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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 29th


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Succulent Selfies: Halloween Edition

Classic Playgirl: Kinky Costumes

Matt Kenney
Kinky Costumes for a Naughty Halloween 🎃
Playgirl, October 2021

After Playgirls 2001 man of the year Matt Kenney slips out of the shower on October 31st, he dries off his beautiful body, and slide into a kinky costume.  I've featured Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving pictorials from the past, but they've done sadly few Halloween inspired shoots.  This one, featuring Matt and model Tiffany is from the October 2021 issue.

'Who said October 31st is just for kids?  You'll get more treats than treats when you try these tips for some kinky role-playing.  Choose a costume that will readily show off your sexual prowess.  Bonnie and Clyde would do it in their getaway car, while Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf would get wild in the Woods!'

Playgirls Hot Halloween 🎃 Tips!

Dressing up like a Princess?  Orgasms come true with the clitoral favorite Hitachi Magic Wand! (Don't forget the penetrating attachments) Or.. get the G-spot seducer Crystal Wand.

Get Creative:  Carve your pumpkin into your very own sex toy!

Have a Happy, Horney and Healthy Halloween 
from Playgirl Magazine!

FH Costume Parade: From the Archives

'Like everyone else, they just want their scarytale ending'

In the post below, we celebrate the winners from the 2023 FH Costume contest held last weekend.  Although FH has been around awhile, our first costume parade wasn't until in the early 2010's. We weren't around, let alone having Halloween parties, back in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

But... the hall we rent each year has been around for awhile, and they building has been hosting holiday parties going back many decades.  As you walk through the building, especially in the main hall and dance room, can almost feel the spirit of past party goers, dancing, laughing and living.

Of course most of the past partiers are not living any longer, most are long gone, dead and buried.  There are however, signs of their existence still hovering around the hall.  It's not just that the bathrooms and kitchen look like they haven't been updated since the building opened in the 40's, it the visual signs as well.

When you first enter the hall, there is a large glassed in cabinet on the wall, holding images and mementos, from parties form the past.  Old photographs, ticket stubs and banners, promotional posters for long forgotten events.  Images from Christmas parties, Halloween bashes, New Year's dances and fundraising events.

There is something beautifully eerie about seeing images of costume wearing party goers from the past. Halloween party attendees you know are mostly gone, or shoved aside by their families,  watching Wheel of Fortune in some out of town nursing home, too far away to visit too often.

Thankfully, the buildings attendant/janitor/manager, a guy who looks himself, long overdue for Wheel of Fortune nights in a lazy boy, was kind enough to open the glass cabinet for me to take a closer look.  We've become friendly, given I've now rented the space for our parties the last many years.

When I asked if I could take a few pictures with my phone, he initially said no, siting privacy issues.  When I mentioned that I was sure most of the people in the pictures were probably dead, he signed and agreed to let me take a few snaps.  These were some of my favorites.


FH Costume Parade!

As is tradition here at FH, this past Saturday, we had our annual Halloween gala and costume contest.  Although Covid has decreased, with winter soon upon us, for everyone's safety, vaccinations were still mandatory for all participants. We did eliminate the mask requirement this year, however testing prior to arrival was still a must. 

Social distancing was encouraged, but with a room filled of hot, mostly naked men, we quickly gave up trying to enforce it. We did reduce the numbers, but a small group of spectators were welcomed at this years bash.  If you couldn't attend however, we were camera ready, with some of the best and most creative non-costumes featured here.   Below are this years winners.

If you missed on our previous costume Parades check them out here:


Our cop Arad certainly took his role serious, and had to be asked several times to stop trying to handcuff the other guests.  He did win over the judges however, but demonstrating his technique for being one of the forces most popular beat cops.


We also crown a winner in the superhero category and Conor took this year's prize with his creative take on the genre.  Not content to come as just one superhero, Conor took a pared down approach to mashing both Superman and Wonder Woman into one look.


Although he was a little fit for the role, our Skipper from Gilligan's Island was a big hit.  It didn't hurt that he kept doing the helicopter with his little buddy.


Another pared down outfit was our resident boxer.  He bobbed and weaved all night, bouncing up and down while clinching his tight buns at the same time.  He lost a few points for asking the judges to pound him, but he made up for it with his skills with giving low blows. 


Gladiator costumes are always popular, especially when they're only made up of a helmet, leather gloves and some body make-up.  The judges decided the Gladiator above, had the most appetizing arena, that they most wanted to enter. 


Batman is always a popular choice, but estebancoach didn't make the list because of his mask or cape.  It was the bat signal he was releasing with the curve of his ass, that most judges responded to.

Michael Myers

Speaking of ass curves, thedannyice and his Michael Myers certainly had a nice one. It may also have been that he chose to wear a pair of Laurie Strode's panties, that gave him an edge. 

Teddy Bear

Ok, so our teddy bear wasn't all that creative, especially given he that his sexy fur, was mostly Au natural.  He took his role seriously though, insisting he was serious about being a real teddy. To prove it, he insisted that all the judges take turns cuddling and spooning him in bed.

Tony the Tiger

Our Tony has come as a tiger before but this time, he shy away from exposing his stripes.  Tony was a rather aggressive jungle cat, stalking and dragging each of the judges, one by one, into one of the ballrooms private rooms.  The judges didn't seem to mind, as each of them when they came out, shouted that was grrreat!

Winner of most Interactive:

One the most interactive costumes of the night came from Michael from the Entertain Me Blog. As he usually does, Michael arrived naked, and was almost not allowed in given he didn't have a costume.  That's when Michael went to work and pulled out his painting supplies.  As guest entered the party, Michael had them grab his brush and take a few strokes.  When they were all done, Michael was both totally wet and cover.  He then turned to the judges, and stated his costume was 'door prize'. He was let right in. 

Couples Winner

There were pairs dressed as Barney and Fred, but Andrew and Scott  took top, and bottom, prize for couples costumes.  It wasn't just their outfits, but because they came commando, and twirled around for the judges as their animal skin tunics flew in the air.  Needless to say, a gay old time was had by all.!

Sadly, I couldn't snap too many pictures once the contest was over.  The rule was, cameras and phones had to be put away at midnight.  These were the last two shots that I managed to get before the costumes hit the floor, and the party really got started.