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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

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Happy Birthday today January 28th

Happy 23rd to actor Will Poulter!

Check out last year's Birthday post HERE:

Above: Will in We're The Millers. Will also puts in a great performance in The Revenant.

The Bottom Line

Image from Eros Adonis

Striped Pajamas & Dangly Bits

FaVorite FiVe: Ben Bowers

Favorite Five: 

Image from Mr B Charles Johnson

Image from Christian Rios

Image from Rodolfo Martinez

Last two images via Thomas Whiteside

SimonModel: While I'm Young!

Simon by Graham Rebbeck

'Normally the best shots take you of your comfort zone.'

Simon by Ken Pryor

Photographers often have a lot of stops and starts in order to complete set-ups and lighting changes. This can provide a model short breaks to stretch and relax. This isn't always the case when posing for a drawing or sculpture. When sitting for an artist or sculptor patience is a requirement. Models must remain still for long periods of time. One of the pluses however, is that there is plenty of time to think and to get to know the other person in the room. When 25 year old Melbourne model Simon was sitting for artist William Eicholtz, one of the many topics that came up was FH.

Simon by Gazi Photography

I have been honored to have been able to feature William's work several times in the past, and with Simon looking to get his name, not to mention his hot body, out there, William suggested FH might be a good place to showcase not just his look, but his personality. Simon does have a great body and face with beautifully expressive brown eyes. Clearly many photographers have taken note of Simon's appeal including ANNE Photography and macpics, two favorites that I love to feature on FH. Simon loves the creative expression that modeling provides, as well as the enjoyment he gets from a little exhibitionism. The images beautifully show Simon's look and bare his beautiful body, Simon's words and thoughts bare a little of what's beneath.

Simon by Andrew Keshan

What led you to begin modeling?

'I wanted to model for a few years before I started, as I guess I had a bit of vanity and always wanted to be that 'sexy' or 'hot' guy on billboards/magazines. I always found photo shoots and runway very artistic and a way to show how amazing and beautiful the human body can be. I wanted people to admire my body but not just looks, but how I can portray certain expressions or pull off looks I like working out and looking good, I want to get into the best shape of my life and believe I have decent looks and why not show off my body in its best form?! I like creating photos that tell a story, and believe modelling is artistic and shows different facets of my personality.

What have been your best, and oddest experience thus far?

'I really enjoyed modelling at my first runway show as part of my male modelling course. I loved the rush of the show, so many people were in attendance, it was my first professional modelling experience really with an audience. I liked walking on the stage, meeting the other models. It was just fun! And made me want to do more of it. As far as odd experiences, a photographer once asked if he could take his top off too, when I had my top off for the shoot. I found this strange and unnecessary to be honest.'

Image by Stuart Buchanan

What factors did you weigh before deciding to shoot full nudes?

'How my friends would react?! Would my image be circulated on social media and the Internet? I was worried would it damage my modeling career and I would be looked at like I was doing porn! Now I don't really care about nudity haha. I like it and love underwear shoots! I would even like to try porn, especially while I'm young, YOLO haha.'

Simon by AANE Photography

'AANE Photography's Mike was very personable and relaxed and we got along really well. This is very important to ensure a successful photo shoot, there needs to be a bond and trust between the photographer and the model. Mike got some really great shots of me and was not afraid to do some adventurous and interesting shots, including using a bush and log to cover my dick! Mike was also great at promoting our images on Instagram which was great.'

What part of your body are you most happy with?

'Ohh hard one! Not too sound cocky but I think I have great legs, particularly calves and quads. I work hard at the gym, trying to get leaner and fitter every day! I go to gym like 6 days a week haha, and do legs twice. Focusing on strength but also do squats and lunges and rapid movements to give me some ability.'

What part gets the most attention from others?

'I have a decent sized dick and firm bubble butt which gets lots of attention.... I am working on developing my abs and getting more muscular arms,......I have a six pack coming through this space! I am kind of skinny now, but lean.'

Simon by William Eicholtz

'William is very passionate. creative and inspiring in his approach to his work. I feel he is a perfectionist, in a good way. Wanting to get the best of the model and the shot and make it a true story. He provided me with great advice on how to contour the body in shoots and general tips in the industry!'

Simon by macpics

Dream Scenario for a Shoot:

'In New York/LA, doing a commercial shoot like something fun maybe sneakers or cool underwear like Pump or Calvin Klein, BCNU probably like a brooding shot in underwear and trainers on a basketball court or at the gym. Something sexy, when my body is at my peak showing true athleticism and style.'

Image from Ross Spirou