Sunday, September 20, 2015

Favorite Pic of the day for September 20th

EMMY Host Andy Samberg
-Check out some of the nominee's below-

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It's EMMY night and as always FH is saluting the many hunky nominated actors. Back when Tom Wopat, Eric Estrada and Greg Evigan were ruling Prime Time, a FH EMMY tribute would consist mostly of hairy chests, tight jeans lots of wavy hair. Today, thanks to Netflix, cable and HBO, many of the nominated actors, used to dropping trou for movies, find themselves pantless even more for their television roles.

The past few years, my salute to the EMMY'S has included 'skin' shots of the nominated actors in most of the major categories. This year, I decided to switch it up a bit. If you want the complete list of nominee's, you can check them out at Variety's Emmy nomination list HERE:

Jim Brown

This year, I chose 8 nominated actors who either intrigued me, I had/have a crush on, or have some connection with. Some of the actors shows I watch, many I have yet to see. The first three nominated actors are below and the remaining 5 are on the second page, so be sure to check them all out. I have not watched all of Mad Men, but I am hoping given the show has ended, this might be Jon Hamm's year to take home the statue. The EMMY'S is always one of my favorite award shows as unlike the Oscar's, television, and TV Shows have defined so much of my life.

Peter Dinklage

I still remember DALLAS on Friday nights. I was too young to really actually enjoy and watch it at the time, but I distinctly remember the power of being in our rec room and noticing this was the only time each week my parents came together to watch a television show together. The world stopped when they watched. My siblings and I knew not to interrupt and I remember enjoying watching, not the show, but my parents watching the 20 inch screen, it felt safe. Through jr high, high school, university and beyond, each phase of my life had a show that anchored the time. Some of the shows were escapes, some were comforting and some brought together friends and family. Today, with so many options around the dial, it is difficult to find a show that has the power to bring people together in the same way. Sporting events, political debates and of course Award shows are as close as we get today.

David Oyelowo

Jon Hamm

Pablo Schreiber: Orange Is the New Black

Pablo Schreiber
Guest Actor: Drama
George 'Pornstache' Mendez,  Orange Is The New Black

Although George is often the butt of many jokes on OITNB, up until joining the series, Canadian born Pablo Schreiber was mostly known for his dramatic roles. An accomplished stage actor, Pablo has also had regular roles on The Wire, A Gifted Man and Weeds. As well as appearing on Orange Is The New Black, Pablo also stars as a naval pilot, and drug dealer, on HBO's The Brink.

Orange Is The New Black

Timothy Hutton: American Crime

Timothy Hutton
Lead Actor, Limited Series or Movie
Russ Skokie, American Crime

Taps (1981)

During the 80's and 90's, actor Timothy Hutton appeared in a series of incredible roles on the big screen. Taps, The Falcon and the Snowman, Turk 182, and two of my favorite Hutton performances in Beautiful Girls and Ordinary People. I have yet to watch his EMMY nominated role, but the reviews for last seasons American Crime had me intrigued and I look forward to checking out the series when it hits DVD.

Ordinary People (1980)

Made In Heaven (1987)

Michael J. Fox: The Good Wife

Michael J. Fox
Guest Actor: Drama
Louis Canning,  The Good Wife

Michael J. Fox has been apart of my television and film watching for as long as I can remember. As I kid I loved Family Ties and as a teen I followed Fox on to the big screen in The Back To The Future trilogy, Bright Lights Big City, Greedy, Doc Hollywood and one of my favorites, The Secret of My Succe$s.

The Good Wife has a history of writing extraordinary supporting characters and many established actors have benefited from taking on roles on the show. What makes Louis Canning so watchable is that you never know exactly what he's going to do. A good guy or a cunning baddie, Fox plays both beautifully. From the season finale, it's looking we see a lot more of Louis when the new season premier's on October 4th.

Greedy (1994)

Jeff Daniels: The Newsroom

Jeff Daniels
Lead Actor, Drama
Will McAvoy, The Newsroom

Checking Out (1989)

I have always found actor Jeff Daniels completely adorable. His cute nose and face and that little round butt so hot in Something Wild. I think the first time I noticed Daniels was Dumb and Dumber, but thanks to my VCR, DVD Player and DVD, I have been able enjoy many of his earlier performances including one his stand out performance in Terms Of Endearment.

Something Wild (1986)

Don Cheadle: House Of Lies

Don Cheadle
Lead Actor in A Comedy Series
Marty Kaan,  House Of Lies

I have to admit, although I own the first season on DVD, I have yet to start House Of Lies. I do however know that I shall start it soon due to my love of actor Don Cheadle. I first began crushing on Don in the 90's when first introduced to him on the short lived Golden Girls spin-off The Golden Palace. My crush only intensified while enjoying Don in one of my favorite David E Kelley series, Picket Fences. After PF, Don went on to numerous motion picture roles, but it was television where I first feel in lust with the talented actor.

House Of Lies