Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 8th


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Seasonal Sightings

Image from Adrian C. Martin

Almost Paradise:

'He don't know his left foot from his right foot.'

Last week, as part of my posts for the 4th of July, I featured the 1987 film Made in U.S.A.  The film featured the late Christopher Penn and it had me thinking back to Penn's role in 1984's Footloose.  Although I'd seen the movie, I think, on VHS as a kid, my memories were more about the music that the film itself.

I did remember a specific shower scene however, one I think many other FH readers might remember as well.  I had initially thought it was Penn's character Willard whose butt we saw in the shower.  I was wrong, it was another actor, playing Woody, who bared his butt, most likely causing a woody or two in movie theatres at the time...

Check out more of the actor, and the shower scene, in ACTORS & SKIN 

Kam: Nude Life Drawing Class

'Some penises need to be seen.'
Rove McManus

During the lock down, there were many nude life art classes went virtual.  Being the writer of FH, I got  invited to a few, but unfortunately, the timing never worked out.  The process seemed simple, you registered on-line, then were given a link to the class.  Given the class was on-line, the life video feed was just of the model, nude and posing for those watching to draw.

I don't think the organizers of the events cared if you actually drew the model, or just enjoyed the visuals, but they were run respectfully, and geared towards artists, or at least those wanting to give it a shot.

Australia's TV station SBS jumped on the idea and this past weekend, scheduled their own life TV nude life drawing class. Hosted by Rove McManus, the show featured 5 models posing for artists in the room, at a safe social distance, and viewers at home. Thanks to DC poster Michael Andrews73a, we get a birds-eye view, in this case, the stunning Kam.

The shot clip below is from a longer video of Kam's session that Michael posted on DC.  If you want to see more, check out the thread on Dreamcap HERE:

Rove said the show's models had requested the room temperature be set at a certain level before they stripped off their clothes,,,

'I'm not lying. There was a genuine discussion about the temperature of the studio. I don't know if it was for their comfort or for their pride! I don't need to explain to you about shrinkage. We all know how it works.'

Secret Submersions: Andrew by New Manhattan Studios

'When you have the whole pool to yourself....'

I've never lived anywhere with a backyard swimming pool. The closest I cam to being a pool owner was buying a kiddie pool for my dog.  I've always dreamed of having one though, a private backyard oasis where I could walk out the back door, anytime of day or night, and slip naked into the cool and welcoming water.

When I was growing up, our neighbors had a pool.  Although I was invited to swim often, I remember many hot and sweltering summer days sitting in my backyard, listening to the splashing and fun from the other side of the fence.   I also remember staring at that pool from my bedroom window at night.  The water glistened seductively in the moonlight, almost calling me to come over and dive in.

I did sneak over a few times, but only when our neighbors were on vacation and I knew that I wouldn't get caught.  I felt it was my duty, the pool was rarely used at night. My neighbors had a teenage daughter a few years older than I was.  She had long red hair and looked a little like Donna from That 70's Show.  I don't ever remember getting into the pool, until one night when she was about 16 or 17.  Her parents were away, and I remember watching her and her boyfriend slide into the pool late one night.  The giggling drew me to the window, and although it was dark, I could see that they were naked when they flew quickly back into the house.

Given it's not officially summer, I thought it was time to take another dip into the pool.  This particular aquatic paradise has been the setting for many previous pool themed pieces on the site, including last month (HERE:) in my feature with Andrew and his work with New Manhattan Studios.  Although he wasn't quite alone, there is an element of erotic solitude with Andrew's seductive submersion.

With the thermometer on the rise in many parts of the continent, and the humidity index in the North East officially on 'oppressive', it seemed a perfect day to get wet and have our thirst quenched with a virtual plunge into the pool.   If you're still thirsty, there's much more of Andrew in NMS's Andrew Photo Essay that you can preview HERE:

'It's rare in San Francisco when you would want to shower outside, but this was just such a day and Andrew took his time bathing in the warm sprays of light and water. Direct sun piercing through cloudless blue skies bounced off the water, scattering diamonds in the air, but it cast harsh shadows, too.'