Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 19th

Lyle's Coda by Marlen Boro
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Happy Birthday today April 19th to:

Steve Antin (Right both above & below in The Last American Virgin). Steve, who moved from actor to director, (including the recently released Burlesque) turns 54 today.

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Beholding The Bomer Booty

Although not the biggest fan of tumblr (it is sort of like on-line fast food, tons served but the quality and individuality is for the most part lacking). I am however a fan of anywhere that spotlights the assets of actor Matt Bomer. The aptly titled booty is simply that, a tumblr featuring the best of Bomer's butt. Thus far, there is little to no skin but hopefully Magic Mike will proved some long awaited new material.

Just Because: John Slattery

Full Disclosure, I don't watch Mad Men. Not sure why, there is just something about the clips I have seen that don't pull me in. John Slattery on the other hand can pull me anywhere. It is time I picked up season one on DVD and experienced what all the fuss is about.

GQ is a magazine I only buy a couple of times a year. I understand and respect the magazine's desire to reach men of all ages, but it usually ends up somehow missing mine. Trying to meet the needs of men 17-70 means many ages in between cannot help but be left out. The issues I pick up seem either seemed aimed at teens or seniors. That being said it was a refreshing and sexy change seeing John on last months cover. John is described in print in many ways but given he is still not quite 50 I think old is a bit premature. Hot covers it nicely.

John in last months GQ

John with Elaine Stritch in The American Repertory Theatre Production of Cakewalk

Below: John in Red Meat (1997)

Strongest Reaction: Lyle by Marlen Boro

There are days when I spend time on-line working with images of hot, often naked men, as I put together a profile or story for FH. Depending on the day, sometimes the images stimulate visually and hold my interest, other days, hours can go by without anything really doing much to excite me. As I get older I see more it is not always about what I am looking but how I am feeling as I do.

There is this guy who works at the grocery store I generally shop at. I have seen him there, must be a hundred times, a guy who I barely notice most of the time. Not overweight, but nor in the best shape, cute face but not great skin. We see each other enough to nod or say hello when we pass in the aisles. I think we have only had one brief conversation about what kind of dog I owned while I was lugging a huge bag of dog food (stupidly never bothered with a cart) out of the store one day. My thoughts on this guy never really ventured past 'seems like a nice guy.'

Monday night as I stopped quickly in to pick up a couple of things, we a brief encounter. With this one there were no words spoken. As I sauntered down the soup aisle, he was working. Crouched down, he was emptying boxes of cans in need of shelving. As I walked by I got the slightest glimpse of butt cleavage rising above what looked to be a pair of dark red briefs. Now, most days this would have been simply a wee perk to the trip, and I would have kept on going. For some reason, on this night, it sent an instant explosion through my body. As my blood pressure began to rise, I quickly glanced back and guessed from the work he was doing he had not noticed me going by. anyone with a brain would do, I decided I need to stock up on a little cream of mushroom and turned the corner for another lap. I ended up doing 3 laps of the soup aisle. I would have continued, but by lap three the aisle was filling up with people actually wanting soup and my 'red' guy's box was almost emptied.

I am not exactly sure what set me off Monday evening. Might have been the bit of ass crack (but that is not that uncommon for grocery store guys). I think more likely it was the combo of my being a bit horny and grocery guy sporting a hint of red.

Out of all the models I have profiled from photographer Malene Boro, Lyle has elicited the strongest reaction from me. I cannot really describe why. He is adorable, with a great body but I think he evokes something in me that brings about that same explosion I experienced in the grocery story each time I put together a profile of his images. (Which I have done twice before, HERE: & HERE:) Sadly this will be most likely be the last feature with Lyle as although Marlen graciously supplied the entire shoot for me to make my choices, these are from their second and final shoot together.

Marlen wisely, and I am sure purposely, made sure every piece of clothing Lyle wore, from his life guard shirt through his speedo and panties included a bit of red. Like Lyle does with me, red is the color that creates the strongest reaction when viewed. Red is the symbol for many powerful attributes and emotions; courage and sacrifice, guilt, sin, passion, and anger, and is of course also deeply connected with blood and sex. It is also the color most identified with emergencies, danger, fire and yes explosives (even ones in grocery store aisles).

Thanks to Lyle, grocery guy and most importantly Marlen Boro for evoking the strongest reaction. Keep an eye on Marlen's site which is soon to be going through a major transformation. You can check it out HERE: