Saturday, February 13, 2010

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for February 13th

Two great shots from 'Before The Game' by Domenico Cennamo.

Kudos to The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I am a sports nut so The Olympics is heaven to me. I so loved the opening ceremonies last night. Watching the Olympics always takes me back to what I was doing and who I was doing it with during the previous games. Last nights ceremonies had me on a high. Now they weren't perfect (Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtato could have stayed home) but over all the lights and the spectacle were powerful.

My complaints were with that I for one would not have chosen Wayne Gretzky as the last person to carry the torch. I love hockey, but was never a fan of Gretzky. Also I know it is all about money but here is no reason with the Olympics in Canada that NBC time dealy anything. Anyone who watches sports knows part of the thrill is watching live. Why NBC is mucking this up is a crime.

New From Dylan Rosser: Zach

Dylan Rosser's newest model to THE MALE FORM is 25 year old Zach. Zach has a beautiful unique look which comes from his German, Swedish and Filipino heritage.