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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th

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'Quarantine thirst trap, Alberta style.'

Lucky 13

Artwork by Classic Configuration

I don't consider myself especially superstitious.  I love black cats, I walk under ladders without any issues, I don't pay attention to cracks on the pavement  All that being said, I do still struggle ending anything on the number 13.  Keen eyed FH viewers may have noticed that I try NEVER to use 13 images in a post.  I use 12 and 14, but even if it means losing an image that  I love, I avoid whenever possible using 13. It's silly I know, but I have tried.... I've worked on a few pieces with 13 images, then added or taken away a shot at the last minute.

At the beginning of every year, I assess whether it's time to change the way I present and organize the site, or whether maybe it's time bring it to a close.  At the beginning of this year, the one thing I did know, was that I certainly wasn't going to end FH during it's 13th year.  I did however want to give the middle finger to my trepidation surrounding the dreaded number 13.

Over the next few months, before the site turns 14 in October, I'm going to present, a FH Baker's Dozen. The piece will feature the 13 models who have appeared in the most features over the last thirteen years.  Some of you, can name some of them right away, some... might come as a bit of a surprise. A few certainly did to me.  When adding up post counts, I didn't include every single post the model appeared in for the count, but instead, only stories in which they were a main focus of the story or theme.

The order in which I present them is not based on the model's popularity or their post count. The order will be strictly random.  I did decide however, since I'm flirting with the unlucky #13, that the models who are featured, had to at least have appeared in at least a lucky 7 number or posts. It was also an easy decision who to begin with. Check out the first of my Baker's Dozen on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Special thanks to Classic Configuration for sharing his artwork for this piece!

In My Veins

'Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.'

I think I was 13 or 14 when I first saw The Lost Boys.  I don't really remember if I crushed over any of the cast during that first viewing, but remember loving the movie, and the version of The Doors, People Are Strange used in the film.   In subsequent viewings, it was all about the ultra hot Jason Patric for me.  I think Patric was at his hottest in this film.

Sadly, I think the two stills from the film above were from scenes that were cut.  I think Patric's only shirtless scenes were with Jamie Gertz, and I certainly don't remember these spectacular views.  The Lost Boys for me, is a film that actually gets better with each viewing, and I've seen the film at least three times since that first viewing, including watching about half of it, last week.

This time, my focus was on the Vampire's, one in particular.  Like many fans of the film, I always thought the long haired Dwayne was a hottie, but they never really gave him a whole lot to do.  A sequel really should have been made years ago.  I decided however, it was time to give Dwayne his due, not to mention the actor who played him.  Check out more of Dwayne, and actor Billy Wirth on The NEXT PAGE HERE:

Bask by StudioMGphotography

It was here, against this backdrop of beauty, (Southern Utah) that we had come to create... The setting is otherworldly with miles and miles of shoreline (nearly 2,000 miles!) carved out of the surrounding rocks and dessert. The predominant color pallet is the yellows, oranges and reds of the sedimentary rocks, with the cool blue lake reflecting the sky above. The location pairs sinuous curves and bold masculine shapes into a magical backdrop for the male form

I'm a creature of habit, well maybe more specifically, a creature of routine.  I guess they're the same thing, but I like to vary what I do, and who I do it with, what I don't like to vary... is when I do it.  I get up at the same time every morning, weekdays and weekends.  I can't sleep in, it bothers me.  Even if I have no plans for the day, it feels like I'm giving something away to stay in bed too long.

I exercise every morning.  I used to run in the evenings, but snow, ice and winter weather forced me to always be changing things up.  It bugged me.  Working out at home in the morning means I'm almost always able stick to my routine.  I know for many, holding too tightly to routine can be boring, but to me it creates a rhythm both comfortable, and necessary, especially with all the rhythm wreckers life throws our way.  This year, for almost everyone, they've come fast and furious.

My craving of routine of course plays itself out in all aspects of my life, including how I structure FaVorite HunKs.  Some of you may remember my habitual January posts about 'changes' coming on the site.  They haven't.  Every time I start to think of shaking things up, I revert to the structure, outdated as it may be, that's worked so well for me for so long.

FH is organized as closely as I can, the calendar year.  Holiday shots around their proper date, beach shoots in the summer, snow shoots in the winter and every Autumn, along with images of the male form with backdrops of fall foliage, a visual vacation in Utah.  Beginning back in 2013 with Gordon Nebeker's work with Aaron, I've virtually joined and shared every trip to Lake Powell since. With 4 photographers and twenty models, sharing the images and stories, (HERE:) has been an important part of FH's yearly structure, and an important, and favorite piece, of my working on the site.

'By now many of our friends have stopped asking "why Utah?" when I announce that Mike and I are returning again this year. If they've seen the past photos they know the answer. If they are photographers they ask if they can come along. Otherwise if someone does ask I tell them how the landscapes of Utah are oversized and oversaturated and around every corner there are wonderful surprises awaiting discovery. Add to that mix the great looking guys we bring along and it is a recipe for an amazing photographic adventure like no other!'

This year, thanks to the pandemic, the shoot wasn't able to occur.  Although late in the spring, Gordon, Mike and Mark still held out some hope, the increase in Covid numbers, the safety issues, the time and effort involved in planning, made it impossible.  The Utah shoot requires months of planning.  Models need to be found, schedules have to be arranged, travel, motel and boat rental booked and arranged.  Most of the models have day jobs, and it's often incredibly difficult to find a four or five day window when all are able to take off the time required.

One positive of the pandemic, and many of us working was home.  For StudioMGPhotography's Mark, this meant he finally had time to go through his vast collection of images.  Mark had a book collection in mind for awhile, but it was impossible to find the time required to go through the thousands of images, and narrow down and put the project together.  This year, there was time.

Created over seven years, BASK features 20 remarkable men amid the glorious backdrops that Utah is famous for. From the Great Salt Lake to Lake Powell and beyond, we explored this outsized and oversaturated landscape together.  Whether solo or in groups, follow the men on their naked explorations, hiking sinuous rock canyons, climbing pinnacles for a better view, savoring the warmth of a sun bathed rock after a refreshing dip, or occasionally even the sexy interlude!

And sexy interludes there are....  Mark's book sort of reminded me of those 'unfiltered and 'uncensored' behind the scenes videos we used to see advertised on television.  Although I've shared hundreds of images over the years, BASK gives readers a slightly more intimate look at some of the many moments captured.   One can only imagine them models experience, spending four days and nights on a houseboat, mostly naked, posting together surrounded by Utah's natural beauty.  What happens in Lake Powell stays in Lake Powell, but BASK does offer a tease to what may  have occurred, even if just gently probing, the viewers imagination.  Check out and preview more of  BASK on Blurb HERE:

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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th


Happy Birthday today July 28th

Happy 35th to actor Dustin Milligan!

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Southwestern: Malyk by Lights On Studio

Earlier this month, I featured photographer Tom Nakielski's (Lights On Studio) work with the 23 year old  Michigan based model Malyk.  I mentioned in the piece, (No Hesitation) that Tom had shot a wide variety of images, and promised more would be coming in the future.  This series, included some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Although the shoot ended in Tom's studio, it began at the home of one of Tom's friends.  The Southwestern blanket belonged to the owner of the house, but draped around his naked body, Malyk more than owns the piece of fabric.  I love how he uses the blanket in so many ways, and how he uses it to highlight and frame his incredible body and beautiful face and eyes.

Billy Wirth: The Found Boy

As many times as I've watched The Lost Boys, I can't believe I haven't spotlighted Dwayne, the sexy long haired blood sucker before now.  I'd knew of course of actor Billy Wirth, but  mostly from The Lost Boys and promotional images I'd seen in magazines.  Wirth's career took off in the mid-eighties with a slew of guest shots on television before moving into features.

In addition to The Lost Boys, Wirth also appeared on screen in films including; Boys on the Side, Relax, War Party, It's Just Sex and Venus Rising.  On television, the talented actor appeared on shows including; Charmed, Sex and the City, Summerland, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Major Crimes and Chicago P.D

With his sizzling hot good looks, it's no surprise, Wirth began his career as a model in New York.  Discovered by a photographer while studying at Brown University, Wirth used his early modeling work and headshots after to moving to California to pursue an acting career.

Despite his great looks, and intense sex appeal, Wirth hasn't actually done what I'd consider an actual nude scene.  Although he's appeared in erotic flicks and has done many shirtless and sex scenes, his pants, unfortunately stayed on.

The one exception was a brief (very brief) glimpse of butt crack in 1994's Judicial Consent. (see below) Given the many opportunities Wirth had on film to show a bit more, I have to assume this was a decision he made. I can't believe, especially during the 80's and 90's he would not have been asked.

Judicial Consent (1994)

'Judge Gwen Warwick becomes involved in the murder trial she has been assigned. Her marriage is on the rocks and the murder victim is an old friend, who rumor has it, had an affair with her.'

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

Before it became a television series, it began as a move in 1992.  Although again, Wirth has several sex scenes, there is really no nudity, just a lot of shirtless scenes.  There is however, an incredibly hot scene between Wirth and David Duchovny.  In a shirtless basketball turned fight scene, there is an aggressive sexual energy between the two actors.

I can't help but think the homoerotic feel as intentional.  The sweaty skin, the bumps and grinds, the music, even the lighting reminded me of a porn sex scene.  Check out the beginning of the scene in the clip below. 

A Baker's Dozen: Austin Wild

'When I saw my first image of 21 Miami model Austin Wild I was struck with how strong and striking he photographs. Austin has an incredible body, but his face is the face of fantasy, dreams and great art.'

I first spotted images (including the two shots above) of model Austin Wild on his Model Mayhem portfolio back in 2013.  I got in touch right away, but after a few week without a response, figured he wasn't interested on being on the site.  A few days later, I got a short message thanking me for writing and inviting me to use any of his images that I liked..  The quote above is from my first piece featuring Austin's work in January of 2014. (Wild About Austin)

Remaining Images by Gordon Nebeker

I wasn't the only one captivated and intrigued by Austin's look.  After seeing my piece on FH, photographer Gordon Nebeker also checked out Austin's port, and after noticing he lived fairly close to home in Florida, Gordon contacted Austin about working together.   Gordon and Austin clicked immediately, and over the next several years, they worked together multiple times.  Gordon also graciously shared images from each of their shoots together.

'No question that Austin won the Genes Jackpot Lottery! He says his father is Spanish and his mother is Cuban and that is a very attractive and powerful combination.'

With Austin's striking features, and his beautiful brown eyes, his face, as I stated, was the perfect inspiration for creating great art and imagery.  Austin was a natural in front of the camera, and his long, lean body created incredibly elegant lines and poses.  Gordon knew exactly how to utilize Austin's skill and assets within their work together.  Gordon shot Austin sensually splayed across his furniture, in his signature fabric, and underwater work, as well as new and unique spaces and locations.

'After hearing that a close friend had rented a house in Mexico to celebrate his birthday, Gordon couldn't possibly let him celebrate alone. Then... after he saw some photos of the house, he told his friend that it was far too great a photographic backdrop to let pass by. Cue Gordon getting in touch with Austin.'

In late 2016, Gordon and Austin's most amazing collaboration occurred south of the border.   The trip to Mexico, and the blend of location, architecture and Austin produced over 14,000 image that I was able to feature over three posts in early 2017.  With so many incredible images of Austin, Gordon couldn't let so many go unseen and published a book, Oh Mexico chronicling the shoot and trip. A copy of the book sits proudly on a bookshelf in my bedroom.

Austin had a bright future ahead of him.  He had interest from agencies about fashion work, and his lust for adventure had him leaving Florida and moving to seek out other creative opportunities.  Sadly, some of you may have read my brief tribute to Austin early last year after Gordon informed me of his sudden death.  While all deaths are sad, there is added poignancy when young lives, with so much ahead of them, come to an abrupt, and tragically premature ending.

Despite his meeting all the criteria, I paused briefly about including Austin in this series, but after running it by Gordon, I decided to go ahead.  Gordon felt Austin would want to be included, and reminded me how proud of Austin was of work, and the visual's he'd created.  Austin is also such an important piece of the site's  history, and his work never failed to inspire me, and motivate me as I pieced his stories together.

Austin Wild on FH:

Sheer (2014)