Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Favorite Book for Today:

What ever this guy is reading will be fine.

Favorite Underwear For October 23rd

White Boxer Briefs for today!

Favorite Videos For Oct 23rd

Since I have been posting some Runway pics this week, here is a hot runway show!

Favorite Blast From The Past: Oct 23rd: Dean Cain

Look for Dean on Smallville This Season!

Favorite Non Hero From HEROES: Thomas Dekker

I miss Thomas Dekker on Heroes. I thought his storyline with Claire was one of the most interesting on the show. There was a lot of hoopla about whether the character was gay and whether the actor had issue with it. To me I liked they never made it clear. It is common with teens to not define themselves, and I found the fact they never labled 'Zach' to be very real and true to life. With Thomas heading the cast of the new Sarah Connor Chronicles, it is doubtful he will return to Heroes, but we can hope. Thomas Dekker is an interesting actor with a cool look and it looks like he will be around for a while to come.

Thomas with Hayden Panettiere in Heroes.

Honorable Mention: The incredibly hot Sendhil Ramamurthy (Although not a Hero yet, I am betting he gets a power sooner or later.)

Thomas Dekker Site Here:
More Thomas Dekker Pics Here:

Pic of the Day: Oct 23rd

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for Oct 23rd: Max Werner

MAX WERNER: Playgirl December 1984

Favorite Party Pic of the Day:

Favorite Birthday Boy of the Day: Ryan Reynolds

Today Ryan Reynolds and his torso turn 31

Also Celebrating Today:

Happy Birthday also to:

'Singer' Steve Brock turns 17

Steve Wilder from Days Of Our Lives turns 37

Weird Al looking a little less weird turns 47

Dwight Yoakam turns 50

Favorite Terra Boy for the Day: Fernando Freire


More Fernando Here: