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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st

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Statistically Speaking:

#14 Blast from the Past: Helmut Berger (2016)

I love checking out the stats of the blog.  I only the Blogger stats that come with the site, so they aren't that comprehensive.  On a daily and weekly basis however, I can see what posts, what models and artists and what subjects readers seem drawn to.

#13 FaVorites: Sam Spade (2022)

Blogger doesn't however, have a really decent way of figuring out where people are coming to FH, and to specific posts from.  I can see traffic from Google and some other sites, but they don't indicate if any specific story brought them.  Blogger also doesn't specify what post or what account brings in viewers from social media sites.  I know many viewers arrive from Twitter for example, but can't find out what post, model or image, is bringing them here.

#12 From Madrid: Álex Villazán (2023)

This year, I wanted to share a list of the top #15 posts that drew people to FH in 2023.   Now I want to be clear, these are NOT the most read, the most popular, or the most viewed posts the past 12 months, they were the posts that brought people to the blog via a link that was pasted somewhere else and on another site.

#11 FaVorites: Oliver Svejstrup Brynnum (2020)

Most people who read the blog just scroll through, and don't necessarily click on the individual post titles, which take you that post only.  Other sites however, often link to a specific post, and when that page is clicked on, they're brought directly to that page on FH.  Many of the top 15 are stories that were posted before 2023.

#10 Kiddie Pool: Nicolas by StudioMGphotography (2022)

Some of the results are predictable.  When actor Helmut Berger died earlier this year, the post spotlighting his work jumped in hits with people searching for him, and nude images of him in the weeks following his death.   Some of the results are baffling.   I have no idea why my Horror Hunks post on actor Robert Culp's nude scene was the #2 clicked on story on the site this past year.  I'd love to know where the story is linked.  

#9 Naked News: And That's The Way It Was (2023)

#8 Naked Attraction: Italia (2021)

Many of the posts are celebrity driven, and there are many that point to stories I posted on 'The Next Page'.  This makes sense.  Overall views to the site are easy to track, but the individual posts on the main page are not.  Most people view the main page as a whole, but many more click on that 'next page' link to a story they might want to see on another page.  That's why many of the 'Favorites' post featuring male models tend to get higher induvial hits. 

#7 Haruehun Airry: The Course of Creation (2019)

#6 Rent Cheque (2023)

#5 Young at Art: Luke Young NY (2022)

#4 Favorites: Melvin Moore (2023)

#3 Bravo (2017)

I did two posts on the magazine Bravo, one this past year, (HERE:) but the post from 2017 (HERE) remains the favorite. 

#2 Horror Hunks: Robert Culp in A Name for Evil (2020)

#1 Media Men: Chase Stobbe (2021)

Curious if there were any surprises on the list for you?  I was not surprised the post on model Chase Stobbe ended up being #1, it pops up almost every week, brining many readers to the blog.  Still scratching my head however, that Chase is followed in the ranking by actor Robert Culp... 😁

Sex In Cinema: 2023

As has become tradition at FH, every year I like to take a look back at the best of male skin in the movies.  The most difficult part lately has been defining exactly what a movie is.  It used to be easy, the sex in question, took place in movies shown at a cinema.  These days, some of the best male nudity occurs on television, but my focus in this post is on films with a theatrical release. 

As always, it was really difficult to narrow down to a manageable list.  I had to leave off a few favorites.  I didn't include any of the male nudity from 2023 that I've already featured on the blog, nor any I suspect was digitally enhanced.

The Iron Claw

I've seen most of the movies I'm featuring this year, but I have yet to see the just released The Iron Claw.  I don't believe there is any nudity in the film, but the promotional department certainly took advantage of their hot male cast members.  Shirtless images of Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson and and Jeremy Allen White have been making the rounds promoting the film for months.

It's also worth noting, that like Charles Melton in May December, (HERE:) it wasn't on my bingo card that Zac Efron's name would be bounced around as a possible nominee for some of the industries most prestigious awards.  Zac and the film are both getting fairly decent reviews from what I've seen so far. 

Previous Sex & Cinema Features:


I got home late from a party the other night, and got into bed and started Saltburn.  It was about 2a.m and I ended up falling asleep about half way through.  I'm planning to finish tonight.  That being said, Barry Keoghan is fantastic and Jacob Eldori perfectly cast as the guy everyone loves.  I also love that midway through the movie surprised me.  I love when that happens, and it's rare these days.  I thought the characters were going in one direction, then it took an unexpected turn. 

Down Low

I have seen Down Low and sadly there's no real nudity either.  There is however, three of my favorites, Lukas Gage, Zachary Quinto and Simon Rex all showing some skin in shirtless scenes.  Missed opportunity with that massage scene!


Ryan Gossling needs a mention for his turn as Ken in Barbie.  Most have read that many other actors were offered 'Ken' roles, and the 'I Just Ken' song wasn't even meant to be in the movie.  In Gossling's capable hands however, what could have have been a throwaway character, of a mostly throwaway doll, became an important part of the films success. 

Infinity Pool

No, the scene in Infinity pool wasn't exactly a great nude scene,  he's shown more on True Blood. However, anytime Alexander Skarsgård slides out of his skivvies it's worth taking note of to me.

No Hard Feelings:

Jennifer Lawrence got most of the attention for her nudes scenes for No Hard Feelings.  Justifying so,  it's still not that common for successful actors like Lawrence to do nudity.  Lawrence seemed to embrace it.  My favorite moment of skin the film however was a flash of butt from the ultra hot Matthew Noszka.

Anyone But You

I featured actor Glen Powell's hot butt scene from the trailer for Anyone But You last November. (HERE:)  Now it's time to take a peek at another scene, this time, featuring actor Joe Davidson's round and beautiful rump.  I know many crushed over Joe during his time on the soap Neighbours


I know it made a lot of top 10 lists, but I wasn't a huge fan of Passages.  I liked the premise, and the actors were fine, but I just couldn't invest in either of the two main characters.  I do however, always enjoy actor Ben Whishaw, and.... there was that one long sex scene with the camera focused mostly on Ben's butt.

Red, White & Royal Blue

I think one of the significant films this year was Red, White & Royal Blue.  I know it was really a theatre film, though it did have it's premiere BFI IMAX in London.  Sure, I loved seeing Taylor Zakhar Perez's amazing ass, but I think the movie reached more eyes than many other gay themed films.  Most gay films only reach a small audience, mostly in the gay community.  The Hallmarkish Red, White & Royal Blue may not have been that deep, but I'm guessing with it's sweet, but rather tame love story was seen by many people who otherwise might not tune into a love story featuring two men.

Champagne And Cheesecake! Hal by Chris Teel

'My favorite shoot from 2023 was with Chris Teel, the beach shoot!'

With the new year upon us, I decided to bug model Hal Kourtney with a few questions about the highlights he experienced in 2023, and what he's looking forward to in 2024.   In addition to his work and multiple shoots with photographer Chris Teel, there was another highlight for Hal over the last 12 months.  In addition to modeling, Hal focused on his passion for fitness by starting, and getting a new business off the ground.

What was your favorite memory of 2023? 
Starting my own coaching business and sharing the gift of fitness with others.

Thing your most looking forward to in 2024? 
Growing my coaching business and working 10-14 hour days 6x/week. 

Looking back on 2023, what was your favorite:

TV Show: 
Demon Slaye


Rich Men by North of Richmond 

Have you ever hosted a NYE party?
Not since high school. But it was a blast!

Which celebrity would be your dream choice for a NYE midnight kiss? 
Scarlet Johansson, preferably in her red head form! Lol 

Have you ever over indulged on NYE a none something embarrassing? 
Yup! Ended up on stage at a strip club lol 

What is the lamest resolution you remember making? 
No resolution is lame! So, probably the year when I made no resolution was my lamest year. 

Preferred beverage and snack to ring in the New Year? 
Champagne and cheesecake!

Can you share any resolutions you're making for 2024? 
Spend 15 minutes everyday practicing mindfulness. 

Thing that you'll be happy to leave in 2023? 
The need for external validation