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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

Ryan by JW Johnson
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Instagrams That Inspire

In celebration of the premiere of Halloween Kills, actor John Stamos posted a series of Halloween, and Michael Myers themed images, on his Instagram.  The images appear to have been shot during John's time co-starring along side Jamie Lee Curtis in the Fox series Scream Queens.

Jonah: Sure to Please!

'Jonah has a  surfer body style with an uncut 8.5 inch package that's sure to please!' 

Last Friday, I posted my first feature spotlighting the work of Campbell Photography. (Let's Shoot It!)  At FH viewers were enjoying their views of Taylor, another hot model was flying in for the weekend to shoot for his debut on Bryan's site The Male Form By Campbell.

Jonah made his debut on the site earlier this week and I had to bug Bryan for a few teasers shots of Jonah to share.  In addition to the three posts up on the site, Bryan welcomes those who join the site to custom order both photos and videos of his work with Jonah and the dozens of other models on the site

The Male Form By Campbell Photography

One Autumn Day: Ryan by JW Johnson

'I do remember when we got down to the pine forest, the wind had picked up and was a bit chilly.  Ryan was a trooper through and did quite well even with the cool wind that afternoon. Despite the chilly temperatures, he was sporting a hard on quite fast, surprisingly. :) '

Ever wonder how someone with no modeling or acting experience ends up working with one of the industries most successful adult film studies... Well in Ryan's case, it all began one Autumn day.  Ryan never thought of doing porn, although his career goals did involve the film industry.  Ryan always dreamed of heading out to California and working as a stuntman in action and adventure films.  These images, shot by JW Johnson on that beautiful Autumn day, led to a dramatic turn in Ryan's career trajectory. 

Some of you may remember Ryan from his previous appearance on FH. (HERE:)  Whenever I'm looking for majestic Autumn imagery, I often head to JW Johnson's site.  Although he's shoot in plenty of studios and indoor locations, my favorite images from JW are from his work with models on the farm, in the garden and in the forest.  When I recently checked in with JW about featuring more of his Autumn themed images, he sent back more of his work with Ryan, much of it, I hadn't seen before.  He also sent along more or Ryan's story and how this Autumn day shoot led to to the very straight Ryan ended up working in gay porn.

'I found Ryan online on a social media website. He had a shirtless photo posted of himself, showing his face and muscular build with the Superman tattoo on his pec. I asked if he had ever done any modeling work. He said no, but that it was something he was always interested in.'

That's all it took for JW to to invite him out for an interview and test shoot.  JW remembers being impressed with Ryan from the start.  Ryan shared that he'd been in the Navy for a years and while there, borrowed some money to help out his grandmother.  Now that he was out of the Navy, he was looking for work to settle his loan.  At the time, JW was in frequent contact with several video producers all of whom were always interested in the models he discovered and was shooting. 

'Ryan wasn't sure about video work at first, but once he found out the amount of money he could make, wanted to know more.. I explained to him the pro`s and con`s of all three types of video work. What each one paid, and what was required. I also let him know that gay and bi video work  paid more than straight video work.  I shot several test shots of him and let him know I would send them to my producer friends and see what they said. '

Off course the offers came in. One of the more well known studios reached out to JW as soon as they saw his shots of Ryan. They were impressed with his look and build.  Ryan thought it over and although he was nervous, and wasn't sure how far he would go, decided to take a chance and give it a try The studio flew him out for a solo and a couple of straight scenes.

After completing the solo and straight scenes, the studio asked Ryan if he was up for doing scenes with another guy.  Ryan was hesitant, but after finding out how much he could make, finally decided that he though he could get his head around it.  This is when the studio decided to take a pause.  They liked Ryan, but didn't want to pressure him into something he wasn't up for.  They were also starting to have doubts given his hesitation that he would actually go through with it.  This again, is where JW's photography work played an important role.

'We decided to plan a photo shoot with another guy so that Ryan could get used to interacting with another male model.  I paired him with Chris, a good looking and experienced model that I'd worked with many times before.. Chris put him thru the paces and Ryan did quite well, I was then able to send visual verification to the studio.  As soon as they saw the images, the studio decided right away that they wanted to moved forward and offered Ryan a contract.'

It's been awhile since I used the Over-Flow site, but for this piece, it made the perfect place for a Part 2.  If you want to see some of JW's harder edged images of Ryan, including a few from the test shoot with Chris, check out the OVER-FLOW HERE:

Horror Hunks: Dylan Bruno in The Rage: Carrie 2

'A horrible massacre strikes up after an outcast teenage girl is taunted by a group of high school jocks, all of them unaware of her cutthroat telekinetic powers.'

In 1999's The Rage, Carrie 2, one of those high school Jocks is Mark,  played by actor Dylan Bruno. I first watched the flick last year when profiling actor Jason London. (HERE:)  I thought Jason had a nude scene in the flick.  There was some locker room nudity from a few male extras, but Jason kept his gym clothes on.

Jason's locker room scene partner though was actor Dylan Bruno, and he did have a 'sort of' nude scene in the film.  I say sort of as it was filmed in the frustrating way many male actors in nude scenes are shot in mainstream films.  Basically they want to call it nudity without actually showing much skin.

Dylan with brother Chris 

Bruno shows a flash of butt in a scene in which his coach seeks to humiliate him in front of his fellow team members.  It was a quick scene, but it had me wanting to know more about the hot and talented actor and find out if he done any other on-screen nudity over the course of his career.

Dylan by Barry King

Sadly, there wasn't much to find.  Bruno did show a bit more of his butt, a bit more, in 1999's Going Greek.  I featured a few caps below.  Dylan Bruno began acting professionally in the mid-nineties, and after a few guests shots on television, got his big break in Saving Private Ryan in 1998.  His next role was in Carrie 2, not exactly the follow-up film the young actor was probably looking for. Some of you may also know Dylan's model and actor Chris Bruno who had a short stint on the soap Another World.

The Rage: Carrie 2

Bruno continued to work in films the next few years including Where The Heart Is in 2000.  He then moved to television appearing in a string of procedurals including: CSI: Miami, SEAL Team, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  He also had regular roles in Sex, Lies and Secrets and  Numb3rs.

Going Greek 2001

There's not really much nudity in Going Greek, but there are quite a few shirtless Fraternity Pledge scenes.  SOMS (Scenes of Male Skin) put together a compilation which if you're interested, I've uploaded to SENDSPACE HERE: