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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 9th

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Seasonal Sightings

12 Days: Harvest Hunks

Ryan Paevey

On the First Day of Christmas...

Paevey in Harvest Love

On FH, 12 Days began back in 2009.  I did a piece featuring the hot hunks from the Kristin Chenoweth TV movie The 12 Men of Christmas.  I hadn't seen the movie when I did the piece, I hadn't really seen any holiday movies on Lifetime or Hallmark.  I thought I hated them, my mom watched them all the time and I avoided seeing any for a very long time.

Wes Brown in Over the Moon in Love

I continued the theme however, as I did love Christmas movies, and holiday hunks.  I'm not sure which movie changed by mind, but I've grown to sort of love/hate Hallmark during the holidays.  The movies have a formula for sure, they're predictable, corny, but also oddly comforting.  This has been especially true for me give some changes in my personal life, not to mention the political shitstorm that has overshadowed the last few years....

Jesse Hutch in Harvest Moon

I am sort of looking forward to turning on the Hallmark channel this month, the only time of year really that I have it on.  I don't always sit down and actually watch, but most of the movies are written to be followed even as background noise.  I haven't had a chance to catch any of their Autumn series of movies, but there was one Harvest Hunk I wanted to re-shine the spotlight on.  Check him (and his incredible bubble butt...) on PAGE 2 HERE:

Trevor Donovan in Love, Fall & Order

A Gleesome Threesome

I'm usually about two or three episodes behind with most of the television shows that I watch.  I've struggled a bit with How to Get Away With Murder, but given it's in it's final season, decided to stick with it.  Glad that I did, in addition to the ultra hot Rome Flynn, the story has picked up as the series  heads to it's finale.   Last week, while watching the forth episode of the season, a familiar face came across the screen.

I knew that I was familiar with the actor, but I needed to check IMDB base just to be sure.  Yes indeed, the hottie joining Oliver and Connor (Conrad Ricamora and Jack Falahee) for a threesome, was Glee's Dijon Talton.   If you're a fan of Glee you'll remember Dijon (Matt) joined the show early in the first season as part of the football team in the episode Preggers.

The episode became a favorite not only as it introduced Matt and Mike (Harry Shum Jr) to the show, it also featured Kurt's rendition of Single Ladies with the school's football team. I always felt a bit bad for both Dijon and Matt.  Although Harry remained with the show for a few more seasons,

I Hate The World (HTGAWM)

Matt was written out in season 2 to make room for the additions of Chord Overstreet and Darren Chris.  While on the show, Matt was a regular part of New Direction, and was in all of the groups big musical numbers.  Glad to ssee Dijon back on TV, and looking hotter than ever!

HTGAWM caps from DC's Men of the Moment

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