Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 29th

Continuing my theme in the 'Just Because' Post, my favorite in the series, model Sergey Demekhine photographed by Bruce Weber. Amazing pic!

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 29th Jon Abrahams

Adorable and talented Jon Abrahams turns 31 today.

2 More Favorites Celebrating today October 29th

2 Of Last years favorites also blow out candles today:

Ben Foster turns 28 today.

Love Brendan Fehr who turns 31 today.

Also Celebrating today October 29th

Also celebrating today October 29th

Julio Camejo turns 31 today.

Trevor Lissauer turns 35 today.

Actor Christopher Wiehl turns 38 today. (See my previous post on Christopher).

Actor Grayson McCouch turns 40 today.

Winona Ryder turns 37
Kate Jackson turns 60
Richard Dreyfuss turns 61

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Florian Bourdila

Perfection! The beauty that is Ford Model, the sexy frenchman Florian Bourdila.

Next two pics from: L'Officiel Hommes Fall/Winter 2008 "Boxes"
Photos by Will McBride

Just Because:

After looking at those amazing pics of Andy O'Neill I decided we needed a post about something that is pretty common with male model pics. Just Because....We Can.

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: Andy O'Neill

Model and actor Andy O'Neill looks absolutely stunning in this photo series by the French photo duo Exterface entitled "Skywalker" Check out more HERE: Also check out Andy's official site HERE: which is filled with amazing photos. To me though, the hottest thing about his site was the 'about me' page. Not sure why, but reading his description of himself was very close to what I would have written about myself and I found it it incredibly hot!

Had to add these two pics of Andy by Dylan Rosser who you know is one of my favorite photographers. (See link at right).