Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 10th Grant Cramer

Actor Grant Cramer is today's favorite birthday boy, and also a Blast From The Past. Grant is known to most of you for his role in the oh so 80's flick 'Hardbodies' from 1984. You may also know him from his various tv and movies roles including his stint on 'The Young And The Restless' and the 1988 cult flick 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space.' Grant turns 49 today.

Caps from 'Hardbodies'.

Also Celebrating today November 10th

Also celebrating today November 10th

Beautiful model and actor Rafael Rosell turns 28 today.

Actor David Paetkau turns 32 today.

Sexy Walt Goggins turns 39 today.

Last years favorite Birthday Boy, Jack Scalia turns 59 today.

Thumbs Down: chi chi chia

I try not to use the word 'offensive'. It is a good year but has become overused and pretty much meaningless these days. There is not much someone does not find offensive...

That being said, I think the current presidential chi chi chia Obama really shows how the country has stooped to new lows. Presidents used to be restricted to coins and post cards. I am sure other political figures have been chi chiaed but for some reason this one, and the constant commercials for them seem... well...hmmm...that overused word above.

With Obama as a chia and Palin on a reality show the role of Commander and Chief is really taking a shift...downward!

Kudos to John Wesley Shipp & One Life To Live

Ok I have to admit, up until this week I have not watched one second of One Life To Live except maybe as I flicked by it with the reomote. I had to DVR this week as a favorite actor of mine John Wesley Shipp made his debut as Eddie Ford. It is so nice to see John back on tv! I have seen John put in some incredible performance in the past, mostly in movies. We all remember however that the writers of Dawson's Creek really didn't give Mitch much juicy material. The show allowed Mitch and Gail some brief marrital woes but then quickly shoved them back to being one dimentional supportive parents. Great to see John with a role and a venue to show off the talent and passion we all know is there. He is also looking better than ever!

Ville Kinos & Tye Briggs pick their favorites

Although originally from Finland, Ville has lived and worked in the UK the past seven years. I love Ville's look and he been featured on FH several times in the past while. I profiled earlier this year and as well some of my favorite photographers who have been featured have included Ville in shots they are most proud of. Ville is the ideal model to work with, incredible body, stunningly beautiful face and eyes and most importantly his passion for collaborating and creating beautiful, edgy and original work.

With this post of Ville I asked Ville if he was up for doing something I enjoy doing with models I like. I love asking the model what their favorite shots are. I then like to compare those with my favorites. Although Ville and I did not choose any of the same shots, we did choose some of the same photographers. Below are the results of our choices and the reasons behind them.

You can check out more of Ville's work at his MM Page HERE:
Thanks so much Ville!

VILLE'S Favorites:
2 shots above: Ville by Paul deDona.

'The first shot is by Paul deDona from London: I did fantastic shoot with him and we did many very sexy shots. I love that pic because of the lighting and shadows. Also my body looks great in that pose and i love white trunks!'

Above: Ville by Ville Paul.

'This one is by Ville Paul from Helsinki, Finland: I think this shoot has been my best for long time! I think that shot is my favorite one from that shoot. Its classy and sexy profile shot. I love the lighting and my expression.'

Note: I too loved this shoot and included more shots in a feature below!

Above: Ville by mG Artstudio.

'This one is by MG Artstudio, Spain: Idea of doing something gold is quite different i think... We did all sort of things but this shot against the class table is fantastic. Lighting and reflection shows very well and i like my expression in this lol.'

Above: Ville by HOTSNAPZ

'This shot is by HotSnapz from London: That picks looks hot because of great lighting, poses and expressions. I love the whole concept of army shoot! the other model is Daniel Tai, MM 1240079.'

Above: Ville by Leigh Carter (boy:culture).

'This shot is by Leigh Carter at Boygender from Southampton, UK: I love that pic because is soft, sexy and teasy. I think that classical concept of laying in white bedding always looks great.'

TYE'S Favorites:

Choosing my favorite shots of Ville was not as difficult as I thought it might be. Ville's portfolio is full of many incredible shots. Here are just some of my favorites.

Above: Ville by Dean Stockings.

Dean Stockings is well know for his colorful creative magazine covers. This shot of Ville reminds me of a cover. With some shots a photographer is trying to catch a 'moment in time' but for a cover the goal is often to create an entire story. Since stories must have a beginning, middle and end every detail of the photograph is carefully chosen. The above show presents Ville, most likely near the end of difficult work day. I love how Stocking chose to go minimal with the set and subtle make up as paint on Ville. These choices helped make this a favorite.

Above: Ville by Leigh Carter (boy:gender).

If you visit Leigh's boy:gender site you will find many shots of Ville. These two stood for me. Leigh's series with Ville with the purple background really stands out for me as the choice of the purple somehow spotlights Ville in quite a special way, especially bringing out those beautiful eyes. I equally love the second shot, classy, naked and love Ville' looking off to the side.

Above: Ville by mG Artstudio.
Above: Ville by mG Artstudio.

I love this photo shot in Spain by mG Artstudio. I love the choice to shoot from above. The distance chosen also evokes emotions which would not have be possible if shot from a closer angle. The green from the pool table also makes a dramatic background and contrast to the colors that surround it.

The shot above, also by mG Artstudio is just sexy and fun. mG Artstudio is also a graphic designer and his work often has a focus on creating a scene and he is known for amazing concepts. I just loved the way he edited the shot.

Below: Ville by Dylan Rosser:

The first time I was introduced to Ville's work was through his work with Dylan Rosser. The two shots below are my favorites. The first shot is truly an amazing portrait with a focus on Ville's truly amazing eyes. The second shot shows a bit more, but yet not quite everything which is one of the reasons why I love the shot.

Ville Kinos by Ville Paul

Above: Photographer Ville Paul

When going through Ville Kino's portfolio to choose my favorite shots one of his most recent shoots, that with Finland's Ville Paul certainly stood out. Simple, classic, beautiful. Paul's choice for lighting and simple props created incredible images from the portraits through full body shots. Ville Paul shoots Ville Kinos with more of a focus on fashion. There is a maturity, a focus, that sets these shots apart.

'I think this shoot has been my best for long time! Very classy, sexy and editorial shoot.'
Ville Kinos

'The world of photography has been a major interest for me ever since I was a child. Fashion magazines have always had a huge influence to my growing passion for photography. I've always loved to browse through them and look what the models are wearing, what kind of makeup they have and try to figure out how the photos are made.'
Ville Paul

Check out more of Ville Paul's work at his official website HERE: