Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 26th

BoXing Day by Chris Teel
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12 Days: Rock Hudson in All That Heaven Allows

I can't shoot straight anymore.
Ron Kirby

1955's All That Heaven Allows may not exactly be a Christmas movie, but given most of the film occurs through Autumn and Winter, both beautifully captured by Cinematographer Russell Metty, for me, it counts. 

I love how unsentimental the film is in so many scenes.  Widow Jane Wyman is leading a lonely life, mostly having lunches with friends and living for the weekends when her two college going children come home. That is until she perks up after a few interactions with Rock Hudson who plays her gardener, who just recently took over the family business. 

No one really seems to pay much attention to Jane except Rock, that is until, they start to date.  Everyone in town seems to then take notice, especially her kid,  who can't believe their mother is actually a woman with needs other than welcoming them home from the train each Friday evening.

As I said, the cinematography is beautiful and I was as much in love with the barn Ron (Rock Hudson) was renovating as I was with Ron himself.  I dream of a barn house like that one day soon in my future.  Unlike Ron, I will surround it with goats and cows more than just Christmas tree's, but I would love a deer to come up look into the big picture window as one does in the film.

Since Christmas is just a small part of this film, it makes a great flick to watch anytime over the winter.  Rock and Jane were put back together after the positive reaction to their chemistry the year before in Magnificent Obsession.

I had really only known Jane as the old bat on Falcon Crest, the show my mother watched after Dallas.. She's an interesting actress to watch on screen.  Her bangs aside, Wyman makes interesting choices acting wise, pushing audiences away at times, more than pulling them in as most actress's try to do.  It's oddly compelling at times.  Her character in All That Heaven Allows isn't really all that interesting, at least on paper, yet Wyman remains compelling throughout.

The Naughty List

The Sexualization of Santa's seems to have become a theme this holiday season on FH.  I guess that's understandable.  Although as kids we're led to believe Santa is a jolly and kind character, as we get older, depictions of ole St. Nick lean more towards the naughty than the nice.

With the help of some fun images, and some magazine layouts from the past, check out some of my favorite dirty Santa themed pics on FH HERE:

Seasonal Sightings:

I posted this images on FH once before, but the shot, by Caitiff photography, remains a favorite holiday shot.  For some reason, this year in particular, it speaks to my current mindset, especially with Christmas, and 2018 winding down to a close.  Not so much 'take what you can and run' , that's really not my style.  Maybe closer to 'get what you can, enjoy it, and don't look back.'  

I have always been the kind of person to enjoy things more before they occurred than I ever do during, or after....  Christmas included. No resolutions though I promise, I hate them, and it's too early.  Change though is ongoing, and Christmas is as a good a time as ever to contemplate, diligently organize and plan, and then ultimately to quickly forget.  Tonight however, I'm in the contemplating stage. 

The Day After by Chris Teel

'Is it strange that I enjoy Boxing Day even more than Christmas Day itself...'

For many parts of the world, the 26th of December is as important as the 25th. Originating in the United Kingdom, Boxing Day was observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expected to receive a Christmas box from their employers. Boxing Day was celebrated by a number of countries that previously formed the British Empire.

Boxing Day was known as a Second Christmas Day. In Canada, Boxing Day is a federal statutory holiday which meaning that all Government offices, banks and post offices remain closed. In some provinces, stores are also not legally allowed to open until December 27th. This gives Canadians an extra day off and an extra day to enjoy time with family and friends and relax after all the work involved in the lead up to Christmas.

Toronto's Chris Teel took this theme to the next level with his hot to trot Santa and his two frisky little elves. After a night of traveling the globe going from house to house, down chimney after chimney, a guy needs a way to unwind. It's also the only time of a year, Santa can ensure that the giver, can now be on the receiving end.

FH readers know the work of Chris Teel well, I've had the pleasure of featuring his work close to 40 times on the site. FH readers will also recognize model, actor and model Matt Eldracher, winner of FH's 2011 Model Search Contest.  For this shoot, Matt morphed from twink to hot sugar daddy in order to take control of his two playful elves, Jonny Twofour and ChanceBoth elves are a little wild with energy to spare after finally having a day off from the workshop.

Chris shares that the core of the idea for the shoot came from Matt, inspired by a new burlesque performance he's recently been performing.  Matt wanted to capture the look and feel of burlesque, and with Chris was wanting a Christmas theme, he suggested incorporating the elves.

Chris shares that Santa and his elves all got along well, and were open to all kinds of suggestions... Chris is in the process of adding galleries of each model on his ONLYFANS site, as well as behind the scenes footage from the shoot.  Check out Chris' ONLYFANS site HERE: for sexier content that is not available anywhere else.  There is also behind-the-scenes video footage from his many various shoots.