Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 21st

Such a HOT pic of actor Andrew Briedis by Walter Kurtz.

Favorite Birthday Boy for February 21st William Baldwin

Without a doubt, to me, the hottest of the Baldwin Brothers, William turns 46 today. I still remember as a teen going to see 'Backdraft' and being nervous my friends with me would discover the 'enjoyment' I was experiencing during the shower scene. Ahhh the memories!

Also Celebrating Today February 21st

2 Other favorites celebrating today February 21st

Jack Coleman turns 51 today.

William Peterson turns 56 today.

And Of Course: Christopher Atkins

I find it hard to believe my childhood crush Christopher Atkins is turning 48 today. Still looking so hot Chris! I have posted so many pics of Chris on the site, thought I would post a few that I have not posted before. As always if you need an Atkins fix, as I often do, just do a search of the blog.

Male Model Rerun: Ryan Vigilant

I posted a few times last year about one of my favorite models, Ryan Vigilant from Major Models, but thought it time for a rerun. Some of these pics I have posted before, but some are from the past 12 months. Ryan continues to do amazing work and when looking at some of the models I was going to post about, Ryan as usual stood out. Check out more at Major Models HERE:

Height 6'1"
Suit 40"
Neck 15.5"
Waist 31"
Shoe 10.5 US
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel

Ryan by Bruce Weber.

Ryan by Gregory Vaughan.

Ryan by Joe Lally.

Just Because: Ryan Vigilant for Gilly Hicks

Ryan in a video for Gilly Hicks shot by Bruce Weber.

I don't think Ryan is in the photos below, but these hot Gilly Hicks photos do include Alan Ritchson, Terron Wood, Tyler Lough, Nic Luhrs and some others I do not recognize. So Hot!

Sports Mishap of the Day: Ryan Cross

Back when former NRL hottie Ryan Cross was playing for the Sydney Roosters he had a little embarrasing moment. Check out the video below.

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