us. I know that the model needs something to go by and some direction and we work together throughout the session. Sometimes it is just a suggestion that we should try some classic pose. Other times I suggest that we do something that would be sexy like in a pin-up photo. I always bring a collection of images I like to use when I am at a momentary loss for what to do.

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