Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Favorite Male Model For July 2nd Johnny Beyer

One of my favorite male models is Johnny Beyer. I wrote about Johnny briefly last fall in a series of posts about male models. One of the things I like best about Johnny is how real he comes across. Many male models rarely smile and often look like they in the mist of some sort of bowel discomfort. Johnny has a winning smile and always looks to have great joy for the work he does. This sense of fun comes through in many of his shoots and in turn brings joy to those who see his pictures.

Johnny was discovered while surfing on Huntington Beach in California. He certainly has the surfer look with his lean body and curly blonde hair. It was no wonder he was asked to try his hand at modeling. Johnny quickly began getting work and soon was booked by Bruce Weber to model for the Spring 2001 Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. I am sure many of you recognize some of the pics of Johnny from the catalgue.

Many got to see lots of Johnny during his trip down the runway wearing nothing but a surfboard. The pics of Johnny on the runway are some of the most requested pics on modeling forums and sites which celebrate the beauty of the male forum. I would guess they are some of the most downloaded pics on the net!

Johnny has worked steadily since his Abercrombie & Fitch days, and this is an accomplishment due to the tendency in modeling to always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Johnny may not have hit as big as some others, but to work steadily for close to a decade is a testimate to his popularity with photographers and fans.

Johnny will be appearing at the Ed Hardy Swim Fashion Show at the Mercedes-Benz Miami Fashion Week on July 19th, and is up for the campaign for the new Ed Hardy
swimwear. Good Luck with this Johnny, it would be great to see you shoot another swimsuit layout!

You can check out Ed Hardy's site HERE:

The three pics below are from a recent images editorial Johnny did for Charleston Magazine.

Check out Johnny's official site HERE:

This last pic is one of my favorites of Johnny.

Favorite Pic Of The Day for July 2nd

Although many have seen this for sure, last years Equinox Fitness ad created a bit of drama for the company. Great ad though IMO! Has so much going for it, besides the skin, it certainly generates a reaction which is what a good ad should do.

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 2nd Jimmy McNichol

Ahh, those old teen magazines had an easier time of getting the shirts off thier idols back in the day! Jimmy McNichol was pretty hot for a short period of time with a few short lived tv series and guest shots. Being Kristy's brother did not hurt. They were the poor mans Donny & Marie for a short while. Jimmy has not acted in over a decade with his last role of note being on General Hospital in the mid eighties. Jimmy, or James depending on the time turns 47 today.

Favorite Canadian Idol Guy: Theo Tams

There are a lot of hot guys on Canadian Idol this year. Not sure how many of you are able to watch it but my favorite so far is Theo Tams. Not the best looking, but certainly one of the most magical. Love watching him perform. Below is his performance of Apologize. Last night he sang Collide by Howie Day. Equally as good, I will post that video when it comes up, or load it myself.

Favorite Pic Series for July 2nd

It was so hot yesterday, I would have loved to have had an outside shower like the one Freddy Navas has below.