Saturday, August 1, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 1st

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Happy Birthday today August 1st

Happy 36th to actor Jason Momoa!

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It is always great to peel off that wet sandy suit after a day at the beach. No matter what the decade, changing behind your car door... always in fashion.

That Cena Scene

Amy Schumer has given us many great moments the last year or two, many of course in Trainwreck. I saw Trainwreck Thursday night and the movie had so many great scenes and characters (and butts). I think my favorite moment may have been seeing the great actor Norman Lloyd, not 100 years old, credited just above Method Man in the closing credits. I am not sure any moment was quite as monumental as the sight of John Cena's glorious backside getting out of Amy's. Bring on the sequel!

Caps thanks to Xander7

Breather: Antonin by Mount Photography

Regular readers of FH are no doubt familiar with the remarkable imagery of Gibraltar based photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. I have featured Mark's work often and am always impressed with the models he shoots and how flawless his final images consistently appear to turn out. Creating flawless, even with the incredible Antonin, wasn't easy, especially considering the circumstances.

In some ways, these images are perfect FH's current theme of highlighting what goes on the behind the scenes. These images were taken very quickly, with poor lighting and zero planning. In fact, these images were quickly snapped while the main photographer shooting Antonin was taking a breather between shots. Mark had arranged for fellow photographer, and another FH Favorite, Andrew Bowman to shoot both Antonin and another model Cristian. (both of whom I have featured before).

'I just took some shots in-between whenever Andy was gathering strength or swapping models!'

Even without hours of planning, Mark's skill behind the lens created some amazing images. So amazing in fact, some of the images helped garnered Mark an impressive 5 wins in Model Mayhem's pic of the day contest in early July.