Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 28th

Love this shot of model Michael Fitt by MCSPhotography.

Favorite Tat's of the Day: Austin Drage

London singer, songwriter and actor Austin Drage recently stripped down for Attitude's The Naked Issue. I was struck by his beautiful tattos which I believe are a tribute to his grandmother. Drage who was an X Factor finalist has a great Myspace page with tons more photos and as well you can have a listen to some of his music. You can find his Myspace page HERE:

Austin in Attitude Magazine.

Just Because: Robert Pattinson

Just Because, even with all the computer dots for some future CGI, Robert Pattison looking heavily made up, yet incredibly hot on the set of 'The New Moon'.

Source: Just Jared.

Favorite Magazine layouts of the Day:

Philip Oliver looking smokin the the May issue of Attitude Magazine.

Amazing shots of Radoslav Vanko the 26 year old model from Slovakia on the cover of issue #113 of DNA.