Monday, January 9, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 10th

Bamm Bamm by Bob Burkhardt
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Happy Birthday today January 10th

Happy 28th to swimmer Conor Dwyer!

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Like a Brick Wall

Favorite Import or the Week: Jürgen Drews

I had never heard of German singer and entertainer Jürgen Drews until this week, but after a poster on DC recently posted a few caps, I had to find out more. I have a thing for tall lanky 70's rockers, especially with long jet black hair. The fact that Jürgen was walking around naked in the caps didn't hurt either...

Jürgen came to fame in the 70s as member of the pop group Les Humphries Singers. During this time he launched a successful solo career and even today, in his 70's, he hits the stages around Germany, touring for much of the year. Drews also did a bit of acting, on television and a few films. A couple of those films were of the 70's soft porn variety, meaning you had a pretty good chance of seeing a little male nudity in addition to all the female nakedness. One of those films was 1972's Die Anhalterin, and it's DVD release sparked the post that had me searching for more.

Recent shot of Jürgen on stage

Die Anhalterin (1972)

From the Pulpit to Porn: Bamm Bamm by Bob Burkhardt

'The only one who could ever reach me
Was the son of a preacher man
The only boy who could ever teach me
Was the son of a preacher man
Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was'

I think that one of the many reason's Dusty Springfield's 1968 song was so successful had to do with intensity of risk. Every teenager takes risks, makes choices and faces temptation on a fairly regular basis. The learning of right and wrong, choices about cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, and of course learning, and often failing, with setting boundaries about sex and what we will or won't do with our bodies.

When you have a parent who's a public figure, especially one with a job that represents the good, the moral and righteous, toying with temptation has an added weight and an entirely different level of risk and reckoning. For Bamm Bamm (Brandon), that meant a very interesting journey from sitting in front of the pulpit, listening to father's sermons each week, to taking it all off and having sex in front of the camera.

Although sadly in America, there is misguided connection between morality and sex, it is one that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. For me, being a Christian, being moral and following the Bible's teaching never really had anything to with sex, but how we treat our fellow man. Our kindness and giving to others in need, our respect for animals, and the planet we inhabit. There is nothing immoral about enjoying sex, even on camera, as long as your their by choice. We have all met self proclaimed 'moral' people who consistently judge, belittle and wouldn't help someone in need if their life depended on it.

Photographer Bob Burkhardt sent me on a number of shoots last Autumn, but I think Bob knew I would ultimate choose to feature Bamm Bamm. Not just because of his incredible body and face, and not just because how beautifully Bob captured every inch of him. Bob also knew I would bite at the hook of his back story which of course I did. It was Bamm Bamm who gave me the stories title, commenting on his interesting journey from pulpit to porn. As soon as I read his sentence, I knew it would make the perfect title.

'Brandon is a bright, funny, articulate man. He's smart and well aware of the pluses and minuses of working in the porn field. I can always count on him for his sense of humor in a shoot. He's got that great smile that just invites you in... an open and engaging guy who is full of life.'

Bob first met Bamm Bamm through his work with Black Rayne ( and they went on to become good friends. They have worked together several times, and the photos featured here are from their second and third shoot. A couple of Bob's shots of Bamm Bamm are also included in Bob's second book, Body & Soul 2.

Body & Soul 2 is a 54 page, hardbound, coffee-table edition and serves as a comprehensive review of images ad work produced over the past five years. It also includes many never before seen photos of some of Bob's most popular model including Bamm Bamm, Victor Alexander, Jeremiah Banner, Juanzito Belle, Ak Brown, Lance Forrest, Jimmy Hawkins, Denerick Lindsey, Martell Todd and XL. Check out more about the book, including more preview images HERE:

~Bamm Bamm & Krave Moore~

The third shoot included Bamm Bamm's then partner, Krave Moore. They have Both now retired from the porn industry but Bob really loved the shots he got of the two of them together. I did as well.

'Bob is awesome. He's one of the best I've worked with anytime I need any photography done he's been my go to guy!'
Bamm Bamm