Monday, February 19, 2024

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 20th

Window Seat by Jack Saul Photography
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Happy Birthday today February 20th

Happy 57th to Andrew Shue!

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Caucus: Omar Jimenez

I haven't done a 'caucus' post in awhile, mainly because I've pretty much stopped watching cable news.  I don't like being preached to, even by someone I agree with.  With so many of CNN's being insufferable, (Tapper, Smerconish, Wallace) I pretty much tuned out.  I used to have CNN on in the background often while working during the day.  The 'both sides' shit however, had me pretty much stopping about a year ago.  I still like a few of the personalities, mostly those who host in the daytime hours, but watching had  become too stressful.

Even thinking about the orange asshole back in the White House is terrifying enough. I don't need to see CNN do their hourly loop of how old Biden is, especially given how hateful, racist and insane the other candidate is. The lopsided coverage and the need for the network to be 'fair' and 'even' is infuriating.  All that being said...  I do love me some Omar Jimenez.

I had the CNN on one morning over Christmas and Omar was filling in.  I think he was in for John Berman or Phil Mattingly, two other favorites from the morning hours that are still enjoyable to watch.  I was reminded that I'd started a post on Omar awhile ago.  In addition to being exceptionally hot, Omar is always professional and interesting to watch.  His is coverage back in 2020 was especially exceptional.  Many may remember him being arrested while covering the protests after the murder of George Floyd.  Now.. if CNN gives him an hour each day, I might just be tempted to tune back in.

Omar Jimenez on Instagram

Man of the Moment:

If anyone was on the Yummyzine Instagram page over the holidays, you saw the that magazine gave out a very delectable Christmas gift.  It was on December 25th, they promoted model Tyler Otto with three ultra hot images from his work with Rick Day for Yummy: Issue #8.

I, like most who saw the images, was instantly enamored with Tyler Otto and and his incredibly hot and tight body.  I also love guys with curly bangs, so Tyler was right up my alley.  I thought I recognized him, but didn't know the name.  A quick search told me I did indeed know the upcoming model from his work modeling underwear for C-IN2 menswear. 

Although Tyler is still front and center on C-IN2 website, the reason I didn't initially remember who he was is that he used to model under another name, I think it was Dean.  I'd saved some of his C-IN2 images awhile ago, but pulled them out to ensure I was making the right connection. 

 I was indeed right, however there's not much out there about Tyler on the net.  He keeps a low profile on social media, and I could find any agency links or interviews.  There is a hot football player with similar facial features, so they may be one and the same.  Tyler has the perfect build to play football, so a little further investigation is required.  

You can check out more, and order Yummy: Issue #8 HERE:

Below: Two of the ultra hot images by Rick Day that Yummyzine shared in December. 

Jack Saul Photography: Reflective Response

'I've only had one model that springs to mind who appeared obviously uncomfortable posing in the window.'

I don't know any specifics about the model that photographer Jack Saul refers in the above statement, but there are other factors that may play a role.   An apertural aphrodisiac may come natural to some models, but we all know that in addition to being able to see in, and out of windows, they are also reflective.  

Depending on the weather, the time of day, and degree of light, windows are also mirrors, meaning models can see their bodies and poses in real time.   We all know how mirrors can impact how we see ourselves, but this reflective element is also a crucial component to my love of windows within the images of the male form. Many of the reasons I love window images are shared by Jack Saul.  Although there are a myriad of reasons, Jack shares that there are three main reasons for his consistent use of windows within his work.

Firstly, the lighting effects which can often throw up interesting results (albeit completely unplanned & unintentional on my part, I generally get vastly more shots that don't work out at all, as you've probably noticed from the full sets, but it's worth it for the odd nice surprise), 

Secondly, the opportunity it gives the model to express themselves. (use of the curtains) Thirdly, as an experiment in whether it brings out any erotic exhibitionist tendencies in the model (I'm sure you know the images I'm referring to, it's always spontaneous from the model).

Although creating a voyeuristic feel is part of Jack's work, he is careful that his models are not performing in front of too large of an audience.  Generally, he tries to book a room on a high floor, no lower than the third floor, but preferably the nine or tenth if the building has that many floors.  This ensures there are not people walking by at, or close to the same level of the shoot.

'Sometimes there are windows into other buildings close by, which can add a slightly voyeuristic element to proceedings.  In the location I use most often however, there is just a car park below us outside,  I learnt quickly to avoid the location that overlooks a playground, luckily we were on the ninth floor when I used it.  (It did make the models slightly uncomfortable when they noticed). Other than that, no issues at all really.'

One of things I enjoy most about Jack's 'window work' is trying to decide whether I think the model is using their glass performance space to play to just the camera, or the audience on the other side.  In some of the images it seems clear, in others I'm not as sure.