Friday, March 26, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 27th

Vince by JW Johnson
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Thespaian Toros

I first featured actor Grant Wilson a few years ago after seeing an image of him on-line from an old teen magazine. (Who Dat?)  I didn't know who Wilson was at the time, nor seen any of his movie and television appearances.  This week, I finally caught Wilson on film when TCM played 1980's Foxes, during a tribute to actress Jodie Foster.  It had me looking again at my previous post and looking for more hot shots of the former teen idol. 

Sibling Saturdays: The Hortoneda's

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The Hortoneda's by Joan Crisol

Una Spirale Di Nebbia

'The lovely Maria Teresa is unhappily married with the impotent lawyer Marcello. Maria Teresa's marriage is contrasted by the passionate Valeria, who is killed during a chase. Is Valeria's husband Fabrizio the murderer?'

Earlier this year, I discovered and featured the stunning actor Marc Porel.  In the first piece in January, (HERE:) I spotlighted Porel's nude scene in the 1976 film  L'innocente. (The Innocent)  I mentioned in the piece that Porel had a second nude scene in another film that I'd share later.  That film was 1977's Una Spirale Di Nebbia. (A Spiral of Mist) Check out my caps and videos on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Una Spirale Di Nebbia (1977)

Wildest Dreams: Vince by JW Johnson

'Vince was one of those models photographers dream of finding and shooting as much as possible...great looks, great build, great attitude, soooo easy going and great to work with on anything, total dream model for sure.'

When I was recently visiting the site of photographer JW Johnson, I was scanning the many pages  of portfolio when one striking model grabbed my attention. Before I knew he was a dream model to work with, I could tell that Kansas model was a dream model to look at.   A great face, a beautiful smile and a body both muscular and lean.  Vince also seemed to instinctively know to best show off his incredible assists through pose.  

Although new to modeling, JW describes hm as a natural in front of the camera.  JW was also pleasantly surprised that Vince had so many interests and talents that they were able to weave into their multiple shoots together.  Given how great his images turned out, and how easy he was to work with, JW asked Vince back to do some work for his poster line and calendars. 

'Luckily I was able to shoot several calendar and poster images of him for my calendar project back then and he would have been an ideal poster model as well, even tho calendar and poster work was primarily limited to glamour work only back then. He was a superb nude model with no inhibitions whatsoever regarding whether I was shooting art nude or erotic nude, he was confident and comfy with both styles and so at ease to work with.'

'When I worked with him in the tree and in the green foliage, we were very close to a river that is heavily populated on the weekends with boaters and floaters...we heard several boaters go by, probably so fast with the jet engines that they didn't see him but he was not shy about being seen at all.'

'I was lucky enough to find some similar models over the years that were as hot and easy going as Vince was, but once you work with just one of them, you really wish all of them were just like that each and every time. :)'

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