Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 5th

Above: Chase
One of my favorite shots from photographer Tony Jones. See more of Tony's work below.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today May 5th

Happy Birthday today May 5th to:

Model Nic Luhrs turns 22 today. See my previous post on Nic HERE:

One of my favorite models, Kyle Pinsonneault turns 24 today. See my previous post on Kyle HERE:

Below: Kyle walking the runway for Richie Rich this past February.

The amazing Henry Cavill turns 27 today.

Vincent Kartheiser turns 31 today.

Also Celebrating today May 5th

Also Celebrating today May 5th

Actor Brendan Bradley turns 27 today.

Michael Llodra turns 30 today.

Jeff Conger turns 36 today.

Kyan Douglas turns 39 today & Roger Rees turns 66 today

Christopher Schram: The Actor

Above: Christopher by BAMART.

I often get e-mails from people who enjoy the blog asking ‘Where did you find that guy?’ Well, to be honest, usually it happens, such as it does in life, when I am not looking. Last week when I was researching my post on Nick Ayler I came upon a photographer whose work I have posted about before, the wonderful Richard Gerst. At about the same time I was on the hunt for a pic of the day (sometimes that is the hardest part of the blog). I went to a photographer whose work I enjoy, Tony Jones to see if I could find one. What I did find, in both Richard and Tony’s portfolios’s was Christopher Schram. I was immediately drawn to Christopher. His face is magical expressing both a sense of fun while at the same time a sense of serious maturity. I also loved his freckles. I am sure most people with freckles at one time or another wished they would disappear, and I often wonder if they know how attractive many of those around them think they are.

I was thrilled to click on a link to Christopher’s site and see that he is an actor. I love showcasing actors on FH, especially stage actors that might not be as well known. I have said many times that being a working actor, not to mention actually making a living as one, is not an easy road to go down.

Below: Christopher in Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins.

Christopher received his BA with honors in Theatre from the Conservatory of Performing Arts of Point Park University, in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.. On stage Christopher has been in a number of productions including two shows I also appeared in, ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Waiting For Godot’ (wonder if there were as many walk-outs in the production Christopher was in.) In addition, Christopher has had roles in Carousel, A Christmas Carol, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and garnered rave reviews for his role in Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins. Christopher also traveled the country in the role of ‘John Darling’ in the National Tour production of Peter Pan.

Below: Christopher in Peter Pan

On tv and on screen Christopher has been featured on The Young And The Restless, Diabolique, The Journey and as well has traveled the globe hosting a travel show. Christopher describes his host job as a ‘dream job’. His latest trip was to South Africa, where he learned to surf and to speak Zulu.

Christopher also worked as a stuntman on The Mothman Prophecies. Of his time on Mothman, Christopher says;

“Mothman Prophecies was a great time. Myself along with 3 or four other actors were on a 40 foot replica of a PA bridge that collapsed I believe sometime in late 80s. The replica was raised about 50 feet in the air and it would turn 45-65 degrees from side to side and up and down. I had to hold on for dear life has fake lamp posts crashed to the ground and sparks flew all around-- really fun and very cool!”

Christopher is about to take on one of his biggest roles in a short film due to start shooting in the next few weeks. The film, Requited is written and directed by Sal Bardo. Christopher plays the lead, Nicholas, who is in love with his best friend Aaron. Aaron however is straight and is getting married. After the two have a falling out, Nicholas has to decide on whether he should go to the wedding and what to say to his best friend if he does. The film is expected to be released in 2011.

On top of all that Christopher is just finishing the final edits of a book and finishing up writing songs for his debut album. Christopher describes his music as folk, pop soul.

Getting back to that question ‘Where did I find that guy?’ I don’t really have an answer, I am just glad I did. When I see a guy that interests me, whose photographs speak to me, whose talent shines through and whom I respect, I want to showcase what I see and share with others. I am certainly happy I stumbled upon Christopher Schram.I hope you have enjoyed getting to know him as well as I did. I am sure I will be seeing, and hopefully hearing the music of Christopher for a long time to come. Be sure to stop by Christopher’s site HERE: to see and learn more about this wonderful and talented guy!

Last two head shots by Marcie Bramucci.
These are two of my favorite shots of Christopher. When I saw them I asked if Marcie was a friend. His reply was yes. I had a feeling by the intimacy I felt in looking at them that there was a high level of trust between photographer and subject. This trust allowed a venerability to shine through.

Chris S: The Model

Here are some of my favorite shots of Christopher. Some are by photographers I have showcased before on the blog, some by photographers whose work I have just discovered and hope to post more of in the future.

Chris S by:

Brent Murray

Brent Murray’s work has has appeared internationally in The New York Times,Vanity Fair, Der Spiegel, Zeit Magazine, Condé Nast Portfolio, O Magazine, Jane and
Curve magazines and Random House books. Brent also recently had his first picture featured in Vogue: a portrait of the designer Logan Neitzel.

I love the quote that Brent has on his MM page by photographer and writer Diane Arbus. It says ‘A Photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know’. How true this is. We all see photos on the net and within a split second we make dozens of assumptions about the person in the photograph based solely on what we see. Yet...if the photographer is skilled, what you really know is less about the person we are seeing. Instead, it is what the photographer whispers quietly for us to see and feel. Brent’s work with Christopher whispered to me.... character. Character for two reasons; firstly character as in role to match Christopher the actor. Secondly character as in who Christopher is. In my brief interactions getting to know Christopher it is clear he has a strength of character that touches all those around him. Check out Brent's site HERE:

Nelson N. Castillo

New York Photographer Nelson N. Castillo has been described as someone whose passion and positivity are skillfully channeled into creating a vision of what he wants out of a shoot. He is known to make the desires and needs of those he works with his number one priority. Given his desire is to get the best out of the model he is working with get the look they wants has led to him to be a favorite for many models to work with to complete their portfolios. Love these casual outside shots of Christopher taken by Nelson. You can check out Nelson's website HERE:

Michael Cali:

Michael Cali is an up and coming photographer currently attending The Hallmark Institute of Photography. One of Michael’s loves is shooting lifestyle shots on location. This theme is present in his work with Christopher. I love these two shots, and the ‘big’ feel they have to them. I love his use of juxtaposition showcasing one man alone in a big city. Heroic, and epic. Michael does not have a site yet, but you can check out more of his work at his Model Mayhem page HERE:

Tony Jones:

No matter how many pictures I have seen taken by Tony Jones, no matter how much or how little the model is wearing, his skill as a photographer takes you instantly to their eyes. Tony does not just shoot bodies, he shoots emotions. Erotic and sexy yes, but also shots full of lust, longing, love, isolation and often pain. It makes sense images of sexuality would be surround by these emotions, they certainly accompany it in life. Yet...many photographers choose to remove certain painful emotions from erotic images. This quote certainly speaks to one of Tony’s philosophies about his work.

Tony says
‘Photography is about telling stories. Capturing a moment that asks the question: what happened before and what happens next.’

Tony also likes to have fun when he is working. I certainly had fun spending time checking out his website with extensive galleries showcasing his work. I hope to showcase more of Tony’s work in the future. Check out his website HERE:

Richard Gerst

Some of the strongest images of Christopher come from Photographer Richard Gerst. I first discovered Richard’s work last year when I was profiling model Matthew Lewis. Richard’s shots of Matthew brought out a side I had not seen before. This is what I think distinguishes Richard’s work from others.

Richard does the same thing in his work with Christopher. There is a side to Christopher, a commanding strength, that comes through in these shots. It is not just the physical strength on display, it is more emotional, more to one’s core. It is seen clearly in his eyes. Richard says that he captures images he himself want to see. I would also add his lens captures something inside his subjects that they are longing to express. Richard recently did this as well with Nick Aylers whom I profiled on Sunday. The shot below is an exlusive shot that may be a part of future book by Richard. You can see more of Richards work at his site HERE:

Backstage at Marcelu Ferraz's latest show

Models Alex Schultz, Erasmo Viana and more shown backstage at Brazilian menswear designer Marcelu Ferraz's SS show. Check out Radarx for more!

Styling: Luciano Bortolotti
Beauty: Ricardo dos Anjos
Photography: Milton M. Filho