Saturday, June 27, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 28th

Image by Max Woltman
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Happy Birthday today June 28th

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A Hemsworth Heinie

Although these great shots of Liam Hemsworth were taken this past April, I just discovered them today. Lovely Liam looks quite fetching as he's caught changing after a day of surfing in Malibu. It's not the first time we got a partial peek at the lovely Liam, you can check it out on FH HERE:

Thanks to CBEntr for the heads up!

Max Woltman: Domestic Pleasures

'My specialty is in showcasing timeless human characteristics such as personality, emotional range, sexuality, and other qualities that won't go out of fashion next season. I believe in revealing something intimate, sacred, vulnerable, and unique about you.'

In Friday's artist feature, I touched on some of the reasons certain images resonate with me, and what it takes for an image to become a favorite. No matter how many times I go over what draws me to certain visuals, it inevitably comes back to story. FH is full of incredible images of the naked, or almost naked male form. The images I love best however, are the images of that form in the contest of an idea, a creative theme or story from the mind of the artist behind the camera.

Many of you are familiar with the work of Albuquerque artist Max Woltman. FH readers will remember my previous stories featuring Max's work, especially the two pieces focusing on his work with the dynamic Austin Tacious. I first contacted Max again after seeing the image I used today's pic of the day. Not only was it an incredibly hot image, it also told a complete story, one with mixed with humour, mystery and a of course a large dose of erotica.

When Max sent on more images, all under the theme, Domestic Pleasures I was impressed how, like the first photo, each image in the series told not only a compete, but unique story. When I say complete, I don't mean fully written, the writing of the story takes place in our imaginations, but Max provides everything you need to uncover what emotionally led up to, or is about to happen, in the final captured moment. There is a mix of innocence with naughty which Max says stems from his being a Gemini which accounts for the sweet and saucy weaved together in so many of his images.

As a writer, I could have taken any of the images Max sent on, and used them as the base for a short story or novel. It is the images that stimulate my story telling that are the easiest to write about. Max describes himself as someone who is not the best with words, 'After all, I do think in pictures.' I might have to disagree with him on this as every time I feature his work, I always get incredible text to assist me with presenting his work. The remaining words, come directly from Max.

The feel of a hard hallway floor on his knees, warm shower water trickling down his face, a fresh towel brushing against his leg as he checks himself out in the bathroom mirror…

In this photographic series, "Domestic Pleasures," I delve into the private dwellings of these men, giving us a glimpse into their erotic lives and allowing us to decide how we want the stories to unfold. We can choose to become the men in these photos, yearning for own own familiar mattress or the anticipation of a visitor. What has happened, is currently happening, or is about to happen?

Our sensual interactions with our spaces reveal the intimate ways in which we seek sanctuary and refuge from our busy, hectic lives. Offering a safe haven and an opportunity for these men to take time for themselves often results in unexpected, yet meaningful imagery. By presenting some direction (though not too much), I can have them explore their own fantasies and surprise me with their intuitions. I'll have to admit I never expected one of the models to have five dildos on hand.

Every space has its own character. When I go into someone's room, apartment, house, etc., I first look for areas with good lighting options. Then I look for ways in which I can persuade the model to interact with these areas. I rarely have a vision of the final image, but rather treat the photo shoot like an improvised dance so the model and I can collaborate and feed off each other's creative impulses. Magic results when two or more minds are working together like in ensemble theatre. Let's spend twenty minutes pretending your bathtub faucet is a penis. Go!

Classic Soap Hunk Of The Day: Matt Crane

Your are the one who makes me fly so high, You are the rain when my spirits run dry
You give my life A hope that's real...'Cause when I'm with you
You take me away To Another World

The Cory's

I have written in the past about my introduction to Another World. It was my mothers favorite show and after school each day, the only thing on our one television set when I was a kid. I went from hearing it, to half watching to rushing home to catch up what was going on with Vicky & Marly (the incredible Anne Heche), Rachel, Sam and Matthew and Josie. I only really watched intently for a few years in the early 90's, but the memories of character and story remain strongly ingrained in on my mind.

Back in 2009 when I was doing a FH readers poll, Another World's Matt Crane (Matthew Cory) made my top three favorite soap hunks. Upon seeing a recent post on DC (thanks reks) featuring Matthew in his black speedo's, those memories of running home to watch (in case there was a scene like that) came flooding back.

Matt Crane may not have been the show's most skilled Thespian, but he was certainly one of the show's most engaging and likable young actors. Ridiculously adorable with his hot body, cute face and messy blonde hair, Crane was also an unassuming actor, never pretentious or arrogant. There are always soap actors, many with theatre backgrounds, others who you can feel seem above the genre, who overact to the point of almost embarrassment. Crane acted along side a few of these actors, and actually came off looking far more talented due to his natural ability to engage with viewers.

In the late 80's and early 90's, Crane was the show's resident 'teen' heartthrob, usually working more, and shirtless, in the summer months to draw in young viewers. Crane left the show briefly in 1997 to pursue his passion for sculpting, but returned a year or two later. By the time Crane left, I was in University and given it was before YouTube was around, had little time, or opportunity to watch AW or anything else for awhile.

He married co-star Robin Christopher in 2000 and they went on to have two children together. There is not a lot about written about Crane in recent years, Christopher went on to General Hospital, and Crane seems to have focused on his sculpting, motorcycling riding, and parenting since AW's cancellation. The family currently reside in Pennsylvania. Thanks again to reks for bringing back the memories, hope others might have similar ones about AW, and Matthew out by the pool at the Cory Mansion.

Above: Bay City Men, some of you might recognize a few familiar faces.