Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 26th

Favorite Birthday Boy for September 26th Matt Pokora

French singer and songwriter Matt Pokora is so hot! Matt turns 23 today.

Also celebrating today September 26th

Also celebrating today September 26th

Former Survivor hottie turned model John Kenney turns 27 today.

Actor Mark Famiglietti turns 29 today.

Runner Gert-Jan Liefers turns 30 today.

German Footballer Michael Ballack turns 32 today. (See Previous post on Michael).

Model Tyler Denk turns 32 today.

Actor James Caviezel turns 40 today.

Actor Ben Shenkman (In second pic with Patrick Wilson) turns 40 today.

Cuban hottie Orlando Fundichely turns 40 today.

Actress Melissa Sue Anderson turns 46 today.

Linda Hamilton (Below with one of my fav's Michael Biehn) turns 52 today.

Olivia Newton-John turns 60 today.

Favorite Pic Series Of The Day: Charles Devoe by Joe Lally

This photo series by Photographer Joe Lally of the delicious Charles Devoe for WESTEAST Men is one of the hottest shoots I have seen in a long time!

Survivor: Love is in the air...

Marcus and Charlie were certainly fun to watch last night on the Survivor season opener. Marcus rocks those boxer briefs very well!

Thanks to Dewey for the last two caps!

Did Marcus have a pop-out?

Great Video Link at NakedStraightGuys found HERE: